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Use obtrude in a sentence

Definition of obtrude:

  • (verb) push to thrust outward
  • (verb) thrust oneself in as if by force

Sentence Examples:

He was silent while the words which he had read six weeks before and which had been ringing a ceaseless refrain in his heart ever since, obtruded themselves upon his memory.

His thoughts had turned towards the grim, masterful personality of the man who seemed to have obtruded himself upon their lives.

By that unwritten code by which we are all governed nowadays, Howard could not obtrude by questioning his friend, and Stafford showed no signs of making any voluntary statement or explanation.

He varied this employment in a passing endeavor to decipher sundry signs that obtruded incidentally within range of vision.

Small wisps or corkscrews of smoke defiled the blue of the sky; a wharf, with a steamer at the end, obtruded abruptly upon the curve of the shore.

It seems to me most admirable that Hamlet, being so great, is yet outwardly so like other people: the Poet never obtrudes his greatness.

Any movements that stimulate imaginative activity must give the individual more points of contact with the part of the world that does not obtrude itself on the physical senses, and especially with many facts of existence that cold intellectual activity can never comprehend.

These obtruding ideas are often introduced into our minds by other people who tell us that we have worked long enough and ought to come and play, and though we may not have felt tired up to this point, still the suggestion is so strong that we immediately begin to feel tired.

Still the unknown traveler hesitated, in the manner of one who fears he might overstep discretion, by obtruding beyond the limits imposed by modesty.

Leslie, a second-rate man in all respects, but with a genuine talent rightly directed, an obscure American, with few friends, no influential patrons, and a modesty that would never let him obtrude his claims, worked steadily forward to competence, to reputation, and the Council of the Academy.

At such time, upon such mind, ever disposed to oblige as that mind was, I could not obtrude the petty business of criticizing verses; but he remembered the promise he had kindly given, and repeated an offer which though I had not presumed to expect, I was happy to receive.

In the midst however of the wonderful and seemingly inexplicable nature of this scene, there was one idea that instantly obtruded itself, and that I could never after banish from my mind.

He loses immensely if you estimate him either by a single book, as is commonly done, or by his work as a whole, in the perspective of which, owing to the lack of critical instruction, one or two books of rather inferior quality have obtruded themselves unduly.

It must not obtrude itself, and a great profusion and ostentation in its application is always a sign of degeneracy and bad taste.

You can help him in such cases by giving him any information that he desires, but do not embarrass him, and interfere with his exercising his own judgment by obtruding advice.

Others obtrude it upon all occasions, in order to magnify themselves by a contrast between what they have been and what they are.

He had seen so much about the strange craft which struck him as French, that doubts of her character obtruded; but if her captain's account could only be substantiated, there was an end of distrust.

His conversation was natural, easy and agreeable, without any affectation of displaying his wit, or obtruding his own judgment, even upon subjects of which he was so eminently a master.

His two friends, closely regarding him, saw that he was unhappy, but wisely forbore to make him more unhappy still by obtruding their condolence on him.

He spent the rest of his days with a pen in his hand, scribbling his advice and obtruding his counsel on men and nations.

The next minute she heard the casement open, and saw the head of the old man obtruded from thence, and she heard a querulous, broken voice, asking what was the matter?

Through the forbearance of a portion of the Imperial Guard, into whose ranks I obtruded myself, I had a very favorable position, and felt that in this part of the day's work there was no sham.

He no more obtruded his opinions, for, as I have said, he shrunk from all interchange, but he held to them as firmly as ever.

I did not presume upon such credentials as these to obtrude myself, and was pleasantly surprised one day by a note inviting me to the Embassy.

The only explanation which suggests itself to my mind is that I lead so circumscribed and guarded a life that these matters do not obtrude themselves on me.

I would speak modestly of myself; and have not obtruded these matters before the brethren until rudely assailed as though I never made any sacrifices.

His sleep had been troubled and broken, for the conversation of the night before had obtruded unpleasantly on his dreams.

Possibly the quiet and modest learned lady, our principal, had ideas of her own which no one could have suspected her of obtruding against the current of her times and environment; like other strong and gentle women she may have had her "way" when nobody thought so.

At the same time Russell was continuing his instructions to Lyons to recommend conciliation "but never to obtrude advice unasked."

He did not know quite what to make of the queer way in which her fresh and lovely, girlish face, obtruded itself constantly into his thoughts.

She tried to put from her mind the probable fate which awaited her, yet it persisted in obtruding itself upon her thoughts, though always she was forced to admit that there was nothing in the demeanor of the man to indicate that her fears were well grounded.

