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Use sass in a sentence

Definition of sass:

  • (noun) an impudent or insolent rejoinder; "don't give me any of your sass"
  • (verb) answer back in an impudent or insolent manner; "don't sass me!";

Sentence Examples:

For some inexplicable reason he "took more sass" from her than from any other person living.

She cooks better'n any space-brained woman, and she never opens her mouth to give me any sass!

Not that you are scared of much, I reckon, considering the way you sassed Robert back this morning.

The king sassed back as much as was safe for him, and then swapped around and lit into me again.

Girlie was playing the piano, Babe's voice, "sassing Poppa," was audible from one end to the other of the empty street.

Ask him how he works out the arithmetic lessons, and about his sassing the assistant superintendent, and make yourself agreeable.'

I didn't raise you on a bottle from the time you were three weeks old to have you sass me when you're grown up.

I tell you that young chap sets store by that little girl of yours, though she does sass him a heap.

I am worth eight million pounds, and I don't have to take your sass, or the Earl's either, if I don't feel like it.

Old Master sent out after de meat he wanted every day or so and we kept him in garden sass that way too.

This is made by boiling down the cider to one-third the original quantity and adding enough sound apples to make a thick "sass."

Through the weakening of the causes of bondage, and by learning the method of sassing, the consciousness is transferred to the other body.

Now I've no fortune, but I'm filling over with affections which I'm ready to pour out all over you like apple sass, over roast pork.

He sassed Rawhide again, and told him to mind his own business and give advice when it was asked for, and struck at him.

As Will Dow later remarked about him, he was "an awfully good man to have on your side if there was any sassing to be done."

If one of them tramps gets in front of it, and sasses me, he'd better say his prayers mighty quick, for he'll need 'em.

There was a lot of city company in our town last summer, and the cry among them was for fresh fruit and garden sass.

So, when I calculate for sass, I don't take so much sugar; and when I don't calculate for sass, I make it sweet enough to eat without sass.

This green stuff reminds me that if I'm going to get my garden sass planted this year, or you want any flower beds, we'll have to get busy.

"The boys in the village throw'd stones at me; but I didn't throw none back, nor sass 'em, nor do nothing but come as straight home as I could come."

He sasses any of them just as he likes; and no matter how busy they are, as soon as they see it's Fred they're all ready to have a laugh with him.

Further than this, one feels that if he had followed up his rebuke by boxing the young man's ears for "sassing back," he would still not have been outside the lines of duty.

"I expect she forgot it, for she was whipping Susie for sassing Aunt Prissy, and Bud for saying fool," answered Eliza, not at all hesitating to lay bare the iniquities of her family circle.

And I told him to shut up his mouth, and he sassed me back, and called me names, and said I was stuck up and thought I was better than the other boys, and he'd show me that I wasn't.