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Use rabbit-hole in a sentence

Definition of rabbit hole:

  • (noun) a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits | A time-consuming tangent or detour, often one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.

Sentence Examples:

A rabbit hole is always very quiet.

I'd put his head in a rabbit hole.

Dock is a favorite remedy in a rabbit hole.

At home in the rabbit hole, things had not been quite comfortable.

For a stumble in a rabbit hole and our throats were as good as slit.

Then the rabbit holes were more numerous and came farther out on the course.

A rabbit hole which ends in undisturbed soil, as opposed to a Pop-hole, q.v.

Dug out of the bank-sides, they resemble rabbit holes more than anything else.

The ground was full of rabbit holes, and Jeanne stumbled more than once.

Bouncer would not confess that he had admitted anybody into the rabbit hole.

"Do let us watch him till he runs into a rabbit hole," we said to Mamma.

The horse had stepped into a rabbit hole and in my fall I broke my collar-bone.

She had no idea then, of course, but she was Alice, dropping down the rabbit hole.