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Definition of scathing:

  • (adjective) marked by harshly abusive criticism;

Sentence Examples:

Encouraged by these demonstrations, the ludicrous features of the speaker's performance gave way to intense and scathing ridicule.

His handling of the essential weapons of satire, scathing epigram, and impetuous rhetoric, contribute equally to his success.

The book is a scathing attack upon American complacency, which is even more detestable to Whitman than it was to Carlyle.

It has often brought upon me the threat of immediate extermination for volunteering scathing and undesired opinions on his conduct.

A scathing and nearly heart-breaking disclosure and condemnation of the scandalous condition of the cottage property of rural districts.

The next day, no explanation having arrived, he dispatched to his special correspondent a particularly scathing and scornful letter.

Instead of a convincing, logical speech, their champion hurled a "torrent of scathing denunciation," "withering sarcasm," and "crushing invective!"

You accordingly, in the course of your remarks, fail not to tamper with a character which as yet defies your scathing criticism.

How it flashed like a subtle lightning, striking and scathing with its holy indignation the half-veiled meanness and hypocrisy!

He published not an elaborate argument, but a condensed and scathing statement of the outrages which had been practiced upon him.

We acknowledge Horace's satires to be scathing enough, though they are light and delicate, almost trifling and flippant at times.

It would have been difficult for the strongest language to have been more scathing than her plain pronouncement of a simple fact.

As soon as he was able, he delivered himself of a scathing denunciation of the unlucky George, accompanied by threats of vengeance.

He waited, without a word, until the group of delinquents, after listening to a scathing lecture, were dismissed to their seats.

This from an unsympathetic brother, who should have withered next minute beneath the scathing searchlight of scorn turned his way.

The words of themselves were astonishing, but not nearly so much so as the scathing inflection with which they were uttered.

He justified himself, and wrote a scathing attack on the pastor and rector of the University, who were his chief enemies.

From a scathing rebuke of the criminal carelessness which had led to the late regrettable incident, Major Keeling passed to personalities.

The enemy now is in irregular formation, more nearly like double echelon; they are pouring in a scathing fire on all the batteries.

Slim shot a scathing glance at Billy, but seeing that all were waiting breathlessly, he gave an impressive cough and started in.

If you mention the eastern summer, he refers in scathing terms to the puny trees we produce, the inadequate fruits and vegetables.

The present occupant of the Bench, however, was past master in the art of delivering himself of cold, scathing, contemptuous rebukes.

Masaryk, a prominent Bohemian deputy, delivered a scathing denunciation in parliament, in which he took the government to task for its anti-Slavic policy.

Connoisseurs laugh, students of art shriek a little, and Ruskin writes a scathing letter, which was what he had played for.

Shrill cries of agony were blended with yells of rage, as a number of assailants fell, dead or dying, before the scathing volley.

They had evidently expected something more scathing in the way of denunciation, and were not inclined to condemn Mildred for her opinion.

Gladstone not only defended, but in so doing administered a scathing rebuke to the Chancellor for his bitter invective and personal abuse.

She showed it to her friends with the scathing remark, "People should not write French if they don't understand the language."

Even those who condemn modern society with the most scathing adjectives link with their denunciations the most sanguine sentences of hope.

Helen's scornful rejection of the proposal at first was scathing, and little less her scorn of a parent who could urge it.

Hunt does not seem to have had any particular proof or knowledge on the subject, yet he employed scathing denunciation in writing of it.

She was walking restlessly up and down the floor, and made him no answer, save one scathing flash from her brilliant eyes.

The poet was given a full page of scathing comment, illustrated by rude caricatures, which were so suggestive that even Elaine thoroughly enjoyed them.

Those falsities were shams, and they who practiced them were guilty of the sin which the Bible, in scathing scorn, calls hypocrisy.

All the morning the anticipated agony of the ordeal of walking up the path, under these scathing eyes, oppressed and tortured her.

One who had known Billy would have expected him to fly into a rage and attack the girl brutally after her scathing diatribe.

