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Use obtrude in a sentence

Definition of obtrude:

  • (verb) push to thrust outward
  • (verb) thrust oneself in as if by force

Sentence Examples:

If it ever obtrudes itself as a disharmony, are we inclined to laugh; or not, rather, to indulge a contrary emotion?

For the objects of our senses do, many of them, obtrude their particular ideas upon our minds whether we will or not; and the operations of our minds will not let us be without, at least, some obscure notions of them.

They rarely obtrude their idiosyncrasies on their readers.

The gaunt fowl obtrudes himself from every part.

He had a habit of talking with himself, especially when some weighty or unusual matter obtruded itself.

While engaged in reading, the figures of his wife and the hunter would obtrude themselves; he found it impossible to dismiss them, so he had laid down the book and gone off into this absorbing reverie.

I have certainly been too selfish; for, while I have been pursuing a subject the most interesting to me from the nature of my profession, a thought never once obtruded itself, that my friend perhaps would take no interest in the relation.

They obtruded unbearably, proclaiming their importance in terms which there was no denying.

An impertinent thought obtruded.

I have not suffered the zeal of an editor so far to take possession of my mind, as that I should obtrude upon your lordship any productions unsuitable to the dignity of your rank or of your sentiments.

If so, "John" has grossly misrepresented him, and then obtruded a very far-fetched explanation.

"Yes, if he obtrudes himself, of course he is tiresome," said Father Payne.

Having no proper means of introduction to this gentleman, and unwilling to obtrude myself anywhere, I never made his acquaintance, but it was impossible not to know, in so small a town, where so great a celebrity lived.

Though it is no great conquest to obtrude the belief of anything whatsoever on persons of small parts and little education, yet they triumph greatly therein and communicate the same honor of boasting in their pupils.

Whether on sanitary grounds, or for the sake of quiet and seclusion, in the interest of economy, or not to obtrude the thought of death upon us, the modern cemetery is put outside of our towns, and the memorials in it are rarely read by any of us.

They were obtruded upon their sees, as the supreme pontiffs were upon that of Rome, by force or corruption.

Among females the emotional sexual phenomena most frequently obtrude themselves, and I believe that if it were possible to induce people to relate their dreams they would very often be found to be of a sexual character.

These are such as never obtruded themselves upon you, staining the pane through which their light shone with their own images, but who became perfectly transparent to the word they uttered, the song they sang, or the work they did.

That these and similar obtruding influences have had a transforming effect has already been alleged.

These were all stories that made bedtime sweet, stories to remember and brood upon gratefully in the darkness of the night when he lay awake and when, alas, other stories less pleasant to recall would obtrude themselves.

Here and there a painful doubt obtruded itself and marred them with its awkward shadow.

His face was so thin that his cheekbones obtruded themselves unpleasantly.

The first he saw was the parasol, strangely obtruded between him and the sky.

A pang seized her, as the doubt whether she was not throwing away true gold for counterfeit obtruded itself.

Some misgivings respecting luggage obtruded themselves.

Ibsen's skill as a playwright is so consummate that his art is never obtruded.

The question that soon comes to obtrude itself upon the mind of a thoughtful man in a great city, is this old persistent question of whether his method of life is such as to answer to the ideal of fulfilling his best self?

What an impudence was there in royal power to dare to obtrude such stuff on the world!

In countries where the textile art is unimportant and the textile system of decoration does not obtrude itself, free hand methods may prevail to such an extent that the geometric influence is but little felt.

Exclaimed her husband, on whose mind a similar conviction with that with which his wife was impressed, now obtruded itself for the first time; that conviction was, that he himself was indicated by the seventh light.

He shot forward his shaggy face, and the action seemed to depress his chest and obtrude his stomach.

The sides of this valley are clothed with dense forests, with broken cliffs obtruding in places.

It may be asked, who is the man who obtrudes his opinions on the colony unasked, and what can be his motives?

She was experienced in the ways of girls, and contrived to keep order without seeming to be constantly obtruding rules.