Fascinated as he was, he did not, like other poets similarly guilty, directly or by implication obtrude his own passions on the world as reasonable laws.

In thus tracing his progress there is no strain or stress in our thinking nor does the element of improbability obtrude itself.

Because he had covered his failings with the mask of devotion, men were encouraged to obtrude with Cynic impudence all their most scandalous vices on the public eye.

Had the battle been with the simple abstraction of philosophic doubt, the good might have prevailed, but there obtruded itself into the field the concrete form of the gypsy.

In all their intercourse through the year in which they had been thus associated they had never obtruded their personal affairs upon each other, nor pried into each other's secrets.

Without attending to what is said, and without sense enough to understand, they are sure to crowd the courts of justice, whenever a raw young man, stung with the love of fame, but without talents to deserve it, obtrudes himself in the character of an advocate.

In naval warfare, however great may be our desire to concentrate our effort on the enemy's main forces, the ulterior object will always obtrude itself.

He touched his hat to the gruff old officer, and begged his pardon for obtruding himself upon him, but he was in trouble, and wanted advice.

For the same reason it is bad manners to drum on a piano, or to drum on table or desk or chair, or to shuffle the feet, or to make any noise that distracts or obtrudes.

Her image obtruded itself upon the printed page, and at length grew so importunate he came to the conclusion the only way to lay it was to confront it with the girl herself.

The parents of the former only find it necessary to shew them their food, and to teach them to take it up; whilst those of the latter are obliged for many days to obtrude it into their gaping mouths.

Pressed by such enigmas and portents, it would have been almost against nature, had not, even into the least distrustful heart, some ugly misgivings obtruded.

With them, attention to what is passing within is interrupted by the discordant impressions from objects pressing and obtruding on the external senses.

These originate in casual slights, or in unguarded expressions, or in hasty opinions, or in witty derision, or even in the obtruding goodness of tender admonition.

Of course, the natural politeness of the stranger prevented him from obtruding his conversation upon ladies with whom he was not acquainted.

At this stage a terrible possibility obtruded itself, and Bluebell's inviting manner, which before had pleased him, seemed all an artful attempt to get into favor.

Then will suddenly obtrude the element of surprise or something that could not be foreseen or guarded against, which will overturn the most carefully prepared plans.

The noble savage, at that early period when wild in woods he ran, naturally noticed the existence of thunder and lightning, because thunder and lightning are things that forcibly obtrude themselves upon the attention of the observer, however little he may by nature be scientifically inclined.

Therefore, when I see your opinions are judicious, it would not be consistent with wisdom for me to obtrude my sentiments.

It is unnecessary to announce your preferences and prejudices by word of mouth, and it would be unpardonable to obtrude them by your behavior.

Though personality pervades Style and cannot be escaped, the first sin against Style as against good Manners is to obtrude or exploit personality.

Debauchery has been compelled to retreat to lurking holes and corners, instead of obtruding its "horrid front" to the public gaze.

A whimsical memory of a superb breakfast he had once seen served to a man about to be hanged obtruded itself, but he banished it loyally.

And I must censure you for endeavoring, if you could publish better examples, to obtrude on your countrymen such as were defective.

She was still thinking soberly of the subtle web of prejudices, feelings and conditions into which she had obtruded her one fixed purpose in life.

Even his aching heart seemed to recognize her authority, and to obtrude itself with a sense of embarrassment into surroundings where all mental maladies were outlawed.

On many things, perhaps on most, the thoughts he worked out in his own mind diverged very widely from those of his neighbors, but he was not in the least anxious either to conceal or to obtrude them.

Much as we have had to record this day, there was more jumbled into it; but instead of going to see the last sight I have to record, it obtruded itself upon us at every turn.

And yet where conscience is indeed unsatisfied, we should rather pity than impose, and labor to persuade, rather than violently to obtrude.

And when it did manage to obtrude itself it was her way to fight her battle alone, at a time when no prying eyes were there to witness her sufferings.

For there had been moments, in the past two days, when the traitorous thought would obtrude itself that perhaps the child needed her most after all.

I went homewards slowly, and, as I went, the thought would obtrude itself, how far I had recovered my lost authority, and succeeded in satisfying that insatiable monster called Public Opinion.

I introduced Robin to my wife, in the indistinct and throaty tones which always obtrude themselves into an Englishman's utterance when he is called upon to say something formal but graceful.

This, however, was not the matter of which I have spoken as gradually obtruding itself upon my attention, although, had I only been able to guess it, the two were not unconnected.

By dint of being very busy Margaret managed to forget the minister, who seemed to obtrude himself at every possible turn of the day, and would have monopolized her if she had given him half a chance.

