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Use bashfulness in a sentence

Definition of bashfulness:

  • (noun) feeling embarrassed due to modesty | shyness | timidity

Sentence Examples:

There was no show of embarrassment, shyness, bashfulness, or artificiality.

Her reserve was slyness, her bashfulness sulkiness.

It would not be fear, only maidenly bashfulness.

She showed no bashfulness or disinclination, but no return.

Was it a time for maiden coyness and false bashfulness?

Norah listened with a modest bashfulness that enchanted him.

There was no bashfulness in him, and no overconfident forwardness.

Bashfulness cost him horrid torments, of course exasperating his conceit.

And the helpless one became suffused with the blushes of bashfulness.

All this with much volubility, and without a trace of bashfulness.

The attitude of warding off reveals itself as fastidiousness and as bashfulness.

They smiled sentimentally and put her conduct down to extreme bashfulness.

Jones, with a simpering bashfulness, delivered her bill of fare off book.

And that from boyhood I have suffered from a stupefying bashfulness before women.

What, then, is this bashfulness which exerts so widespread and baneful an influence?

Her lovely countenance was neither lit up by pride, nor suffused by bashfulness.

He became perturbed and inwardly there arose a feeling of violated bashfulness, and injured manliness.

Bill, as usual, pretended to be quite overcome with bashfulness, and twiddled his cap modestly.

Bashfulness, timidity, sheepishness, extreme modesty, distrust of one's self, lack or want of self-reliance.

Her encouraging solicitations, however, conquered his bashfulness, and he drank till he became intoxicated.

The bridegroom was all fervor and obsequiousness; the bride all bashfulness and beauty.

It is equally inconsistent with a stiff formality, an impertinent forwardness, and an awkward bashfulness.

Her obvious timidity was ascribed to natural maidenly bashfulness, which made her appear wonderfully enticing.

Even the period of his bashfulness and despondence had a tender charm in looking back at it.

His awkward air, his bashfulness, his myopia, his manners rather bourgeois than princely, were against him.

It betrays itself toward women by awkwardness and bashfulness behind which eroticism is often ill concealed.

Like a man unaccustomed to delicate feminine ministrations, Goddard accepted them rather tongue-tied, with a certain tremulous bashfulness.

Overcome by a bashfulness that tried to escape in jocosity, the Senior Surgeon gave an odd little choking chuckle.

In seeking to overcome bashfulness, let there be a careful study to avoid the very common extreme of forwardness.

Overcome by a bashfulness that tried to escape in jocosity, the Senior Surgeon gave an odd, choking little chuckle.

The Princess received Madame de Caters and myself with a gracefulness which was increased by her unusual bashfulness.

One can only explain this by one of those fits of exceeding bashfulness that sometimes overtake supersensitive natures.

Cried she; and, casting aside all maidenly bashfulness and constraint, she spread wide her arms toward the youth.

Suddenly she experienced a qualm of bashfulness, as if every one in the enormous gathering were looking at her, watching her.

Then it dawned upon me that the reason this man never went barefooted was his bashfulness of these duck-like feet.

"She's dark," admitted Jerry, the mellowing influence of the whiskey beginning to overcome his boyish bashfulness and natural taciturnity.

As no one would step forward, whether from bashfulness or fear of necromancy I cannot say, I avowed my willingness to play.

The quaintness of the cowboy speech, his incomparable bashfulness, amused her, while she was strangely affected by his earnestness.

By gifts people ensnare the worse natures, but by persuasion and playing upon their bashfulness people often seduce even good women.

The stranger traits of her character increased in strength, but perhaps in the natural bashfulness of maidenhood they became more latent.

With men, whether they were lords or omnipotent critics, his manner was plain, dignified, and free from bashfulness or affectation.

He ever looks at him with envy, and would certainly be such, if he were not oppressed by his rusticity or bashfulness.

Her clear, dark blue eyes had a look of maidenly shyness, and of the most exquisite bashfulness, and yet a look of pride.

