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Use incineration in a sentence

Definition of incineration:

  • (noun) the act of burning something completely; reducing it to ashes

Sentence Examples:

Several experts call attention to the cost of incineration.

Wrapping aids combustion when the disposal is by incineration.

The incineration that took place on this occasion was entirely satisfactory.

This horrible discovery materially assisted the progress of incineration in Switzerland.

The incineration was never complete enough to completely destroy the bones.

Authorities advise the consideration of incineration by cities which burn their garbage.

The cost of incineration plants depends upon the garbage to be handled.

With regard to town sweepings the author is in favor of incineration.

Now, let us compare the cost of burial with that of incineration.

That his example gave a new impetus to incineration there is no room to doubt.

If only he could fall forward, grasp that incineration tube, turn it on Barter!

At the present time the number of bodies disposed of by incineration is very great.