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Use obtrude in a sentence

Definition of obtrude:

  • (verb) push to thrust outward
  • (verb) thrust oneself in as if by force

Sentence Examples:

The author refrains from obtruding his own opinions on the reader, leaving things to speak for themselves.

Or are they obtruded upon our conceptions one time for ninety-nine that we are lost in admiration at the respective moral or intellectual attributes of the character?

Such powers are not legal, because they are not necessary; and of that power which only necessity justifies, no more is to be admitted than necessity obtrudes.

Why could he not have kept silent; why was he obliged to obtrude his opinion into their conversation?

If I could choose, I would be the last man to obtrude myself where I was not wanted, but there was no time to choose; and I was thankful to get in anywhere, rather than break my word.

Her own were very neat and small, and she knew that they must obtrude themselves on the eye while she lay prone.

He will not obtrude himself, but he will know all that your friend does, to whom he speaks, what he said to him, and sometimes even what he intends doing before he does it.

Here his strong personality obtrudes itself too often, and he is inclined to forget that he is a novelist and not a preacher.

In trying to avoid them, you must form habits of disregarding irrelevant ideas when they try to obtrude themselves.

President, after the soul-stirring proceedings of this afternoon, I dare hardly venture to obtrude upon your attention.

I did not mean to obtrude a subject so disagreeable to you while I was in your family; but I have seldom been in a house in which the Influences were so strong.

She never obtruded herself on his attention; she never betrayed any antagonism toward him, or any recollection of the former and different footing on which they had lived.

Like an incompetent architect with too much interest at his back, he obtrudes his ill-considered work where place ought to have been left to better men.

Fraser's misfortune, for it never came to light or obtruded itself upon the world or even upon its object.

Then another and unwelcome thought obtruded itself, and he knew that the next school term would come, and that six months thereafter, another examination in the same history awaited him.

"You will pardon my obtruding myself upon you, Colonel Preston," said the stranger, with great ease of manner.

There are computed to be five thousand slaves in this city, but of course slavery does not obtrude itself on the casual observer.

Parts do not obtrude themselves, but attention has to be directed to different points in succession to call up the whole.

Day after day it worried him, and the candy shop and the girl behind the counter continually obtruded themselves.

She was frightened at the speed and at the narrow margin by which he missed other vehicles and obtruding corners.

She talked much as she wrote, was a good listener, never obtruded her opinions, and always had a noble moral purpose in her words.

The government, I believe, did not care, provided he did not obtrude himself, what became of him, or where he concealed himself.

A wife can make no greater mistake than trying to fence her husband about and obtruding high walls between him and the women he admires.

For a protagonist he obtrudes himself only moderately in a rather discursive story which involves a number of other people who do nothing in particular over a good many chapters.

Again I hasten from the recollection of scenes, which will, at times, obtrude themselves upon me.

I hope I have not obtruded myself unduly, and that I may be pardoned as I close, if I am for a moment personal.

Boyer to dine and take tea, and doubted not, but he would be as attentive and sincere to me, if not as gay and polite, as the gentleman who obtruded his civilities yesterday.

Upon further reflection, and by the express wish of respectable individuals, I have been induced to obtrude my narrative and sentiments upon the notice of the public.

The history of this island, with that of the West Indies in general, is so well known, that it would be delaying my readers unnecessarily, for me to obtrude my observations.

It was natural to indulge at this moment a melancholy reflection which obtruded itself upon the mind.

After a little, they were back on the old footing, yet everything was different, for there was an obtruding self consciousness on either side.

He did so within the last remnant of light within dusk while obtruding a cloud of cigar smoke into the room.

The author never obtrudes his own personality upon us, as his successor Apuleius sometimes does, or as Thackeray has done.

A few villages lie on the edge of that wild region, and a living trout stream darts by, but the landscape does not obtrude itself nor interrupt the story.

His only regret is the absorbing nature of his passions, which obtrude themselves in season and out of season, seldom or never leaving him quiet, and sometimes making his life a hell.

No wonder the gloomy picture of digging trenches for the Boers obtruded itself on our mental vision.

There were moments when it amused and interested him, but he did not care to have it obtruded on him in business hours.

Why would the fact that she was a woman and white always obtrude itself upon his consciousness?

Even then they do not obtrude themselves on our observation, for they hide themselves away till the river or canal gives up its dead.

In great leaps, he approached the airplane and, as he drew near, another thought obtruded itself.

When a new disturbing influence obtrudes from without, and persistently, it may be easier to give way than to resist.

He said, and stopped in terror, lest he had obtruded the personal element into a situation which seemed so devoid of feeling.

You are vigilant and self-reliant; and, pleased with this, I wish not to obtrude any constraints nor restraints upon you.

She had ceased to trouble about Max, since he, quite obviously, had no intention of obtruding himself upon her.

I cannot enlarge on this topic, engaging as it is, but here a further question obtrudes itself.

Wherever he turned during the long day and evening that white, scared face obtruded itself upon him.

Forbid it thought of thing or person and the forbidden is just that which will persist in obtruding itself to the exclusion of all else.

It was one of those which obtruded itself to my notice on my first acquaintance with them, and it has continued equally conspicuous to the present time.

In looking into customs, the first that obtrudes itself upon our notice, is that of allowing to children those amusements, which, on account of the use of them, may be called gaming.

