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Use rabbit-hole in a sentence

Definition of rabbit hole:

  • (noun) a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits | A time-consuming tangent or detour, often one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.

Sentence Examples:

Tommy Brock squeezed himself into the rabbit hole with alacrity.

He stumbled over rocks, into rabbit holes, he dived among the soaked bracken.

Should be time enough for us to scurry back down the rabbit hole.

Horse put his foot into a rabbit hole and cut his knee on a flint.

Presently the fugitive caught his foot in a rabbit hole, fell, and hit his shins on stone.

After the first field Bob gave up the chase, and sauntered off to scratch at a rabbit hole.

They lay in a fluffy bed of rabbit wool and hay, in a shallow burrow, separate from the main rabbit hole.

The cement sack had been found in the mouth of a rabbit hole to the west of the Head above a precipice.

He was so tired that he flopped down upon the nice soft sand on the floor of the rabbit hole, and shut his eyes.

A little blink of light came through a rabbit hole, at the end of which I saw a spray of gorse with the sunlight on it.

There was a big rabbit hole in his path into which he tried to creep, but just below the surface it narrowed, and he was obliged to back out with his coat full of dust and several precious moments lost.

The shepherd had observed for some time that one of his dogs was in the habit of going into what he supposed to be a rabbit hole at this place, and when he was missing and called, he generally came out of this hole.