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Definition of parity:

  • (noun) (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered;
  • (noun) (mathematics) a relation between a pair of integers

Sentence Examples:

Parity of reasoning is said of an argument equally conclusive on subjects not strictly analogous.

By parity of reasoning where would our own government be if subjected to similar treatment?

Where employers and workers were grouped, the principle of parity was naturally adhered to.

By parity of reasoning, moral education must be conducted on the same lines as intellectual education.

In this there is a perfect parity between the course of national and that of individual life.

This parity of circumstances is explained by the English principle of representation: no taxation without representation.

With the reduction of debt, by parity of reasoning, reduction of taxation went hand in hand.

By a parity of reasoning we should attach faculties that would be degrading to the Divinity.

We are maintaining the parity of all the money issued or coined by authority of the Government.

By parity of reasoning, the Federal Government in that case would have no power to tax them.

Good illustrations of the parity and disparity of accent may be drawn from certain names of places.

If thrown out of parity with the actual market, the exchange market is bound to come back eventually.

Henry Wainwright's murder of Harriet Lane was a crime on a parity with many others of earlier date.

Parity bits may help the computers check for errors caused by static and other electronic noise.

However, the chiefs would never cut the leading side down to an absolute parity with the other.

By parity of reasoning, to receive it in the hand would be to signify allegiance by some outward act.

If, then, such inherent disparities in individuals be undeniable, is parity among tribes or races to be expected?

If this were to be called Induction, an appropriate name for it would be, induction by parity of reasoning.

This inference might appear to follow, by parity of reasoning, from what the Apostle has just advanced.

There is always something of elevation and parity that seems to come over one from being in an elevated region.

By parity of reason, the duty of the individual can never transcend the average conscience of the community.

It yields the value true if the previous read operation produced a parity error; otherwise it yields the value false.

The government gave up the task of maintaining the parity of the metals at any ratio, but coined both.

By parity of evolution, pleasure came to be the sensation of continuance, of uninterrupted action, of increasing vigor and life.

By parity of reason, it is adultery for any man to marry again, so long as he has a wife alive.

Consistently with this prejudice, is it to be credited that parity of rank would be allowed to such a race?

In a way such as this it would be brought to a parity with the direct, although longer, southern route.

The purpose should be to hold farm prices at parity, or at levels of a recent date, whichever is higher.

Ora began to laugh; an agreement was an agreement, she remembered, and a deal, by parity of reasoning, a deal.

Plato's court was expressed from this fancy; and the persons are much about the same parity that is there.

If by reason of parity of numbers in voting there should arise a difficulty, the lady was to have a double vote.

One hundred percent of parity, therefore, has been accepted by farmers as the fair standard for the prices they receive.

In the first place, those who seek parity, whether men or women, are in a majority over those who seek disparity.

There is in all this a curious parity of events; but death soon ended the career of one of the young heroes.

Then you ought to teach others to read only the Bible, and, by parity of reason, to hear only the Bible.

The laws prohibiting these do not forbid the lottery, nor can it be included under them by parity of reasoning.

In the context of parity, he told Leslie Taylor, he was at times 'quite soured by some penalties' imposed by other judges.

Captain Jones urged that there should be a parity of rank between the officers of the navy and the army.

Soon he would learn, only too surely, the ironic parity which was to lie between his own and his father's fate.

There is more reason for him to do that than there is for us to provide against the failure to maintain the parity.

We beg leave to suggest, however, that there is no parity between the two facts he endeavors to balance against each other.

Why, a parity of practice, in all departments, would bring back the Plague in two summers, and the Druids in a century!

She would not have them claim their rights in the argument of parity of intellect, for that she felt to be vain.

This, therefore, by parity of reasoning, is the immortal body or the state of immortality which awaits the redeemed beyond the resurrection.

For, by parity of reasoning, every living thing must have an immortal soul, and every soul must have existed from all eternity.

My friends, our ability to maintain a parity between gold and silver is our ability to absorb money in our daily and yearly business.

If we accept too blindly the theory of national responsibility, we ought, by parity of reason, to admit success as a valid proof of right.

My being of the same age with you, to exactly a quarter of a year, brings the idea of a certain parity more forcibly upon me.

Young people born with a weak constitution, have, on a parity of crimes, much worse consequences to fear, than those who are naturally vigorous.

In this connection it is better to re-state the doctrine of the relation of the purchasing power parities to exchange rates with the necessary qualification.

My wife is decidedly of that opinion for herself, and, by parity of reasoning, for me; and I am inclined to think she is right.

May we not then fairly conclude, by parity of reason, that the end and design of all the other Planets is the same?

If a tape is not at the end of record, then the tape is either at the end of the reel, or a parity check has occurred.

Not a thought was there to offend, not a line that, for its parity, might not have been placed in the hands of his child.

The ounce of silver has maintained its parity with your railway dividends, with the earnings in your shops and factories, in all departments of effort.

Many centuries ago Leonardo da Vinci, whose insight at so many points anticipated our most modern discoveries, affirmed clearly and repeatedly the charm of parity.

It would appear on the whole that in choosing a mate we tend to seek parity of racial and individual characters together with disparity of secondary sexual characters.

These words may indeed be restrained to uses already past, but as there is parity of reason for those to come, there should be parity of law.

