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Use rabbit-hole in a sentence

Definition of rabbit hole:

  • (noun) a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits | A time-consuming tangent or detour, often one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.

Sentence Examples:

Not only was the latter an eighteen hole course, but it fairly bristled in sand bunkers, canals, rabbit holes, and endless traps for the incautious.

He took them but a little way from where they had camped, and disclosed in the hillside what looked like a good-sized wombat or rabbit hole.

Then, as he breasted the flank of a boulder-strewn tor, he seemed to hear snuffling breathing behind him, and, redoubling his efforts, stepped into a rabbit hole.

In this way he had covered half a mile and more when his right foot plunged in a rabbit hole, and he was pitched headlong into the tamarisks below.

Hickey led the dripping horses to and fro in the lee of the fort, and I was deputed to listen at a rabbit hole from which the calf was said to have emerged.

The Baroness was destined to remember, for at that moment Billy's pony put his foot in a rabbit hole and came down, throwing the child with some violence against the trunk of a tree.

"He is going for his father," I said to myself, and I left the path to follow him down hill across the waste meadow, crackling the blanched stems of last year's thistles as I went, and stumbling in rabbit holes.

Firearms may not be used by night, nor may poison be used, nor may spring traps be set except in rabbit holes ; nor may ground game be killed on days or seasons or by methods prohibited by statute in 1880.

It had a door that opened into the yard, and a window that looked out in the other direction, among lanky laurels and scrubby hollies, where lay the cats' main thoroughfare from the scullery window to the rabbit holes in the wood.