He saw to her comfort with unfailing vigilance and consideration, but he never attempted to obtrude himself upon her.

Their seriousness, their devotion to high moral and intellectual standards, only lift them, as they do Whitman, out of the world of mere decorative art up to the world of heroic and creative art where art as such does not obtrude itself.

This conception arose in the outset from a superficial analogy which must have obtruded itself upon primitive notice and speculation; for man is led to his first metaphysical inquiries by a feeling contemplation of outward phenomena.

The one thing necessary is to keep your legs to yourself, or at all events not to obtrude them beneath the perch of the driver, or you will run the chance of having your foot crushed by that gentleman's heel.

This personal reminiscence is here obtruded because the incident made the rest of the day a blank.

Let no cynic obtrude other motives for that famous telegram.

The mere idea, the bare suggestion of such a suspicion, was so absurd that I laughed at myself for my folly in allowing it to obtrude itself, even in the most intangible form, for a single moment on my mind.

Deliberately turning aside her eyes, so that no word of that printed address should obtrude itself on her notice, Claire tore the card sharply across and across, and threw the fragments out of the window.

He tried to think that the knowledge of her love would soothe him even in his dying hours; but the phantoms of what life with her might be, would obtrude, and made him almost gasp and reel under the uncertainty he was enduring.

If I will not often obtrude, I will not altogether avoid, my personal experiences; for there is this to be said, that no testimony is worth much unless we know something of the temper, the tastes, and the character of the witness.

They constantly obtrude themselves upon our notice without any exertion of our own; and it requires a peculiar exercise of mind to withdraw our attention from them, and to feel the power of events which are future, and of things which are not seen.

No one was more willing to give advice, when asked; none more free from obtruding it uninvited.

Now with no quadrupeds to be their prime care, those that remained were apt to obtrude themselves upon us.

The moon was so placed in the heavens that this particular opening was seen more clearly than any of the others, and peering intently at it, Jethro became conscious of some dark object that was slowly obtruding into his field of vision.

Most certainly we ought not to obtrude our personality upon the thought of the worshipers.

He might be vain enough, but his egotism was never obtruded upon others.

James was always obtruding his despotic theories on his subjects without the slightest necessity.

She was thinking what a nuisance it was to have a soul that needed so much looking after, never seemed to do any good, and was always obtruding itself and spoiling your best moments of fun in this life.

This species does not obtrude itself on the observer.

It seemed to me then that kindness lay in not obtruding myself upon her, in being as little with her as courtesy and appearances allowed, in asking the smallest possible amount of her thoughts and making the least possible claim on her life.

I refused to obtrude myself upon the white cadets, and treated them all with uniform courtesy.

The frightful monotony of the long confinement does not obtrude itself in his book.

The corpulent velvet dark mass and obtruding figure is most unpleasant.

Once more he was face to face with the fact that had steadily obtruded itself upon him during the last two days: that here in this time-worn old place there were folks who had secrets and did things in a curiously secret fashion.

And he knew that she realized the only way was for her to learn his language, which she was doing with the least possible loss of time, and with an utter disregard of everything else that might have obtruded.

In them also picturesque squalor obtrudes itself upon an ugly splendor.

He had not the honesty to let these thoughts obtrude themselves, but they nevertheless hovered at the back of his mind.

Probably there is an element of fairness about English men and women which obtrudes itself from time to time to their disadvantage; and Peter already found himself occupying, in his own mind at least, the position of the younger son.

He banned the obtruding priest by name and all his accomplices.

The confounded themes touched on by Hammond in the garden kept obtruding themselves on my brain.

This was, she recognized, an almost repugnant thing, a feeling to be judiciously checked, but it would obtrude itself.

It did not make the proximity less pleasant as he helped her into the coach that evening, nor did the recollection of another ride with another woman obtrude itself upon those consolations which he felt it his duty, from time to time, to offer.

