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Use unleash in a sentence

Definition of unleash:

  • (verb) release or vent; "unleash one's anger"
  • (verb) release from a leash; "unleash the dogs in the park"

Sentence Examples:

Expressions of mere emotion, unleashed from reason, could not be let loose to wander about.

And generally, if you unleash misery to others, you are automatically unleashing it to yourself.

Human enemies they might fight, but before the unleashed forces of nature they were helpless.

It is also important to strengthen our communities by unleashing the compassion of America's religious institutions.

At any moment, giant subterranean forces might be unleashed that would mean their utter destruction.

"Roughly estimating, Commander, considerably more than the effect of an unleashed power beam on inert matter."

The force that, once it was unleashed, was beyond him to control, had accomplished its purpose.

Like a flash he threw on the third gear and the auto sprang forward like an unleashed hound.

Who would have known that a dreadful hurricane was then unleashed on the surface of this ocean?

Anything was preferable to the seemingly random natural forces unleashed upon them with such apparent vengeance.

"Lead on, Macduff," quoted Frank, and like playful dogs newly unleashed, they broke for the street.

It is easy to unleash such a tempest of fire, but once started it is beyond all human control.

The terrible power unleashed inside the shield began to show as the flower shrunk back into itself.

His entry set off a furious flapping of wings, unleashing a storm of feathers in the dark enclosure.

He was merely unleashing his imagination and giving free sway to his boundless energies of body and mind.

When the hounds were unleashed they ran this way and that, and swiftly came upon his scent.

I gave one yell to the boys in the interior of the cave, and sprang forward with unleashed energy.

Even one second might give Earth time to act, to unleash already automatically directed weapons on the robot fleet.

Headquarters thinks they're going to unleash a general attack all along the line in the next few days.

Rob shuddered to think what fury could be unleashed should the torch drift too close to the bomb.

The roaring grew louder as the tremendous power of the now unleashed rockets took hold of the night air.

It was loneliness, and not suspicion, that sent him back to unleash Kazan and take him with him.

He had taken much pride in his ability to control his passions, but at this moment they were unleashed.

The storm, quieted for a while, was gathering its strength for a fresh unleashing of its dogs of thunder.

And the Commandos were spreading out to the north, south, and east like the unleashed waters of a flood tide.

If he had given a thought to the unleashed thousands, or to anyone watching, in some way his face would have changed.

The crowds unleashed reserves of enthusiasm that had been held in restraint by recent strikes and other sober concerns.

You come along when space has settled back, when the vacuum has stopped trembling from unleashed forces between worlds.

I heard the sound of the horns, and the bay of the hounds as they were unleashed for the chase.

Our turning away would unleash new instabilities, new dangers around the globe, which, in turn, would threaten our own security.

I hailed myself a master of life, riding on the back of the unleashed elements, and John Barleycorn rode with me.

Great cakes leaped high into the air and came down with thundering crashes as the pressure of the water was unleashed.

I watched it, as one stands before the unleashed torrents of the sea and sky, overwhelmed with my own shrunk significance.

Its controlled network of links and its limited access would never unleash the collective fact-gathering genius the Web has shown.

Humor is an asset when one is faced with serious problems, for laughter unleashes tension, like crying, which otherwise can become self-destructive.

They present to any potential attacker who would unleash war upon the world the prospect of virtual annihilation of his own country.

The terrible, unseen hand of the Frozen North had unleashed its brood of furies, and the air rang with their hideous cries.

At the first tap of the drum the men sprang, with the eagerness of unleashed hounds before the quarry, to their several stations.

Getting drunk was an impulse belonging to himself; but who knows what "inherited tendencies," until then dormant, the alcohol unleashed within him?

He could not imagine the origin of what was happening now, unless the forces he had unleashed had entered a new phase of destruction.

Now, his tongue unleashed, his words fairly stumbled on one another's heels in his anxiety to get them out in the least possible time.

And in this planning, his trip to Cottonwoods, with its revived hate of Tull and consequent unleashing of fierce passions, soon faded out of mind.

