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Use unleash in a sentence

Definition of unleash:

  • (verb) release or vent; "unleash one's anger"
  • (verb) release from a leash; "unleash the dogs in the park"

Sentence Examples:

Erupting geysers provide spectacular displays of underground energy suddenly unleashed, but their mechanisms are not completely understood.

As my unleashed emotions mastered me more and more, a keen restlessness seized me, the natural result of unsatisfied longing.

If we do, we can continue to protect the technologies that have unleashed untold opportunities for people around the globe.

A shining angled pillar that, though rigid, immobile, seemed to crouch, be instinct with living force striving to be unleashed.

You looked in vain for the crude scenes where the wilder passions were unleashed, and human nature revealed itself in primal nakedness.

We request, therefore, that you unleash your weapons and turn this entire solar system into a nova while we photograph the procedure.

Trees were uprooted, and mingling with the ice surged down towards the sea upon the crest of the unleashed, untamed torrent.

Then a cataract of noise unleashed itself; a devastating thunder roared through the echoing cavern as the rockets burst into full force.

Beware, Ed, lest you arouse my ire and cause me, in my wrath, to unleash this vast force upon helpless, trusting mankind.

All of our senses were assailed by the unleashed furies of the tempest; crazed with rage that we were just beyond their reach.

The General awaited the moment when the cannonade should cease, as suddenly as it had begun, and he should unleash his troops.

The hunters assembled at the appointed place, the eager hounds were unleashed, and they scurried away like ghosts in the gloomy woods.

It tickled abominably, but he did not dare to move for fear of unleashing the scream which brooded over the situation like a cloud.

Only the singing impact of the blades was heard, as the darting swords parried and cut, swirling streamers of unleashed power.

Had they been sucked up and out in the inferno they had created with their unleashing of energy against the Baldies' installation?

A beam smashed out, with the engines' screaming drive behind it, billions of horsepower driving with unleashed ferocity at the other ship.

Frankly, the spouting of the mighty Giant seemed a bit tame after the forces we had just seen unleashed over behind the hotel.

It is the explosive eruption which brings widespread destruction, and it is astonishing to learn of the tremendous power one of those eruptions unleashes.

It was revel of the senses, unleashed at last, untamed by the past, fiercer and stronger and more irresistible for all disuse.

Its final effect came in a spasmodic, hideous moment, when the cumulative effects of the drug literally exploded in a surge of unleashed power.

The llamas were already awake, moving restlessly back and forth on their padded feet, waiting for their tender to arise and unleash them.

Val Kenton holstered his handguns, caught up his rifle, blasted a charge of unleashed energy into the vast bulk rising from the ocean.

And now, as if this was what it had anticipated, it seemed to leap forth in all its deadly, ruthless malevolence, like a beast unleashed.

They were like their horses which now unleashed in the corral were running, neighing, kicking up their heels in their momentary delight of freedom.

The wax mustaches under the purpling nose of ex-Senator Rios began quivering even before he unleashed an avalanche of ringing livid paragraphs on the subject.

Helpless to stop what she had unleashed, Si'Wren watched in fear and dismay as her horse neighed in terror and reared and galloped away.

Have we no choice but to keep escalating provocation, sneak attacks and reprisals until our full military fleets are unleashed in their fury against each other?

"You must choose between us," she said, her splendid voice vibrating with all the unleashed emotion of her being, yet with no faltering in it.

And that's why Congress should undo the damage done by last year's cuts to basic research, so we can unleash the next great American discovery.

In the dynamics of the civilization of illiteracy, forces kept under the control of rules and norms established in the practical experience of literacy are unleashed.

"It is the wait under right conditions that will make men fiends unleashed when the word to storm is given," an older authority had written.

No, it would appear that they had unleashed the hound to do what damage it could, perhaps to serve them as a marker for a future counterattack.

For many days he had labored secretly in a calf-shed out behind the small corrals, and in his slim dark fingers there was beauty unleashed.

We simply can't break their line or make any headway against them; and when they do unleash their big push, there's nothing to stop them!

She was no longer an impassive, middle-aged woman, the servant of the house, but a creature vibrant with feeling, as one who has unleashed her soul.

Albert Edward's batman unleashed the hub-bub again at six next morning; my batman relieved him at eight, and so on throughout the day in two-hour shifts.

