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Use incineration in a sentence

Definition of incineration:

  • (noun) the act of burning something completely; reducing it to ashes

Sentence Examples:

When garbage is collected separately, the method of disposing of it is by the reduction process, incineration or feeding to hogs.

Vast funeral pyres were erected, and the corpses placed thereon, the incineration being under the supervision of the fire department.

Funereal rites, by incineration, had evidently been celebrated on this surface; which was scattered over with a thin layer of wood-charcoal.

Even so great a newspaper as the Times, once a vehement opponent of the reform, has come around, and now upholds incineration.

The sulfuric acid attacks the manure energetically, and much facilitates the incineration, which may be effected at a dark red heat.

There would be no need of disturbing the dead, there would be no vulgar exhibition of the deceased, after incineration would have been introduced.

That the mourners had seen the coffin containing the body placed in the furnace, and had waited patiently during the incineration?

To stamp out a contagious or infectious malady, or to arrest its progress, incineration must be made general; its benefits are nil when confined to isolated cases.

The greatest foe incineration has to contend with is the widespread antipathy against it, entertained and nursed by people who are governed more by sentiment than by reason.

The ash portion is determined by incineration at a very low temperature, such as may be attained in a gas muffle, which is the most convenient arrangement for work of this kind.

He stepped back and caught up the incineration tube of concentrated fire ... and Bentley saw the body of the murdered man shrivel up so quickly it seemed as though it had dissolved before his eyes.

I propose to show that if incineration were established, the careful scrutiny of corpses and official examinations in suspected cases, which would precede the reduction of the body to ashes, would rather assist in the detection of murder than hinder it.