That which, fell upon their ears was the occasional crackling of a twig, and the brushing aside of the obtruding limbs.

The name, made more odious by its diminutive, obtruded itself on Lily's thoughts like a leer.

Even his wispy hair had an aggression in the manner in which it obtruded from under the brim of his slouch hat.

It occurred to Christine now that possibly her husband had thought better of obtruding himself upon her company within an hour of revealing his existence to her, and had decided to pay a more formal visit next day.

By governesses and other instructors, Wordsworth and Tennyson were obtruded on me as models of beauty and edification.

The colors upon the palette are artfully changed, details are sometimes obtruded, at others significantly hidden.

She admired what was genuine, and tolerated such shams as obtruded themselves on her attention.

By dwelling on its details and explaining its penalties, sexual subjects are obtruded into discussion between the sexes, lectures are delivered on them, textbooks are written, and former restraints of modesty are abandoned.

Ask yourself what spots of red there are in the field of view, and immediately various red spots jump out and strike the eye; ask yourself what pressure sensations you are getting from the skin, and immediately several obtrude themselves.

No itinerant fiddlers (who then, as now, frequented taverns) were to be allowed to obtrude themselves.

Here he made many friends, distinguishing himself by obtruding mentions and memories of his rank in a way not common with the English aristocracy, and hence, in 1805, he proceeded to Trinity College, Cambridge.

My mind grew somber as the scene itself, and strange and fearful ideas obtruded themselves in rapid succession.

Now, without for an instant obtruding myself on your confidence, or inquiring into affairs which are strictly your own, I wish to say that my advice and counsel, if you need either, are completely at your service.

He found himself treating her with a measure of freedom from the constraint which men often place upon themselves because of the recognition of the personal element which will obtrude between them and femininity in general.

In this sense woman is intellectually handicapped because her body obtrudes itself upon her.

And now, kind and indulgent reader, I will no longer obtrude upon your patience; these sketches are at an end.

Though she replied but little, the gentleness and sweetness of her manners encouraged him to talk, and she felt relieved when a young lady of the party, who spoke incessantly, obtruded herself on his notice.

I have overstepped all bounds of etiquette in obtruding myself on him, and have opened my heart even to shame.

If for a parting instant a thought of bygones would obtrude, I hastened to escape from it as from a gloomy reminiscence.

In yonder shadow, do we see obtruding furtively upon the blaze, an enemy's face?

Anthony, at the window gazed at the distant street and tried his best to think; there was just one awful thought that obtruded itself upon his mind and, although he thrust it away again and again, the thought came back and mocked at him.

Then, through the temper that still mastered him, a twinge of regret, a sense of parting and loss obtruded themselves.

A clock on the mantelpiece chimed the twelve strokes of midnight in a sort of silvery apology for obtruding the hour.

The traffic of generations might be thought to have converged upon this town, so much did it produce the effect of waiting upon that hillside, so little sense did it have of seeming to obtrude its presence upon the surroundings.

No consideration of reason, probability, or common sense obtruded itself athwart his plan.

No stiff rows of pews obtrude their modern convenience upon your notice.

Danton failed and died from two combined causes: first his health gave way, secondly he obtruded his sanity and civilian sense into the heated fury and calculated martial law of the second year of the Republic.

The peaceful quietude of an existence on which no shocks obtrude is unspeakably delightful.

Indian clubs had never before obtruded themselves upon her peaceful and very feminine existence.

Hunt obtrudes himself too frequently in a breezy, offhand manner.

The seriousness of life had so obtruded itself upon her, in the last preparatory weeks, that she wanted to know everything, to have before her in detail that existence which could depend on his soft hands and wearied eyes.

I own that, with all my anxiety to find a guide, I began to feel some scruples about obtruding on the sleeper's privacy.

If by accident such things obtruded, he put them aside as impertinent to the time and place.

To read the newspaper or some popular magazine or a light novel will enable the person to kill time, but up through the print will always come obtruding itself the worry or anxiety that occupied it before.