They unleash them on public parks where big corporations have dumped their waste and demonstrate in media-friendly fashion how toxic the ground is.

Already as we arrived the glad news came back that the Americans had done their part, and that the Australians had just been unleashed.

There was no force that could touch him, nothing the scientists could do to prevent the unleashed forces of Earth from sweeping the Galaxies.

I chained him to that tree a month ago to keep him away from the other dogs, and since then I have not been able to unleash him.

Tell me if there is a single one of them who looks as if he were made to unleash the dogs of war and lay the world waste.

He let his breath out slowly, and made a sweeping gesture that seemed to encompass all the latent delight, all the unleashed joy of his being.

The weapons that could unleash the horrors of nuclear warfare at the flick of a switch stood in frightening array on both sides of the gulf.

Now the wind caught her; heeling over, and quivering with eagerness like an unleashed hound she flew through the opening and out into the Channel.

I was rather vague as to the power I was threatening to unleash, but the mere thought of it roused the driver and Yousuf to a frenzy of action.

"Still, when you unleashed that first roar and the crowd began to collect, I confess I thought you'd busted something vital and were yelling for help."

The shepherd was ready for this and on the moment he unleashed the two hounds, and they fell on the boar and tore him to pieces.

In her own room she unleashed the strange bonds on her feelings and suffered their recurrent surge and strife, until relief and calmness returned to her.

One of them was seen to unleash his dog against an old woman, and laugh when the savage beast tore open the woman's flesh from thigh to knee.

He presses the quarry very close and needs not the encouraging shouts of his master, who has leaped forth from his concealment immediately upon unleashing him.

The Bolsheviki had unleashed the furious passion of these primitive folk, destroyed their faith in liberty within the law, and replaced it by license and tyranny.

The mechanical and industrial forces, held in check by the profit system, only required to be unleashed to transform the economic condition of the race as by magic.

Before the service was over the wind was howling round the building with the sounds of unleashed furies, and when they got out it was almost dark.

War had unleashed the old hidden primitive instincts of manhood: likewise it had fired hearts to hate of hate and love of love, to the supreme ideal consciousness could conceive.

Mounted on me, my master, in company of his like, thought it great sport to unleash a pack of bloody hounds in pursuit of a frightened hare, fox, or deer.

Then the unleashed winds from the Arctic freighted with the first of the long snows beat down the coast and river valleys, locking the land with ice.

Nature, in creating Thornton, had made an athlete, and the great primal passions, latent in every man, sprang unleashed to meet the beast with whom he had to deal.

"I propose, Jeeves, to wire to Aunt Dahlia saying that I can't get down, and suggesting that she unleashes him on these young Borstal inmates of hers in my stead."

The cold winds of winter had been replaced by the warmer breezes of early spring and clouds that had been heavy with snow unleashed their burden of rain.

We sat there for some time, watching the ominous stirring of the clouds, that seemed like an invading army whose might would soon be unleashed and burst out with fierce violence.

Though in his sudden appearance he had followed the dramatic instinct that seemed so strong in him, he had wholly lost the effect of unleashed fury he had worn in the afternoon.

No expert in the ways of the rising generation, Carroll yet knew that no man of Warren's maturity had unleashed his affections on a girl who yet lacked several years of womanhood.

A woman lay on the floor a few feet away, and he knew that he and she had both been near enough the neutral focus of the forces he had unleashed to escape destruction.

And then it caught the scent of the monster, the thing that had caused its wild rage to be unleashed, and it leaped forward, down the hall and out the front door into the night.

It didn't seem possible ... but he quickly remembered what he had learned in school, and knowing something of those terrific powers unleashed there, the wonder was now that it had lasted that long.

Perhaps, in that first flight of their unleashed souls when they sat close in the balcony alone, they had reached a height that could never be attained when the sun was strong in their eyes.

Within seconds an entire nation, every intelligent being on Venus, was dead of the unleashed light rays, the like of which had never penetrated the miles of fog that lay between earth and the sun.

It is too early yet to judge the full effects of this man's horrid discovery, but there is no doubt that he has taken the lid off and unleashed forces over which none can have any control.