Inventiveness was unleashed; labor-saving devices, machinery that did the work of tens and hundreds of men provided more and more immediate satisfaction than intellectual exercise did.

When Julia realized where her unleashed imagination had soared, she frowned, deliberately laughed, and opened her inner ear that she might enjoy the crash to earth.

A single dog which they carried with them, was now unleashed, and his eager tongue very soon gave notice to the hunters that their victim was afoot.

With Unleashed Love I answer the psychic beat of Pulse to Pulse, Laughter, Tears and Woe, the keen edge of Passion, the Languor of Satiety: all these are life.

Giving the rods of the motor and rudder controls to Graham, he moved to the small lever which would unleash his bow torpedoes, and fingered it lightly.

The elements which had been held in subjection for so long were unleashed and were venting themselves with all the untamed fury of the North upon the world.

The car itself was stationary, but the bag, because of the drafts that surged through the tent, was bobbing and swaying like some monster, anxious to be unleashed.

The surge of her relief, like a suddenly released current, impacting with that other current of her unleashed anger, made of her consciousness a sort of wild, fuming whirlpool.

As the unleashed dogs capered up around her, she began tossing twigs and pebbles down the slope, the dogs scuttling back and forth in an ecstasy of barking.

He said to the guard, who now gave him passage: and like a dart he darted, like a freed lark, or unleashed hound, fleet on the feet, with lifted brow.

And the demoniac cries that the thin air brought him were no more suggestive of devils unleashed than were the leathery wings and the fleshy tails of the beasts.

Added to the noise of the falling walls was that of the machine guns, which were barking away like a kennel of angry hounds eager to be unleashed at the quarry.

At that moment a sudden boom of thunder crashed out of the horizon and all the lightnings of the heavens were unleashed, while a swirling dust-deluge filled the darkening air.

His exploits no longer gave him the thrills he craved, and he began to search, at first blindly and haltingly, for a more satisfying way of unleashing his boundless energies.

The ship trembled and shuddered to the force of unleashed gases; acrid fumes swirled over the control board and seeped from the very floor plates beneath his feet.

The Upper Spring came near and was put behind in a shower of hoof-thrown mud, and without pause they followed the tracks leading into the rough country, like hounds unleashed.

And she was innocently making it easy for him to meet on a friendly footing these hospitable, unsuspecting savages, who had shed human blood because of the unleashed passions in them!

Once more in the gray dawn the boys took their places with their cameras in the communicating trench, while ahead of them crouched the soldiers eager to be unleashed at the Germans.

Forces that here were being utilized to scientific ends, but forces that upon a moment's notice, could in turn be unleashed upon the rest of humanity in a burning, devastating terror of death.

Only extreme exasperation can unleash his tongue, as happened once when Geoffrey, in our father's absence, undertook to answer a telephone call while Barbara, in the next room, corrected his mistakes.

Unleashed by drug and drink and ceaseless brooding, nerve centers had rebelled, an infernal blood pressure born of mental agony had inspired the droning, his will had slipped its moorings.

They were indeed fortunate they were not the object of the force Joe had unleashed, or they would probably now be nothing but lifeless hulks, rotting on the weird world that had betrayed them.

Perhaps it accorded with his whim to chill his words with icy insolence that they might cut the more and point the greater contrast when he chose to unleash his own hot wrath.

All the rage of the primitive was aroused in Dick by this time, the battle lust that dwells, placidly through life, perhaps, in every man, but which breaks loose in a torrent when once unleashed.

Lilly unleashed the dogs, and with joyful yelps they scattered, diving into the thick cane, darting here and there, in search of the trail, which they found, and started away in a very few minutes.

He came in with a fury that swept all before him, impervious of the rain of blows that Dennis aimed at his face, and unleashing a right to Dennis' jaw, he put every ounce of remaining power behind it.

With the earth opening up all around them, Rick, Scotty, and the scientists have little hope of preventing a catastrophe, until a decision is made to unleash the awesome power of atomic energy in a desperate last attempt to fight the volcanic eruption.

If we look to the answer as to why, for so many years, we achieved so much, prospered as no other people on Earth, it was because here, in this land, we unleashed the energy and individual genius of man to a greater extent than has ever been done before.