If the Infinite is to make no demand upon the finite, by parity of reasoning the great and strong should scarcely make them on the weak and small.

Jefferson entertained no doubt "that there would be an absolute parity between the two republican candidates," notwithstanding his doubting remarks on that subject to Colonel Burr.

Parity would be maintained, the government held, only when any kind of money could be exchanged for any other kind, at the option of the holder.

For here lay the stress of the difficulty: almost all depends in most trials of skill upon the parity of those who are matched against each other.

If Shakespeare's dramas are proved by such internal evidence to have been written by a lawyer, that lawyer, by parity of reasoning, could hardly have been Francis Bacon.

From this fact by parity of reasoning we must draw the obvious conclusion that during the period when group marriage was the rule, individual mothers were unknown.

By parity of reasoning, the language of Knockers, by imitating the sound of pumping, wheeling, etc., signifies that we should take out the water and drive there.

And in the second place, owing to the different relations of truth and beauty to moral goodness, we must deny the parity on which the argument rests.

What were alone sufficient to prove the grandeur and excellence of his sentiments in general, is, that they have so remarkable a parity with those of the Scripture.

By parity of reasoning each living form now on the earth must be able to claim identity with each generation of its ancestors up to the primordial cell inclusive.

When times are normal, the margin of profit is small, but in disturbed markets the parities are not nearly so closely maintained, and substantial profits are occasionally made.

And, by helping our agriculture achieve full parity in the market, it promises our farmers a higher and steadier financial return over the years than any alternative plan.

As expected, the linear threshold function is the easiest to learn, but it is surprising that the parity function was substantially easier than the two randomly chosen functions.

There is not the slightest parity between the passive and active powers of the water and those of the oxygen and hydrogen which have given rise to it.

When it is not so restricted, the conception of purchasing power parity becomes much more interesting, but is no longer an accurate forecaster of the course of the foreign exchanges.

Parity of naval strength of Britain and the United States on one hand, and the Axis powers on the other hand, with a naval holiday after this is established.

When I may suffer for my own crimes, when I may be sued for my own debts, I may judge, by parity of reason, for my own happiness.

What a man wants is sympathy, not intellectual companionship as such; what a man wants from another man, indeed, is sympathy, and not merely intellectual parity as such.

There is a freshness and a parity in the early dawn not found in the evening time, and the birds greet the purpling east with their sweetest songs.

At this stage gold and silver must part company and the Government must fail in its established policy to maintain the two metals on a parity with each other.

The explanation is that the actual exchange rates correspond to the purchasing power parities of two currencies not with regard to all commodities but with regard to some only.

By a parity of reasoning, the shares received by all the participants and claimants in the general process of production were seen to be regulated in accordance with natural law.

With his products not selling on a parity with the products of industry, every sound remedy that can be devised should be applied for the relief of the farmer.

A marked increase in the price of his products and some decrease in the price of his supplies has brought him about to a parity with the rest of the Nation.

They were very nearly on a parity as to the innocence of soul with which they held this secret, except that Bettina was much more single-minded toward it than Jim.

The great advantage of the flat rate or of commodity rates is that, placing all competing centers upon an absolute parity irrespective of distance, they encourage the utmost freedom of trade.

Without suggesting any parity of stature, one cannot but think of the group of English poets who, about a hundred years ago, were cut off in the flower of their age.

In the attainment of this purpose we necessarily claim parity of treatment, under the conventions, throughout the Empire for our trade and our citizens with those of all other powers.

And with this program of proceedings settled for the following Sunday, the girls whom neighborhood and parity of age had forced into some measure of friendship parted for the time.

If the late lamented Dudley were alive, he would tell you that a man may not marry his grandmother, and by parity of reasoning a woman may not marry her grandfather.

Our judgments of light and color vary as much as our judgments of size, shape, and place, and ought by parity of reasoning to be called intellectual products and not sensations.

If both gold and silver are to serve us as money and if they together are to supply to our people a safe and stable currency, the necessity of preserving this parity is obvious.

By a parity of reasoning a mad house should mean a house that is mad; and provided that each word retain its natural meaning and its natural accent, such is the fact.

So, by parity of reasoning, will the masses of these nations demand an entire abolition of the existing modes of government, and claim such as are adapted to their state of maturity.

On the contrary, it would give the country merchant the one facility which he does not now have: it would place him on a parity with the merchant in a great city.

It is true that there is no sort of parity between the properties of the components and the properties of the resultant, but neither was there in the case of the water.

Upon which you remark, "that if the infinite is to make no demands upon the finite, by parity of reasoning, the great and strong should scarcely make them on the weak and small."

Doubtless you will answer that there is no parity between them, that the dead cannot be reckoned up; whereas those who live and are rewarded may be numbered with three figures.

When we leave the consideration of racial differences to consider sexual differences, not only do we no longer find any charm of parity, but we find that there is an actual charm of disparity.

It is universally admitted that this passage proves the exclusive right of the husband to the wife, and by parity it also proves the exclusive right of the wife to the husband.

He knew that any new moral obligation to keep at a parity with gold dollars worth in themselves less than one hundred cents in gold would materially shake domestic and foreign credit.

And by parity of reasoning, I altogether decline to accept as decisive the verdict of any two or three of these in defiance of the ascertained authority of all, or a majority of the rest.