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Use kin in a sentence

Definition of kin:

  • (noun) Race; family; breed; kind.

Sentence Examples:

In a perfect classification varieties, species, genera, families, orders, classes, etc., are only different degrees of blood-kinship.

This view would seem to be connected with the mistaken opinion that womb-kinship arose through the uncertainty of paternity.

If the unseen kin are nature beings, they symbolize for man his dependence upon nature and his kinship in some vague fashion with the cosmic forces.

It remains for the future to determine what is the relative part taken by the multiple kin group and the moiety organization in fashioning kinship nomenclature.

She, surely, could feel no personal interest in two young French officers whose acquaintance she had just formed and who were in no degree related to her by ties of blood-kinship.

This amazing tale is supported by the statement that kinship went by the female side ; the father was thus not of the kin of his child by the alien woman.