Here in her close little room, the suggestion of an alcoholic basis for this generosity obtruded itself, but Rose didn't care.

Within an hour the impression obtruded itself upon his fancies that about him the world was dead.

Her real feeling must have been of annoyance that any news of her husband should be obtruded upon her.

"I am so hopeful, dearest, for your sake," his wife said, softly, wishing to reveal her sympathy yet fearful lest she might obtrude it.

He gave a slight shudder, as though some unwelcome thought obtruded itself, and then he turned to me with a forced smile.

On arriving at the Fort he was greatly relieved of apprehensions that would obtrude themselves upon him during his lonely trip by finding his wife and children all well.

Women were helpers of the apostles and others in Paul's days: at the same time care must ever be taken not to obtrude in any respect.

In a few such deeds she rested not, nor was the story of them obtruded upon others, or recorded by herself.

You are vigilant and self-reliant; and, pleased with this, I wish not to obtrude any constraints or restraints upon you.

It is you who insisted in obtruding these international relations on my simple lunch, and I mean to do the thing thoroughly.

They had always been very poor, she and her father, but they had never obtruded it on their own notice, but had tried cheerfully always to accept what they had with a thankful heart.

He read the ticket again; it obtruded itself upon him as trivial things do at unexpected times.

She had been married when she was a mere girl to a young soldier who had not lived long enough to obtrude upon her life more than a gentle memory of his bravery.

Then the imperial individual, which obtrudes even when conscience cries out against it, occupied his mind.

Finding her Imperial Master thus absorbed, she invited no attention, nor in any way obtruded her beauties upon my notice.

For the question early obtruded itself, whether judicial review could pretend to operate on a merely moral basis.

She had tried hard to ignore it, but it had obtruded itself upon her notwithstanding, and she was glad of the diversion which this glimpse of native life afforded her.

All along I had had the impression that Alison West was deliberately putting out of her mind something that obtruded now and then.

Its lessons are not obtruded; the reader is really not explicitly conscious of them at all.

Throughout these days she rarely obtruded herself upon the man she desired most in the world.

If this had in reality been a nightmare this river could not have obtruded itself more often than it did.

The entire lower half of this stairway, where once it must have obtruded into the vault chamber, had been cut away.

He was going to face whatever fate might come, but thoughts of those he might not see again could not be prevented from obtruding themselves.

It is a matter of delicacy to obtrude on the privacy of such a person, it being presumed that he wishes to be retired.

Still I was not without hopes of being more fortunate now, while I felt a delicacy about obtruding myself any further on his time and attention.

I then felt, at every turn, that I was in a foreign country; whereas, now, the idea did not obtrude itself, unless I was brought in immediate contact with the people.

Blake, because I desire you and your regiment to understand that I have no wish to obtrude my ideas of discipline upon you at such a time.

The strange influences which are suggested rather than obtruded upon us are kept in the background, so as not to invite, nor indeed to render possible, the application of scientific tests.

I have not obtruded my religion, and have referred to it only where my argument demanded it; but I have had neither the weakness nor the bad taste to seek to conceal or disguise it.

And all knew that, while he never obtruded on us religious or even serious matters, he was ready at a moment's notice to speak with us of spiritual things.

New problems have arisen before the eyes of the teacher, and indeed obtrude themselves upon all who must take part in the practical life of others.

He is a man of evident genius, who must of necessity obtrude himself on the general admiration, and hold a high place in contemporary art.

Then suddenly a new thought obtruded itself, and drawing away his fingers, she looked up into his face.

He never obtruded his services, but he offered them to her in so delicate a manner, and showed so much pleasure in being employed, that it was scarcely possible for her to refuse them.

They were most attentive and earnest, despite the distracting elements of a humorous kind that obtruded themselves.

As a healthy appetite was by that time obtruding itself on his attention, he took hold of one and began to eat.

Too simple-minded and downright to obtrude his personal history, he also was too simple-minded to conceal it.

Even this kind of thought must not obtrude too much, lest we become conscious of our mental processes and so end in confusion.

I no longer saw my living people; but in their stead the members of the travelling company obtruded themselves upon me.

Then, the line of vision is obtruded upon by the stately main building of Howard University, of her structures the noblest.

Yet he was evidently determined the cloud should not obtrude itself and spoil the happiness of the day.

I am prevented from doing this both by my unwillingness to obtrude such a subject personally upon those who might not welcome it, and by want of time.

A judge will do right to avoid social intercourse with those who obtrude such unwelcome matters upon his moments of relaxation.

With respect to man, I am very far from wishing to obtrude my belief; but I thought it dishonest to quite conceal my opinion

In meeting the calls of such skilled readers, who always know what they require, it is never good policy to obtrude advice or suggestion, but simply to supply what they call for.

Whether through accident or design on his part, Lacy Bassett did not personally obtrude himself upon my remembrance until a month later.

He came from Oxford, yet he was wise enough to obtrude that fact but seldom on South Africa.

And, by degrees, another sound obtruded itself, speaking of haste and effort, notably at variance with the delicate and gracious stillness.

Lived there one who in answer to such gentle words of love and grief could obtrude his own coarse passions?

Had he done something that society did not know of, something that might suddenly obtrude itself?

One has to manufacture the materials for reconstruction, and then the present aspect of the place will keep obtruding itself.