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Use scathing in a sentence

Definition of scathing:

  • (adjective) marked by harshly abusive criticism;

Sentence Examples:

Was it scathing sarcasm or sheer idiocy?

On the old mandrake legend he is scathing.

The Russian soldiers came in for scathing criticism.

They received one charge of canister, one scathing volley of musketry.

He had not miscalculated the effect of the scathing taunt.

Now another scathing monition had been hurled against her guilty conscience.

She seemed to shrink visibly under the scathing looks of her schoolmates.

He also portrayed in scathing terms the gross corruption of the Spanish authorities.

With scathing, bitter wit he flayed the corruption of our system of democracy.

Our regiment advanced through a peach orchard, exposed to a scathing fire of musketry.

That last sentence forms a scathing indictment of the shortsightedness of suffrage policy.

None has been more scathing in his contempt of reaction, of pretense, of outdated mannerisms.

It would be quite in their line to denounce with scathing eloquence such heartless infanticide.

"Why am I suddenly to be discomfited by such elaborate thanks, such scathing politeness?"

Something more scathing, more horrifying, more contaminating than the mere scourge of molten annihilation.

And for a little they flowed from her lips, a scalding, scathing torrent.

There is something very scathing, very exasperating too, in being addressed in this way.

The time was coming when Byron whitened and trembled under her scathing sarcasm.

Can there ever be snow-storms and scathing frosts in such a land of tropical luxuriance?

Virtue was to her a critic, a satirist, a neighborhood gossip, something scathing and ascetic.

Maud wriggled and spluttered, trying in vain to think of something scathing to say in return.

It did my soul good, as a teetotaler, to hear his scathing denunciation of the liquor traffic.

They would hear from her in scathing terms when she felt equal to upbraiding them.

General Coffin's scheme was in itself a scathing commentary upon the decadence of German moral.

My friend had scathing criticisms to offer on the questions of the Jamaican Representative Government.

It arraigned the Administration in scathing language, to be sure, but it did not advise secession.

And a babel of voices was on all sides, cries of warning, sharp commands, scathing denouncements.

Once seen, I will write a scathing poem on the entertainment which shall be translated into Spanish.

His doubts concerning the social advantages of a Boarding Establishment, with some scathing remarks upon ambitious pretenders.

"One chapter, at least, will have a scathing attack on the sycophancy of the fashionable girls' school."

The Duke laughed gaily, and prepared a scathing witticism with which to wither the young girl.

It invariably contains some scathing comment on the uncertainty of the Baptist faith as a means of salvation.

Instead, she stiffened up like a ramrod and denounced both the duelists in scathing and scornful terms.

Jarvis at a disadvantage, but the latter trotted about the department, scathing in his fault-finding, himself unscathed.

Bell emitted groans under the war taxation, or when people spoke with scathing contempt of war profiteers.

Beeton returned to cook muffins and make scathing remarks about models, hussies, trollops, and the like, to her husband.

His severe satire upon scholasticism and its professors roused the anger of those whom with scathing words he castigated.

He knew that no earthly eloquence, no scathing wit, no brutal reply could possibly exasperate his wife as this must.

Cecil would say shortly, and taking up her pencil slash scathing comments at the side of the foolscap sheets.

If not that, then her remarks, always uttered in the tone of scathing contempt, were of the most appalling inanity.

At the same time I feel sure you will make due allowances for the somewhat scathing strictures upon Boy Scouts in general.

It was a tall plant of the columnar cactus, whose green succulent stem had escaped scathing by the fire.

Todd's own weight was over the two hundred mark, yet she was scathing in her scorn of avoirdupois in another.

His scathing laying bare of Judas's mean and thievish motive is no mere suspicion, but he must have known instances of dishonesty.

And then she flounced away, while they made scathing remarks to one another about her at the top of their voices.

He stared at her dumbly, the scathing phrases of indignant repudiation, so often mentally rehearsed for such a moment, eluding him.

They waxed very wroth and scathing as they dwelt upon how the agent's vast power made almost any crime possible.

She thought of the waves of the Gulf, at Galveston Bay, pulling at her legs with cool and non- scathing talons.

General declamation against the incompetence of the ministers is exchanged for a scathing relentless impeachment of every branch of the administration.

Wagner, the last of the great German composers, cannot find words too scathing and bitter to mark his condemnation of Meyerbeer.

For pithy terseness and absolute sobriety of means, for subtle and humorous observation and scathing directness, they are unrivalled; but oh!

She was dimly aware of the scathing intention lurking in these soft low tones, in these words which appealed to her poignantly.

About the same time he administered some scathing strictures on social and political conditions in a volume of satirical essays entitled "The New Kingdom."

In ordinary controversy, the tone was more scathing, the bludgeon was whirled more violently, than English taste at that period could endure.

Meanwhile, the poor buffoon, the butt of all this scathing opprobrium, stood silent and uncomplaining, humbly waiting his chance to speak.

I learned many frank truths about Albanian women, for whom, on account of their vaccine subjection, she proclaimed the most scathing contempt.

Wagner, the last of the great German composers, can not find words too scathing and bitter to mark his condemnation of Meyerbeer.

One of the most scathing indictments ever brought against library assistants was made when Gerald Stanley Lee accused them of being "book chambermaids."

In the "Persian Letters" it goes no farther than an elaborate apology for divorce, a scathing denunciation of celibacy, and a general licentiousness of tone.

