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Use kin in a sentence

Definition of kin:

  • (noun) Race; family; breed; kind.

Sentence Examples:

Nor is there much information as to what terms of kinship are used within the totem kin.

They were hardy rangers of the desert wastes, patient, chivalrous, vindictive, devotees of the claims of blood-kinship.

The doctrine of Universal Kinship is not a new doctrine, born from the more brilliant loins of modern understanding.

If there be nothing inherited, all the kin are responsible for these debts in proportion to nearness of the kinship.

McLennan then showed the stages by which the savage would gradually, by reflection, reach explicit consciousness of female kinship, of mother-relationship, sister and brother relationship, and all the degrees of female kin.

If any races were able to perceive that the interest of Exogamy was the prevention of marriage between near kin, and then to keep account of kinship and govern themselves accordingly, they chose the better part.

Howard Moore in "The Universal Kinship," and goes on to point out that while man has expressed his opinion about animals constantly, he has never had the opportunity of hearing what animals have to say about human beings.

Though kinship, however, is not equivalent to blood relationship in our sense of the term, it is founded on the idea of common blood which all within the kin possess, and to which all outside the kin are strangers.