Considering her recent scathing denunciation of canoes in general, her companions were secretly amused at her apparent willingness to trust herself in one of them.

He lashed the follies of his day, particularly the vices of the clergy, with caustic satire, scathing wit, and bitter stinging irony.

Kit, rising in her seat, prepares for battle, and is indeed about to hurl a scathing rebuke upon him, when Miss Priscilla interrupts her.

It was logical, pathetic and at times scathing in its denunciation of the methods used by the police to extort confessions from the boys.

His scathing measure introduced, indeed, a new principle, for we unceremoniously clapped people into prison who held up to our courts the Queen's pardon.

Anderson's scathing denunciations of American slavery and the strong sympathy which, from the outbreak of the civil war, he expressed with the Federals.

Not only did he denounce the nobility, but he saw danger in the liberal leaders, and among others, Mirabeau came in for scathing scorn.

I saw myself, pitiless but full of dignity, inflicting scathing punishment of various kinds, and piling blazing coals of fire upon Mabel's pretty head.

Turning to the gaping bystanders, he angrily heaped upon them so scathing a rebuke that with flushed faces and hanging heads they stole away.

A scathing criticism of the President's position by Henry Winter Davis, which was signed by himself and Senator Wade, fitly echoed their feelings.

True humor, it should be remembered, is neither scathing nor insolent; it is simply that bright repartee that someone aptly calls the "spice of conversation."

And then I prepared a scathing denunciation, but of all the words I might have said, I only said one, and it began with "D."

Scathing letters have appeared in the newspapers, condemning all gypsies and other nomads as incorrigible rogues, and suggesting fourteenth-century methods for their removal.

The English language can drop the honeyed words of peace and gentleness, and it can visit with its withering, scathing, burning, blasting curse.

The Judge's head sank lower as he heard the voice which has rung down through the ages in scathing denunciation of all subterfuge and lies.

Several of the recruits made remarks that were very scathing, and the officials of the boat were held up to scorn, and charged with inhumanity.

It was bitter for him to run meekly about while scathing sarcasms and comments on his want of courage were being hurled at his head.

It was now well on in November, and the press of both Boston and New York was filled with scathing attacks upon the Syndicate.

He found himself compelled to live for a while in the midst of hard facts, and his comments upon them were scathing; as all dreamers' are.

The peddler fancied that he was hurling at his relative a scathing sarcasm: he did not see that he was simply stating a perfectly unquestionable fact.

The prior was subtle in fence, and by a few scathing words could generally quell the questioner and make him wish his objection unspoken.

And I see a grateful mother teaching three youths to say a certain prayer, and then I forget the critics' scathing sermons against stock gamblers.

As torrent after torrent of scathing rebuke rolled forth from the lips of the speaker, Dolly Smith writhed as one under the severest physical torture.

The report referred in scathing terms to the unparalleled audacity of the officers of the rival lines of steamers, more particularly the new, or People's Line.

At her scathing words the Man straightened up very suddenly in his chair and gazed over at the little clock in a startled sort of way.

The candid gentleman broke out into uncompromising, scathing condemnation; and those who were most indulgent were obliged to pronounce that the famous tragedy was a failure.

Startled, cowed by this most unexpected onslaught, the wretch could only cower in pallid amazement before the lady as she continued her scathing denunciation.

And so, under the insidious mask of an invented "bloody massacre," I stole upon the public unawares with my scathing satire upon the dividend cooking system.

Occasionally, also, words flashed from her of such scathing satire, that prudence counselled the keeping at safe distance from a body so surcharged with electricity.

Written in close imitation of Juvenal's earlier satires, he frequently approaches the standard of his master in graphic power of description, in scathing invective, and ironical mockery.

She had grown breathless as she proceeded with her scathing denunciation and now stood facing him with an aspect of fearless challenge on her face.

She was merciless in her denunciation of their conduct, and the terror of suspension arose in more than one mind, as they listened to her scathing remarks.

The terms now in use were: "a torrent of scathing denunciation," "withering sarcasm," "crushing invective," the orator's eyes the while "blazing with scorn and indignation."