His honest grave face seems to sympathize in one's grief, without obtruding the impertinence of curiosity or the mockery of consolation.

The silliness about liberty which is sometimes obtruded into discussions of this subject, is fit for very young children and very old women.

He did not obtrude himself, but called the head waiter and after a question, took out his card and scribbled a line on it.

Macaulay's doctrine that the Utilitarians had made political economy unpopular was so far true that the average person resented the unpleasant doctrines thus obtruded upon him in their most unpleasant shape; and, if he was told that they were embodied logic, revolted against logic itself.

And the unexampled boldness of obtruding these plain and startling utterances into the royal presence, aroused the wrath of the king.

Now let us turn our attention to the evidences of luxury and debauchery, and the consequent evidences of degeneration, which obtrude themselves on all sides.

Now and then a degree of scorn, for the narrowness of dogma, would appear in reading history, but in general she was understood to have opinions which she did not obtrude.

His eye caught Tom's in the midst of the operation, and the latter could not help looking a little confused, as if he had been unintentionally obtruding on their privacy.

Having brushed the dust or powdered wood away, the color of the wood will have to be lowered or subdued, otherwise the whiteness will obtrude itself and stare through any carefully selected varnish.

Other arguments occurred to me in the time, which might have been urged, but I was apprehensive of obtruding too much upon the patience of the Vice Chancellor, whose view it must be considered, was rather to communicate the answer, than to discuss the points of it.

Sometimes when he flattered himself with being on the point of accomplishing his wishes, the idea of the witchcraft obtruded itself, and rendered him for the time completely impotent.

It fulfills every requirement of a satire, steering clear of the pitfall caricature, and not obtruding the didactic element.

At sound of a brisk tap at her chamber door the lady turned with a guilty start to find the fresh-colored, impertinent face of the French maid obtruding itself into the room.

We stand always prepared to fight manfully for our convictions, and to obtrude them at all points upon friend and foe alike.

Then you will be able to judge how exceedingly frivolous the idle opinions and reports are which you have obtruded so industriously upon your notice.

He had been too proud, too gentlemanly, to obtrude himself where he was evidently not wanted; but his pained, reproachful look as he drew back would haunt her for the rest of the day.

He felt that he had obtruded an unwelcome presence upon these two mute evidences of passion which seemed now to be drawn momentarily apart for breath before re-engaging in the fray.

It obtruded her form upon him, the more determinedly he endeavored to thrust it from his mind by dwelling upon the charms of his Emma.

As a matter of fact, he had not obtruded it upon her even once, but he had thought of doing it so many times that he felt as if he had long been an importunate suitor.

The tiny stream wound like a silvery serpent through the stretch of green, succulent grass, narrowing gorge and obtruding rock and boulder.

The 'trilogy' was composed after Disraeli had become a force in politics, and the didactic tendency is constantly obtruding itself.

At one moment she simply resented the selfishness of a man who had obtruded his dark looks and passionate language on her joy; for there is nothing that a woman can less easily forgive than the language of a passion which, even if only for the moment, she does not share.

Even if you lie down, and almost smother yourself in the clothes, you are bound to obtrude one hand out of shelter, or how is the book to be held up?

They affect a knowledge of argumentative processes, and obtrude upon your attention by false reasoning conclusions which perhaps appear as legitimate as possible.

He will often fall into a musing posture to attract observation, and is then obtruding himself upon the company when he pretends to be withdrawn from it.

The eternal interrogations had obtruded themselves in her unfortunate girlhood, and she had questioned the voiceless infinite, but angrily, with youth's blind rebellion against the injustice of life.

It is not for poor chroniclers like ourselves to obtrude upon good fortune like this, and destroy, by attempted description, all that constitutes its real happiness.

I know that I am taking a great liberty in obtruding this request upon you; but I am very friendless, and very little versed in worldly knowledge.

After a time Clio drew a long and tremulous, but supremely happy breath as the realities of their predicament once more obtruded themselves upon her consciousness.

Time after time she would drive him from her mind, but as fast as he was banished, his slim face would obtrude itself from another quarter.

She was treated with the utmost respect and tenderness by our men, who neither obtruded themselves on her grief nor offered any interruption to the preparations which she made for his interment.

The war and its memories were still very near to the maimed, poverty-stricken Confederate; and the other knew that they were, and did not obtrude himself.

Neither Wavy feeling, Eyes, nor Whiff obtruded themselves: they left him alone and waited: he never forgot them, but he did not seek them out.

It was only that a feeling of disquiet had broken the spell of her reverie; it did not obtrude upon the field of her conscious thought.