It seemed to express astonishment, startled sensibility, feminine bashfulness, and maiden coyness; but it did not appear to me that it expressed displeasure.

They may justly remove all, timidity, awkward bashfulness, low diffidence of one's self, and mean abject complaisance to every or anybody's opinion.

He excelled in low intrigues; the boldest lie was second nature to him, with an air of simplicity, straightforwardness, sincerity, and often bashfulness.

He hated the English for "their idle curiosity, bedizened awkwardness, impudent bashfulness, angular egotism, and vacant delight in all melancholy objects."

The speaker dragged from the crowd a red-faced, perspiring ruffian who had hung back with the bashfulness of a small boy.

Having begun with blusters and bold confidence, he now called in meek humility and modest bashfulness, with an abundant supply of blarney.

The suffusion of crimson coming over her subsequently, showing her divinely feminine in reflective bashfulness, agreed with his highest definitions of female character.

I will not suppose that Henry can misconstrue it, and I will not let a childish bashfulness put my gratitude to sleep.

They affected my friend like the youth and beauty of his earliest evening parties; he experienced a sense of bashfulness, of sickening personal demerit.

A pause followed, doubt and bashfulness apparently supervening; but at length a calm, thoughtful gentleman got up, and went through sundry passages in Isaiah.

The good Joseph always drew back with a timid air of maidenly modesty when Tom approached him, and I quite sympathize with this bashfulness.

He would have put his arm round her, thinking to overcome her bashfulness, thinking that this was but maidenly pride, waiting to be conquered.

Cried the fisher lad, casting aside his bashfulness, and steadying himself on the tall limbs on which he had been swaying to and fro.

This was, however, attributed by him to the greater importunity of the vicious, which generally prevails over the retiring bashfulness of the virtuous indigent.

She admired her friend, penitently, for that last offer of a plank of refuge, and hoped that bashfulness might prevent his accepting it.

He showed none of the bashfulness which might be expected from a frontiersman sitting for the first time at table with fashionable women in dinner-gowns.

He did not suffer from bashfulness as a rule, but since Peggy Saville had come into the room he had been seized with an appalling self-consciousness.

Endued with exquisite sensibility, his wit never gave the smallest wound, even to the grossest ignorance of the world, or the most morbid hypochondriac bashfulness.'

His aspect is sweetened with humanity and benevolence, and at the same time emboldened with resolution, equally free from diffident bashfulness and an unbecoming assurance.

A sudden flush of joy, rather than maidenly bashfulness, crimsoned the girl's cheeks as she rose hastily, and with a deep curtsy welcomed her visitor.

He thought he was displaying proper firmness, but his hand trembled, his heart beat like a plunger, and he was the victim of an ignoble bashfulness.

And then by shamefaced bashfulness, by profane protest, by muttered and comprehensive curses I knew that my companion on the other pile was indicated.

These young lovers, with their fears and modesty, make themselves as bad as old ones to us; and I apprehend their bashfulness more than their tattling.

I became, in short, the gangling farmer-boy my aunt had known, scourged with chilblains and bashfulness, my hands cracked and sore from the corn husking.

Yet even now in the almost complete isolation of her surroundings the old inherent bashfulness swept over her again and warred chaotically with her insistent purpose.

With a charming air of bashfulness, and just so much timid awkwardness as rendered her doubly bewitching, she tried to kneel and kiss the King's hand.

The man whom, in our first chapter, we described as a neophyte, left the students with his bashfulness, if we can so call it, supplied by confidence.

Nor do we accept as genuine the person not characterized by this blushing bashfulness, this youthfulness of heart, this sensibility to the sentiment of suavity and self-respect.

I became, in short, the gangling farm boy my aunt had known, scourged with chilblains and bashfulness, my hands cracked and sore from the corn husking.

Then, when she told me what my godfather required of me, I was not in any haste to obey, for, indeed, maidenly bashfulness and pity hindered me.

Coffin sought out our unknown hero, and gave him such a vigorous invitation to speak that his hesitancy, and bashfulness, and backwardness were all entirely overcome, and Fred.

