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Use kin in a sentence

Definition of kin:

  • (noun) Race; family; breed; kind.

Sentence Examples:

Exogamy is the prohibition of marriage within the supposed blood-kinship, as denoted by the family name.

The kinship group as a religious body simply extended the kin to include invisible as well as visible members.

Kohler's investigations show that adoption, artificial brotherhood, milk-kinship, and like institutions have widely prevailed and rendered important service.

The animal from which the tribe took its name might not be killed or eaten, because of its blood-kinship with the clan.

Kinship is reckoned through the women, and the husband on marriage goes to live with the wife's kin and becomes an inmate of her family.

The eighth is of a man with his kin, and the same sin is increased and lessened according as the kinship is near or far.

This early power of women, arising from the recognition alone of womb-kinship, with the resulting freedom in sexual relationships permitted to women, could not continue.

As family and kinship ties become stronger, the family or kin participates as a group in the quarrels of its individual members, just as it does in war against hostile tribes.

Cousin Jason and the Grackles are the only kin I have in all Chatterton whose kinship I would discount if I could; but there is no denying they belong in the family.

Still, the relations of friendship and kinship are not themselves born, nor do they die and all friends abroad and kin at home live and move and have their being only in these.

When they became conscious of kinship, and resolved to marry out of the kin, or stock, they fixed the name, say Raven, Wolf, or what not, as the limit within which there must be no marriage.