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Use sass in a sentence

Definition of sass:

  • (noun) an impudent or insolent rejoinder; "don't give me any of your sass"
  • (verb) answer back in an impudent or insolent manner; "don't sass me!";

Sentence Examples:

Somebody sassed you or you getting homesick?'

The way that gal sassed me was a caution!

You standing up there and 'sassing' back the old dame!

I never have any fun sassing parsons since I got married.

Now for another whirl at sassing the bosses of Gopher Prairie.

"Don't let him sass you, mister," put in one of the urchins.

He's the only one of you that sasses back, offers objections, overrules plans.

"He scared me horses on purpose, an' then sassed me," was the surly answer.

What if you should get shipwrecked, and all the produce and garden sass with you!

She snubbed the boarders, she boxed the juvenile Darrell's ears, she "sassed" the mistress of the house.

After ten minutes of her, you'll feel like a schoolboy who has 'got his' for sassing the teacher.

Turning upon the young lady savagely, he retorted: "If sass was butter, your folks wouldn't have to keep any cows."

I get mad and sass him when he shakes me, and once when he whipped me I burned up his slippers.

Now, a fox is sly when he chooses to be, and when he wants to be impudent he'd sass King Solomon to his face.

Benton evidently meant to give his caller a most flattering impression of his hospitality, for he heaped the lad's plate with cold pork, brown bread, and vegetables, and even called on his wife to get some of that "apple sass" for the young stranger.