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Use incineration in a sentence

Definition of incineration:

  • (noun) the act of burning something completely; reducing it to ashes

Sentence Examples:

Another and significant funeral rite of high antiquity is that of cremation or incineration.

The incineration was public, and in conformity with the last testamentary dispositions of the deceased.

Persons of rank are embalmed before incineration, and placed on exhibition in a convent or temple for six weeks.

If present, the yellow residue thus obtained assumes a pumpkin hue on the addition of potash, and leaves on incineration a dark greasy stain.

The local and neighboring crematories, not being equal to the incineration of the dead, many of the mutilated bodies have been taken elsewhere.

In most cases the actual incineration of the thick liquor is carried out in a rotary furnace when such an apparatus as this is used.

Our great countryman, Hawthorne, too, has given evidence of a predisposition, on his part, toward incineration although there is a touch of humor in his final suggestion.

In the case of inks that do not contain iron, or when the writing was in carbon or aniline typing ink, this method of incineration will prove unsuccessful.

No smoke arose from this, but a light vapor surrounded it, due to the incineration of a certain aromatic and resinous substance which he had thrown on the surface.

Opponents of incineration, who lay great stress upon the disinfecting powers of the earth, forget that the soil is easily saturated by the emanations from the dead.

Not only physicians, but also laymen, should enter the arena where the great fight between earth-burial and cremation is going on, and combat for glorious incineration.

It is to be regretted that so many of the persons who attended this incineration had a preconceived notion of the practice, which rendered them totally unfit to judge of it.

At this meeting committees were appointed on the purchase of real estate for a suitable site for building a crematorium, also for plans for the erection of a furnace for the incineration of bodies.

Advantage is taken of this fact to carry out a process of incineration on a large scale, so that heat derived from the burning off of the resinous mass is utilized for evaporation of weaker liquors.

It also expressed its conviction that incineration in no way offends against the affection of families for their defunct, the respect and veneration for human remains, and the religions principles of the surviving.

If contained in any appreciable proportion, it can be extracted from the ash obtained by the incineration of the bread, and deposited upon the interior of a weighed platinum capsule by the electrolytic method.

Any shrinkage or distortion of the letters in the writing caused by the contraction of the ash of the paper during the incineration is obviated or minimized by burning the carbonized paper very slowly.

Even where paper has been so completely charred that no signs of writing remain visible, it is frequently possible to render the characters visible once more by continuing the incineration until only a white structure of ash remains.

It was notable that there had been no interruption of the electrical power which supplied current for cooking and waste incineration, operated the air-purifying apparatus and refrigeration plant, and kept their lighting system in force.

These payments for twelve successive years entitle an active member to all the privileges of the society for the remainder of his life; and an associate member to the benefit of the incineration fund without further charge.

If he lost in arithmetical progression as he had during the last five, Bentley estimated that he, Bentley, would be able to move his arms enough to grasp the incineration tube by the time Barter had finished his eighth transplantation.

Poised and courteous, but with the intelligence of her eyes aimed like lasers for the incineration of the layers of their hearts, she would have wanted them to quail without realizing that she was the culpable one causing them to quail.

From the incineration of wood to the use of peat and coal would prove an easy stage in the advance toward present day practices, and with the attainment of coal as a fuel the first great era in man's fire-making habits may be said to end.

There was a straw mat in front of it, which would make fine kindling, and with these two fires, one in the bedroom upstairs and the other here, there would be no mistake about the incineration of the house and all that it contained.

In addition to a rat-proofing ordinance, every city should have a law requiring that all garbage wherever accumulated be kept in rat-proof containers or garbage cans until collected or until destroyed by incineration or otherwise disposed of in a manner that would avoid the possibility of its providing food for rats.