Notwithstanding his extreme bashfulness in youth, he had the courage during Xmas to stand up with a young lady in the presence of witnesses, while the minister officiated.

She stands well back from Geoffrey, and then, without any of the foolish, unlovely bashfulness that degenerates so often into awkwardness in the young, begins her dance.

I am put in remembrance of another serious life handicap, allied to bashfulness in having as a basic element lack of self-reliance and self-confidence, and, like bashfulness, originating in childhood experiences.

My friend, who never dismissed any supplicant unheard, patiently inquired into a tale which was rendered almost unintelligible by the uncouth dialect and national bashfulness of the narrator.

Something between bashfulness and pride produced conduct which could not but appear like arrant haughtiness to the villagers, who had looked forward eagerly to seeing their young landlord.

It was a wild sorrow, without consideration or bashfulness, and the young doctor felt that he was witnessing an unpleasant scene from life in the outskirts of the town.

These girls were certainly very superior to most that I had seen in Missouri, although somewhat touched with the awkward bashfulness and prudery which generally characterizes the prairie maidens.

In the first scene with Angelo she seems divided between her love for her brother and her sense of his fault; between her self-respect and her maidenly bashfulness.

After an effort to conquer her native bashfulness, and to look as lovely as possible, she accosted him with such uncommon civility as utterly astounded the poor clownish misanthropic bachelor.

As she had the ordinary English neck of not ungraceful outline, and her sister, who had no neck to speak of, showed none of this bashfulness, our curiosity was aroused.

Several cases passed under my observation, in which the husband was unable to use his marital rights for weeks owing to the timorousness and bashfulness of his youthful spouse.

This great passion, which now enthralled his whole life, and the certainty that his love was returned, had done away with a great deal of his bashfulness and timidity.

His beardless chin and boyish features, combined with a shuffling bashfulness in his deportment, did not tend to inspire confidence in any great achievement to be expected from him.

My natural bashfulness, nay, a kind of childish timidity, had kept me from the society of ladies, while the particular direction of my mind resisted every ebullition of rude passion.

At every interview he had at back doors he was seized with the "tenderfoot's" bashfulness, and during the ten days that our companionship lasted he got but one "square meal."

The Frau Professor insisted that nothing but German should be spoken, so that Philip, even if his bashfulness had permitted him to be talkative, was forced to hold his tongue.

I hardly know anything so difficult to attain, or so necessary to possess, as perfect good-breeding; which is equally inconsistent with a still formality, and impertinent forwardness, and an awkward bashfulness.

It may, indeed, be physically related to that transient bashfulness which haunts so many of us in our younger days only to vanish at maturity, swift as the belated ghost at cockcrow.

It would be to misrepresent him completely were we to assign to him, as special characteristics, bashfulness, timidity and love of retirement; however much he himself occasionally claims such virtues as his.

The vicar, too, was at once prepossessed in his favor, and even little Eleanor, who was generally very shy before strangers, looked at him admiringly and showed little of her usual bashfulness.

She looked without any bashfulness toward the window of the hotel, examining the Spaniard with the leisurely glance of a bold boy, meeting the shock of his eyes without flinching.

It is now a very long while that buds have burst and grass grown; yet Spring comes forward still without bashfulness, fearing no charge of having plagiarized from her predecessors.

Let your address when you first come into any company be modest, but without the least bashfulness or sheepishness, steady without impudence, and as unembarrassed as if you were in your own room.

His utterance was thick and indistinct, partly from bashfulness and partly from an enlargement of the tonsils of the throat, so that in speaking or reading he was with difficulty understood.

Our women too were in my eyes at least uncommonly graceful, alert, and modest to a degree of bashfulness; nor do I remember to have ever heard of an instance of incontinence amongst them before marriage.

When he had ceased there was a universal and unanimous silence, due to uncontrollable female bashfulness, for the duration of several minutes, until the chairwoman exhorted someone to have the courage of her opinions.