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Use tantalize in a sentence

Definition of tantalize:

  • (verb) harass with persistent criticism or carping;

Sentence Examples:

These additions are all tantalizing and comparatively insignificant.

For a long time they shifted, uneasy and tantalizing.

And with an instant, bold, and tantalizing grimace, she had vanished within.

The look she had seen in his red-brown eyes at times tantalized her.

It was tantalizing work, for he was just the right distance for a running kick.

In a tantalizing tone the girl asked: "Who else?"

Said Dick, in a tantalizing tone.

Hope's tantalizing smile worried him.

The hearty laughs were tantalizing.

With so much at stake you may easily conceive how tantalizing is this state of suspense.

Joe was in a predicament, and a very tantalizing one at that.

He smiled his slow, tantalizing smile and, in spite of herself, Tony smiled back.

It was tantalizing, but it kept my membranes moist and me from madness.

He had stumbled upon the clue to her tantalizing personality.

You are the most tantalizing fellow!

Asked the duke with tantalizing coolness.

Whoever might be right the canoe was still a tantalizing object to the pursuit.

You are tantalizing; you cannot expect me to be devoid of curiosity.

The smell of the fresh bread tantalized him beyond endurance.

Recollect two young gentlemen are present, and we can't be tantalized.

He was driven out of his new paradise after a tantalizing glimpse at it.

Cleopatra would have tantalized and left your heart to eat itself out in hopeless longing.

The first letters received from him were tantalizing.

"I'll call you a girl, then, if you prefer," proposed Dick, with a tantalizing grin.

The recurrent idea of it was tantalizing.

Prescott asked, looking about him with a tantalizing smile.

That may only tantalize and tease.

The odor was tantalizing, almost torturing.

This to one starving for information after a week's abstinence was tantalizing.

Ted was in the midst of a tantalizing equation.

Tantalizing showers flying across the distant mountains did not cool the dry, hot air.

"You'll get worse than that if you tantalize us in that way again," warned Tad.

Now, all this is extremely tantalizing.

Whether they were tantalizing us or not, I cannot say, but certainly it looked like it.

It is more fun to tease and tantalize them.

"The haze is tantalizing," she remarked by and by.

The deceptive hue of the yellow earth made the search a long and tantalizing one.

All day long she had been tantalized and put off.

He was gentle in that tantalizing slow way of his.

She tossed her head with that same tantalizing smile, almost a grimace.

They were different from her and they tantalized her.

We are sorry to tantalize our readers, but we have not space for the story that follows.

Welles' house the most tantalizing snatches from your piano.

You know, you're horribly tantalizing, if you will allow me to say so.

She smiled, with a tantalizing glance from the brown eyes.

Always in his nose was the tantalizing scent of Old Man Coyote.

Which is life, and what is death, and how shall we face so tantalizing a contradiction?

Helen seemed a new creature this morning, utterly tantalizing and not a little perverse.

In some instances she tantalizes the victim for years and mocks him in the end.

Continued Pelham, in the most tantalizing of tones.

It was a tantalizing thought.

It was a tantalizing position to be in.

The most tantalizing thing about the whole affair was its simplicity.

It was tantalizing in the last degree.

It was tantalizing to get just one breath and no more in this way.

In fact, what could be more tantalizing?

Captain, the Chair considers you one of the most tantalizing creatures in existence!

The children just run out and get in the way of the cars to tantalize the drivers.

Both the dog and the chicken are tantalized, you see.

The closet door was open, giving a tantalizing glimpse of glories to come.

"You'll have to blow that whistle a little louder," said O'Hara, with a tantalizing grin.

Underneath her name were the tantalizing words, "To be opened when she reaches New York."

The effect of the tidings upon old Robbins, however, was tantalizing in the extreme.

Persisted Jane, with a tantalizing smile.

To Bob his silence was tantalizing.

A lovely, tantalizing vision of her appeared to float before my eyes.

The house, full of happy associations as it was, was just now too tantalizing a place.

She tantalized, tempted him even while she thus openly renounced.

Since she was loyal, what mattered a little tantalizing of himself?

Surely no situation could be more tantalizing.

The last idea, while it tantalized him, was not without a pleasant sting for his senses.

"I protest you are a most tantalizing little woman!"

Another day with this mysterious tantalizing woman, thought Warrington.

She laughed at him in the slow tantalizing way that might mean anything or nothing.

Who's shrewd enough to tantalize him into hand-and-feet marriage.

It seems like a tantalizing fate.

To torment and tantalize oneself with hopes of possible fortune is so sweet, so thrilling!

"Kind of seems a pity," he said, with a tantalizing suggestion in his smiling eyes.

He was glad she was not there to tantalize him, and at the same time deeply disappointed.

The small lump of the bird in my pocket tantalized me.

That face might tantalize Jerry so much that he'd give in.

The words tantalized him afresh with his failure to remember the thing he should.

When he began to look for them both at once the dream became tantalizing.

One little pill ain't much when you take in how she's been tantalized.

Jeanne laughed in a tantalizing manner.

He keenly remembers each tantalizing moment of approach and separation.

This magnificent sight is most tantalizing.

Terry regarded me with a tantalizing laugh.

She does it to be tantalizing.

She stared straight at the red mask with tantalizing eyes.

Asked Nan with tantalizing gentleness.

There was the tantalizing feeling that I was on the verge of knowing at least something.

"I don't know," came the tantalizing answer.

He was deliberately tantalizing me.

There was cold cruelty in his tantalizing voice.

I mean, the vision did; but the fact of the vision tantalized me.

Once I had had a tantalizing glimpse of it.

I've never seen such a tantalizing inexplicable person.

Blast it, this is more than tantalizing.

Why did he tantalize him by coming so near and then floating off again?