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Use rabbit-hole in a sentence

Definition of rabbit hole:

  • (noun) a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits | A time-consuming tangent or detour, often one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.

Sentence Examples:

Presently there emerged an extraordinarily handsome youth, dark as a Spaniard, from some rabbit hole.

At the same moment, Humphrey caught his foot in a rabbit hole, and both boys rolled over together.

Suddenly my foot caught in a rabbit hole, and I fell headlong, rolling over and over in my descent.

Dry drains are often used as lying-up places, and they also afford refuge for hunted foxes, as do rabbit holes.

The men are sick of being shot at like rabbits, and sicker still of running into rabbit holes for shelter.

A dozen paces away his foot turned in the lip of a rabbit hole, and he stumbled forward and almost fell.

Freda and Max gathered big bunches, and Don, the sheep-dog, kept poking his nose into every rabbit hole he came to.

I really believe she has crept into a rabbit hole and means to lie low until all this fuss has blown over.

It was not more than four or five minutes after this that it put its foot in a rabbit hole and came crashing down.

There was an old rabbit hole near, the grass growing down in its mouth, and a tangle of web and dead leaves behind.

Now and again I stumbled in a rabbit hole, and as I would sink forward the wet bent would brush against my face.

To see a rabbit hole in the ground, Lorraine consented to mount and ride while Lone walked beside her, agreeing with everything she said that needed agreement.

He took the girl on board, but had got half across before he remarked, 'I reckon you and your mother crept into a rabbit hole for the night.'

The closet was good to hide in or play bear cave or rabbit hole and fine for finding missing toys after Momma had a spell of playing cleaning house.

One horse having stepped in a rabbit hole and flung its rider, was following the chase at its own sweet will with bridle streaming and empty saddle.

You see Faithful was lying down with his mouth open trying to look like a rabbit hole, and he did it so well that the rabbit came straight at him.

Leaped down and made towards the bush; and as we followed him, sure enough we heard distinctly the noise of the snake, which he had intercepted on its way to a rabbit hole.

Some boys were playing on the mountain, when one of them found a small hole which he thought was a rabbit hole, but, pushing his arm down it, he could feel no bottom.

I felt that Vivace was the only being on earth who really cared for me, and even he was more interested at the time in a rabbit hole he had found than in my society.