She had a most unpleasant interview in the Principal's study that afternoon, and received scathing criticism on her incapacity and lack of discipline.

He was quite unmoved when we took it away and restored it to a profitless liberty, with a few scathing remarks on the cruelty of cats.

And this scathing comment undoubtedly reflected the views of the great majority of moderate Churchmen at home as well as missionaries and colonial administrators abroad.

Meg knew that her auditor, who never offered a word of remonstrance or vouchsafed an exclamation as she read, suffered from these scathing attacks.

The satire here is so scathing and scarifying that we can only read and wonder, shuddering the while for the wretched creature so pitilessly flayed.

The white man walked down off his verandah and stood confronting this fellow, whose brutal face blenched and lowered before the scathing, stare.

It is a scathing comment on the influence of skepticism upon a people that, in general, the highest feeling of nationality is coexistent with the devoutest piety.

His air of detachment, the banality of the courtesy, seemed to her an insult; she flung a look of scathing reproach at him as she flounced by.

Gale, she let the vials of her wrath pour forth on the villain who had so aroused it, and her voice was raised in scathing obloquy.

Juvenal, hurling his scathing satire against the patricians of his time, drew from the equine race a metaphor to illustrate the superiority of merit over birth.

She had felt his scathing breath upon her cheek; she was under the gaze of a basilisk, whose scorching fascination reduced her will to coma.

Lester exchanged a glance of speechless horror with Ginny as their infant son observed his inquisitor with a scathing stare and parted his cherubic lips.

His construction foreman drove the men mercilessly, spurring on the laggards with scathing words and occasionally using a heavy fist when they showed resentment.

As will be seen later, he was a scathing and bitter critic of his detractors, and first gave evidence of this quality in the year now under notice.

The mutilated lines were the contributions of the two schoolboys, while Rowena looked down her nose once more, and dismissed the subject in a few scathing remarks.

The scathing, satiric wit of the last century was as the nadir to this zenith of appreciative recognition of the best that is in every human being.

And after this scathing and satirical outburst he paused for breath, to pose grandly before his friends, thinking doubtless that he had quite cowed and overawed me.

Being very much perturbed, he telephoned to the paint store, but the proprietor escaped a scathing lecture by having closed his shop at the usual hour.

Now, somehow, he was to be avoided as much as might be, for his tongue was sharp and his wit scathing, and he was no respecter of persons.

There could scarcely arise a more painful theme, or one presenting a stranger variety of aspects, as it whirled scathing and bloodily along, than did the Indian War.

The ingenious sophistries of the latter were subjected to no more searching and scathing refutations than those with which Davis met his every attempt at their illustration.

Only the hunchback retained his bold front, and looked back with scorn into the face of the prelate as he made point after point in his scathing denunciation.

Yet obstinately, all his flesh burning and corroding, as if he were invaded by some consuming, scathing poison, still he persisted, thinking at last he might overcome her.

His body, his hair, his mouth, are in turn the object of her praise only to be vilified one by one as he drives her back with scathing words.

She was at first a venturesome guesser, till her many bad shots drew scathing comments from her teachers and smiles from the rest of the Form.

How could these paltry sacrilegious buyers and sellers, conscious of wrongdoing, oppose that scathing rebuke, or face the lightnings of those eyes that were enkindled by an outraged holiness?

He looked as he spoke these words as if the thing he alluded to was too mean for scorn itself, and the sharp stinging enunciation made the words still more scathing.

Happy as she was or was not on this day of her birth, she could not deny the fact that the ineluctable stirring of memory was scathing her.

And she rather enjoyed her own eloquence, and was led on by it to make some most astounding assertions, and utter some scathing condemnations with an air of comfortable self-satisfaction.

Frequent and scathing were her lectures upon the exigent ways of women, who, she argued, should be simple automata, moved only by the will and guidance of their masters.

During this scathing harangue he scarcely looked at either of the impatient and suffering victims, but kept his gaze fixed, for the most part, on the rafters above their heads.

Roger, who had purposely placed himself near the roisterers, got up and harangued the noisiest in such scathing language that the whole of their fury was soon turned on himself.

She kept her ideals; from the homes of her family she wrote scathing denunciations of the blood-soaked tyranny of her brother-in-law, her sisters, her stepson, and her brother.

On July 27th, he delivered, in Congress, a speech as remarkable in some respects for solid sense and shrewdness as it was in others for eccentric drollery and scathing Western retorts.

Then, afraid, I suppose, lest she might adopt some of his scathing phrases in replying to Sir John Lawrence, he wrote again, suggesting that dignified silence would be the better course.

Nevertheless, it had its scathing and wounding effect as much as if the little observer, whose small judgment worked so precociously, had been capable of understanding the things which she condemned.

The next Sunday, when the clergyman referred to the letter and in scathing tones rebuked the sender, three hundred soldiers unhooked their sabers and dropped them on the stone floor.

Never perhaps in the course of history have the ears of a monarch's advisers been made to tingle by such sentences of magnificent and scathing denunciation poured out in arraignment of the monarch's personal conduct.

They fought for right with an insistence which vindicated its moral significance forever, and in scathing words of indignation which still burn in the soul they denounced oppression wherever it appeared.

Had the thunder of heaven darted its sulfurous and scathing bolt into the midst of that assembly, a greater change its terrors could not have effected than did that thrilling cry.

He felt miserable, and once or twice his eye wandered toward the bottle, but each time the scathing words of his bibulous friend sounded in his ear, and his mouth set with determination.