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Use unleash in a sentence

Definition of unleash:

  • (verb) release or vent; "unleash one's anger"
  • (verb) release from a leash; "unleash the dogs in the park"

Sentence Examples:

Here was danger unleashed.

Truly a new force unleashed.

Then the colonel unleashed them.

They had not yet been unleashed.

The unleashed metals bayed like hounds.

I am going to unleash them now.

The dogs of war were soon unleashed.

The forces of the night were unleashing.

Thus were unleashed the dogs of war.

Your dog ought not to have been unleashed.

It is time to unleash the dogs of war.

With Sanchez to avenge he would be an unleashed demon.

Nevertheless, the expected storm was not yet unleashed.

Yet here he was now behaving like an unleashed whirlwind.

It seemed to shudder for a moment under unleashed power.

Saunders obeyed him with the air of an unleashed hound.

Physical contact had unleashed the savage soul of the Indian.

In some way its death dealing power had been unleashed.

The greater powers of both wind and sea were unleashed.

The luminous kite, unleashed, followed the moon into the clouds.

He waited respectfully for me to unleash the words of wisdom.

The unleashed longing of her eyes filled him with disgust.

A rushing stream of unleashed water was lapping at my feet.

Young Bingo unleashed a grin that split his face in half.

He sprang on the track of the stars, unleashed and fleet.

"Perhaps not," she said, "but it was beauty unleashed by you."

Perhaps a storm had been unleashed on the surface of the waves?

The instant his voice sounded in his ears it unleashed his temper.

Even though I do not look forward to the war he will unleash.

Twenty minutes later the boy appeared with his own dogs unleashed.

Was it the Gold-Beater's blood unleashed by work and decent living?

They did not exactly understand, but they gave voice like hounds unleashed.

He paused midway to unleash his own burst from the flame lance.

We saw a new wave of horror unleashed in camp, town and village.

A ferocious wind shrieked and whistled about the lodge like an unleashed demon.

He recalled that rocky island where the aliens had unleashed the fire.

They've been trying to think up a way of unleashing it at the Slavs.

He then got his first clear view since the assault was unleashed.

This done, the amateur talent is unleashed, and the grim work begins.

The hounds were unleashed, each hunter going in a different direction without result.

"The only one strong enough to stand against that which is now unleashed."

No doubt he could unleash his power in several directions almost at once.

A shock, as of a suddenly unleashed volcano, all but flung him headlong.

He sprang through the lock, as the ship leaped ahead like a monster unleashed.

The unleashed demons in the man seemed to cry out, they were almost audible.

Then liberty, having been chained up, would be unleashed more fiercely than otherwise.

He was standing quietly and unleashed, with freedom on all sides of him.

He was standing clear and unleashed, with freedom on all sides of him.

That power would have to be channeled somehow, now that it had been unleashed.

That unleashed hawk which was the flying column failed to clutch its prey.

I rushed inside for a piece of paper upon which I could unleash my inspiration.

It is easier to unleash wolves than to restrain them once they have tasted blood.

A useless scream, killed by the higher keening of wind and unleashed jets.

Once unleashed, these forces may or may not destroy all that you have gained.

There was a power in her voice that she had not intended to unleash.

Pedro retreated a step, as if taken aback by the storm he had unleashed.

To have unleashed it all at once would have made him too eager, would have weakened him.

He ordered to be unleashed his good gray dogs, that were bound with iron chains.

At the same time the Croats, like savage dogs unleashed, bounded across the open ground.

All that was physical, all that was living in her had to be unleashed.

She had left the inheritance of her unleashed energy, in some form, behind her.

The hounds, unleashed, came upon the scent of a wolf, and pressed the animal hard.

Then out leapt that temper of his like an eager hound that has been suddenly unleashed.

They had unleashed a new weapon while the defenders had turned to watch the struggle.

Such a mistaken idea of his might unleash the bitter, fatal mood she sensed in him.

He is like a hound unleashed, and will now follow his bent without let or hindrance.

A rage that he could not control, an anger that he wanted to unleash to its fullest.

He unleashed that tendency that is within us all and let it run riot to the limit.

Then the driver threw back his lever and the machine leaped forward like an unleashed dog.

The man at the control board stood trembling with knowledge of the power he had unleashed.

At the word the hound sprang down the rocky slope as if he had just been unleashed.

Provided with bows, blunt arrows, and a lantern, we unleash the dogs, and the fun begins.

The Mercury was unleashed and hunting down its lost lead in the fastest speed of the day.

I waited for him to unleash the topic of the day, but he didn't seem to want to get going.