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Use parity in a sentence

Definition of parity:

  • (noun) (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered;
  • (noun) (mathematics) a relation between a pair of integers

Sentence Examples:

This is induction by parity of reasoning.

They met great folk on a parity.

This parity of values is an error of thought.

The inference from parity of reason is therefore obvious.

There was more patriotism than parity in the comparison.

Mixtures of core with and without parity not allowed.

Her currency is not maintained at a parity with gold.

Information is read and checked for correct parity while writing.

Here, too, the whole mechanism rested on the parity principle.

"Parity" is a standard for the maintenance of good farm prices.

Parity of age, of tastes and of ideas drew me towards him.

It supposes emotional parity among men belonging to different physiological categories.

Truth is this representative and correspondent parity and ratio in general.

Parity of pay was indispensable to the dignity of the service.

The two matters seemed linked to one another by natural parity.

In poetry, and other pieces of imagination, the same parity may be observed.

With us, able to live off ourselves, there is more approach to parity.

He wanted all life to cease and start again in parity and respect.

By what the philosophers call parity of reasoning, the Eye is lightning.

Our goals should be abundant farm production and parity income for agriculture.

With lumber growing scarcer year by year it still keeps its parity.

The national currencies of its member countries were at parity with each other.

I forget the exact trigger mechanism, but it gives constant parity errors.

There is not anything like a parity of advance between the two centuries.

Hence, the parity of all religions in the Levant had to be recognized.

Our gold, silver, and paper money stand at a parity with each other.

For he only meant to observe what parity there was in our natures.

This will include a virtual parity between the classical and scientific subjects.

For there is no parity or even comparison between a person and an influence.

They have a parity of character, which makes them seem brothers of one family.

And the rule, by parity of reason, is extended to all other virtues.

Nor is there parity between the interior act and external acts of charity.

There is consequently no parity whatever between the two societies and their teachings.

It looks at times as if for a while he aimed at a parity of religions.

Each angle in such an ascent produces the parity of both horizontal and vertical.

The eighth bit is used for parity, flow control, or some other important signal.

Why was it difficult, if not impossible, to keep gold and silver at a parity?

The flags are: parity, end of tape, an end of record flag, and reading-writing check.

The parity of the Case makes their Reasons take place, and their Authority revive upon us.

It is of the essence of the argument that the exact pre-war parity should be recovered.

In the balance of heaven there is no parity between a complete library and a lost soul.

There had to be a parity of ranks; and the same principle might well apply to fortunes.

Or is there any parity between the form of the human nature and that of a piece of chalk?