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Use parity in a sentence

Definition of parity:

  • (noun) (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered;
  • (noun) (mathematics) a relation between a pair of integers

Sentence Examples:

Transition to modernized parity must be accomplished gradually.

Only they who are indifferent to all, profess a parity.

Now, has the rupee maintained its new parity with gold?

Similarity (in relations or uses), resemblance, likeness, parallelism, similitude, parity, correspondence.

In this way only will there be any logical parity of antithesis.

Our aim should be economic stability and full parity of income for American farmers.

He quizzed her for reasons why he might be able to step outside parity.

If bygones are to be bygones, futurities may, by a parity of treatment, be left to the future.

One was to scale down the fineness of the rupee, and the other to raise its gold parity.

If that proviso is not fulfilled, then the actual exchange rate may deviate from the calculated purchasing power parity.

The ounce of silver has maintained its parity with the barrel of petroleum, with granite blocks, with kiln-burnt bricks.

It was significant that in this fateful crisis it should be that particular crime which occurred to him for parity.

At the same time the Act declares the intention of the American Government to preserve the parity of gold and silver.

What, then, is to be said of those who still discuss seriously the project of restoring the franc to its former parity?

One way to check for errors in transmission is to tag each byte with a bit that means "even or odd", the parity bit.

Franklin's abilities, and wish to put the defense of my friends more upon a parity with the attack; he will not therefore wonder that I choose to appear before your lordships with the assistance of counsel.

They believe that doubts which have been raised in certain quarters respecting the position of maintaining the stability of the parity between the metals and kindred questions may yet be solved by further negotiations.

He procures one sometimes by the providence of the master, without much regard to similarity of tastes or parity of age; and though a young man is mated to an old woman, they live comfortably together.

History teaches us that for a monetary union to succeed, the exchange rate of the single currency must be realistic (for instance, reflect the purchasing power parity) and, thus, not susceptible to speculative attacks.

Therefore, it is obvious that although the exchange market should be on a parity with the actual market, the unequal fluctuations of the two markets will be constantly throwing them out of parity or "out of line."

Parity may be maintained and every declaration of governmental policy fully met by accepting for all dues, public and private, including duties upon imports, silver and paper issues of the Nation of every description whatsoever.

There is, I submit, no parity between the principle and practice of democracy as hitherto understood, and the new extension proposed to be given to the franchise by the inclusion of women within its pale.

This was the event whose momentous incidence on her career placed the days then in process and immediately in prospect on parity of importance with their meaning to Harry, absorbed in preparation for his case.

Observe, that this parity between individuals had been before destroyed, when the qualifications within the departments were settled; nor does it seem a matter of great importance whether the equality of men be injured by masses or individually.

If the fourth and fifth books 'must,' as he confidently asserts, have been written some years after the third, it follows by parity of reasoning, that the first and second must have been written some years before it.

Parity of age also has great weight with a maiden, and the animal passion which is felt in the flower of youth, added to the consciousness of being loved, very frequently call forth a return of tender feeling.

By a parity of reasoning, the gravel produced in the neighboring regions, and which would be proper to those places, as consisting of their peculiar productions, must have been likewise dispersed and mixed with the surrounding bodies of gravel.

It will afterwards be seen that this is a low point compared with the whole scale, if we are to take as a criterion that parity of development which has been observed in the embryo of one of the higher animals.

Silence was imposed upon the Parliaments, but without producing any serious effect upon public opinion, which attributed to the king the principal interest in a great private concern bound to keep up a certain parity in the price of grain.

The chance to make even a slight profit by shifting balances is so quickly availed of that in the constant demand for exchange wherever any relative weakness is shown, there exists a force which keeps the whole structure at parity.

One may however look at these facts a little more closely, and then the parity of animal organism and the human organism will lead us to qualify as cruel, certain acts which would deserve this title if committed by man.

By parity of reasoning we might infer, that if the function of such organs were for a time suspended, imagination, having lost its mentor, would, as it were, run wild, and an extravagant dream, granting an excitement, would be the result.

It is, however, a significant fact that every silver dollar that has been coined under that act is at a parity with gold, and will to-day buy as much of all the objects of human desire as will the gold dollar.

In fact, I know not, and you know no better than I, what are the true characteristics arising from the distinction of the sexes, and I believe that they can be revealed only by liberty in equality, parity of instruction and of education.

And by a parity of reasoning, sheep and cattle may fail of being wealth if, through want of knowledge how to treat them, their owner loses by them; to him at any rate the sheep and the cattle are not wealth?

The same person who in prose would throw a stronger accent on mount- and a weaker one on wave (so dealing with the word as a compound), might, in poetry, the words two, by giving to the last syllable a parity of accent.

The defects of every government and constitution both as to principle and form, must, on a parity of reasoning, be as open to discussion as the defects of a law, and it is a duty which every man owes to society to point them out.

The parity between the two metals could not be maintained, but, on the contrary, would be distinctly denied, if the Secretary of the Treasury persisted in redeeming these notes, against the will of the holders, in dollars of silver instead of gold.