Yet to this one, lounging back there with one elbow resting on a big cold stone, lighting his pipe, she had no thought of scathing rejoinder.

Her young master had been dear to her, and she had not scrupled earlier to denounce in scathing terms the woman who had encompassed his death.

If a badly written despatch came into his hands, he would embellish it with scathing rebukes, and return it, through the Office, to the offending writer.

Unusually animated, a spot of wrathful pink on each cheek, she spoke in scathing terms, and almost choked once as she bit the rather dry cake.

Scathing and vibrating with scorn though the words were, they seemed to touch a chord in the boy's heart, not of humiliation, but of righteous anger.

He would have said the supremely scathing thing, the thing that would have withered forever the moral cancer of his countrymen, and we cannot articulate it.

Sydney Smith, had denounced the system over and over again in language the most indignant and the most scornful that even his scathing humor could command.

She was careful not to include Leonard in this scathing denunciation, for she added, 'I should not like to think my brother would act like that.'

Of all the portions of this bitter sermon, this was the most scathing, and a silence like the silence of the grave fell upon his hearers.

That he was a great man few will be found in these days to maintain; fewer still will believe that he deserved the scathing invective of Macaulay.

We used to think him keen, too, and cynical; and what we expected was perhaps a scathing exposure of the weaknesses of ministers or a severe exhortation to study.

Even when he grumbled and said scathing things of the Germans, he was half laughing, and it required a very great deal of annoyance indeed to rouse his passions.

For his powerful advocacy of the Governor-General, and his scathing diatribes against the tactics of the Opposition, he was fiercely denounced by the Conservative leaders.

To impatient and impertinent men such as Colonel Mercer he wrote scathing rebukes; to helpless widows and aged veterans he sent kind messages of hope and cheer.

On this account he was doubly bitter and the scathing words he hurled at the cause of his discomfiture would ordinarily never have issued from his lips.

Clifford was secretly furious at this spiteful thrust; nothing but his respect for the man's age and weakened condition kept him from voicing a scathing retort.

And when at last he was brought to book for his crimes, he fled into voluntary exile with his plunder rather than face the scathing invective of Cicero.

At last, chiefly through the scathing fire of shot and shell from four of our big guns, the movements of the enemy became paralyzed, and a panic commenced.

Abner almost emitted a chuckle, as he turned and looked at Henry Whittles, whose face was very red, and who was writhing under the minister's scathing words.

She bore her fiercest glance without quailing in the least, or making any effort to evade it: under her most scathing comments she was composed and unmoved.

The facetious young villain had indeed declared that she had sent him the puppet as a piece of scathing irony, illustrative of his character as she conceived it.

It is not unlikely that Moliere shared her dislike of the powerful and fastidious coterie whose very virtues might easily have furnished salient points for his scathing wit.

Picturesque improbabilities would not be left unquestioned now; there would be scathing comments by nautical experts, and even the ordinary man would not hesitate to voice his doubts.

Heard said that she was, and, forgetting for a moment his great love, referred to her partiality for gossip in the most scathing terms he could muster.

It is true that no more scathing denunciation of sinful human nature has ever been presented than the account of heathen immorality to be found in the first chapter of Romans.

Gregor Lang, who happened to be present, told Lincoln afterward that he had "never heard a man get such a scathing" as Roosevelt gave the shifty stock inspector.

The management of this place one day refused information to a Call reporter, and the next morning its proprietor was terrified by a scathing denunciation of his firm.

Salisbury's last vestige of calm, and, after one scathing summary of the case, she refused to discuss it at all, and opened the evening paper with marked deliberation.

She imagined what might have happened had she carried out that wild intention, with one of those scathing and burning blushes which seem to scorch the very soul.

Until he found that nothing immediate was going to happen to him, and while under the silent but scathing disapprobation of his companions, he actually talked of resigning!

Fortunately, that portion of the plain over which the scathing element had spent its fury was the direction the party should pursue in retracing their way homeward.