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Use incineration in a sentence

Definition of incineration:

  • (noun) the act of burning something completely; reducing it to ashes

Sentence Examples:

Potassium carbonate, obtained by the incineration of tartar.

All these sacrilegious outrages on the dead could be obviated by incineration.

The Hebrews commonly interred their deceased, but incineration was likewise practiced.

Modern invention has now robbed incineration of all its objectionable features.

It may be shortened by instant and complete incineration, but scarcely in any other way.

It has often been noticed that along with ordinary interments in barrows, incineration has been practiced.

This essay, conspicuous for the erudition displayed, was a singularly powerful and idiomatic plea for incineration.

It is still an undecided question whether incineration was general among the Huns, or only a royal honor.

In some cases there was an interment but no incineration, and thus it is that Norse ships have been found.

Estimate annual cost, including fixed charges and operation, as follows: First, of wagons and other means of collecting from house to works all garbage, ashes and rubbish combined; and, second, of the works for incineration.

On this occasion better arrangements were made for carrying out the principle of the Bunsen burner, with the result of producing the complete incineration of a dog weighing forty-two and three-quarter pounds in the space of a couple of hours.

In an hour the outlines of the prominent bones were plainly visible, and an hour later the incineration was complete, but it was deemed advisable to continue the heat for four hours from the time the body had been first placed in the furnace.