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Definition of bashfulness:

  • (noun) feeling embarrassed due to modesty | shyness | timidity

Sentence Examples:

Eunuchs disguised as females imitate their dress, speech, gestures, tenderness, timidity, simplicity, softness and bashfulness.

Bobby, irresolute, halted outside, shifting uneasily, wanting to join the group, but withheld by the unwonted bashfulness.

We have no particular suggestions to offer where diffidence and bashfulness are the result of prolonged illness or disease.

The countenance is mild, placid and thoughtful, and easily expresses respect, gaiety, earnestness, indifference, bashfulness, or anxiety.

Often their bashfulness completely disappears, or is markedly abated, as soon as the memories responsible for it are recovered.

Bashfulness is an inconvenient quality, which a great authority has stated to be "the distinguishing character of a booby."

In the whole expression of the young man's face there were mingled characteristics of deep sadness and childish bashfulness.

It is probable, too, that his constitutional bashfulness and distrust of himself brought out her greater confidence and buoyancy.

His confusion, which she attributed to bashfulness, encouraged the shameless coquette to add: "Maybe you liked me better as Bud?"

He continued staring at her, fighting the battle of inexperience and bashfulness over again, and fearing that he had been ridiculous.

Her behavior toward him changed, in that she laid aside something of her bashfulness, and adopted a tone of teasing perversity.

Said Professor Rawson, in a voice which, between the emotions of recent terror and present bashfulness, had dwindled to a squeak.

At the fourth, she made an effort to speak, but maiden bashfulness overcame her, and she looked imploringly to her brother.

Hyper-sensitiveness may cause bashfulness, but there are many thousands of hyper-sensitives who have not a spark of bashfulness in their condition.

In his social hours, Jem was good-natured in the extreme, and modest and unassuming to a degree almost bordering upon bashfulness.

To my pleased inquiries as to the cause of his return, he finally murmured with pretty bashfulness, "I were homesick for you!"

Humphries had to endure a paroxysm of bashfulness; when he recovered, the first words he uttered were: "I like you very much!"

She believed that inordinate bashfulness alone held me back, that I was more of a school-boy than she had at first supposed.

Modesty, however, widely differs from an awkward bashfulness, which is as much to be condemned as the other is to be applauded.

Richardson, even to a comparatively late period in his professional career, was afflicted with the usual bashfulness about having his work published.

Yet I went not near him, certainly not from bashfulness, or timidity, feelings to which I had long been an entire stranger.

Jake, in a medley of superstitious terror, infatuation, and bashfulness, was at a loss how to begin and, indeed, what to say.

Blunt's bashfulness fell from him as the instruction proceeded, and he developed a certain expert dignity, a quality of fatherly consideration.

She came from another part of the garden to receive Captain Waverley, with a manner that hovered between bashfulness and courtesy.

Bashfulness, awkwardness, and clumsiness are caused by what we call self-consciousness, and as soon as we entirely forget ourselves these pass away.

Said John to himself, as he stood in a sort of angry bashfulness, envying the man that was so familiar with that loveliness.

Unless we cower in sweet bashfulness before your great words and beards, we are not worthy to be loved by your great souls.

The question came a bit breathlessly and the boy forgot his bashfulness as he expanded with the importance of his traveler's tales.

That air of bashfulness and of shyness which you observe in him in social life has given him in matters of business an apologetic air.

I made a mockery of all the friendly overtures which she made so lovingly with all the coy bashfulness of her maiden heart.

Bashfulness was not one of her weak points; she had borne the complex stare levelled at her in drawing-rooms with excellent aplomb.

I have always sought to remove all means and all pretext for concealing his faults; bashfulness leads imperceptibly to dissimulation and falsehood.

To be sure, bashfulness is a very pretty thing; but, in my mind, there is nothing on earth so impudent as an everlasting blush.

In this inner court, not without a sense of bashfulness and timidity, stood Jeanie Deans, at an early hour in a fine spring morning.

The three younger ones stared at her with boyish bashfulness, and she did not seem to be inclined to make friends with them.

Awkwardness, embarrassment, bashfulness grew apace, and remained characteristic of him even after he had forgotten all about the affair from which they sprang.

Isaac started for home, much repenting of his bashfulness, and went nearly half of the way revolving the subject in his mind.

Each found himself, as it were, in a solitude; and, sequestered in that wilderness of strangers, each was freed of his bashfulness and trepidation.

Tiny, still grave and unsmiling, sat down amid shouts for encore, and refused to repeat her performance, pretending to be overcome with bashfulness.

For such flights and repulses, keeping you in practice in trying to overcome your bashfulness in small matters, will prepare you for greater occasions.

His bashfulness and timidity was gradually giving way to a feeling of self-confidence, and he began to exult over his ability to stand alone.

"No, I wasn't going to say that," said Julian, with his usual bashfulness, heightened in this case by some feeling which made him pale.

He had outgrown his bashfulness and embarrassment in this campaign, and could take his place in company, but re remained at home with me.

Bashfulness is usually the result of too low an estimate of ourselves; whereas, true diffidence only leads us to value ourselves according to our real worth.

However diffident they might be when it came to announcing their arrival, their bashfulness did not extend to accepting offers of food or drink.

Possibly Pete's assurance, as contrasted with the bashfulness and timidity of the old Mexican's nephew, had something to do with Montoya's immediate friendliness.

An indisposition toward publicity is amiable in those to whom it is natural; but I am not clear that bashfulness is the only commendable quality.

"I will forgive you, dear, if you will be kind to me in the future," he whispered, taking courage from her sweet shyness and bashfulness.

He recalled that walk in the cherry-garden and the cuckoo, and those questions which he gave the bird, and the bashfulness of Helena.

He instinctively removed his sombrero and was conscious that his habitual bashfulness in the presence of members of her sex was somehow lacking.

One of them, laboring under intense bashfulness, was very young, and with his smooth, yellow, cheery countenance looked even younger than he was.

A kind of virgin bashfulness prevented them from speaking to him when they saw him getting out on the wrong side of his clothes.

When the bane of an intense bashfulness was removed, and he was alone with one or two intimates, his talk is said to have been delightful.

Two other couples completed the set; others were restrained by bashfulness or religious scruples, which did not yield until later in the evening.

Add to this that in society Schubert's manner was awkward, the result of an unconquerable diffidence and bashfulness, when in the presence of strangers.

She looked round at him for a moment and smiled, and held out her hand quite frankly, with much of the girlish bashfulness gone.

At the end of that period the husband goes to fetch her, when she feigns reluctance, and exhibits every sign of bashfulness and modesty.

Now, sir, I am also a bashful man, and, as I was saying, bashfulness is one of the blood relations which procrastination has fastened upon me.

Fear shows its most interesting aspects in the form of what has been called social sensitiveness; that is, bashfulness, shyness, reticence, and the like.

Females of rank seemed to forget their natural bashfulness, and committed the care of their persons, indiscriminately, to men and women of the lowest order.

Of such treatment he was sensitive to the last degree, nor was he restrained by any bashfulness or timidity from expressing his opinion of it.

Her understanding is superior, but her diffidence gives her a bashfulness before company with whom she is not intimate, which is a disadvantage to her.

And when Madeline grew up into beautiful womanhood, when love mingles with awe and worship, bashfulness and timidity only served to explain their intimacy better.

The quality which a young man should most affect in intercourse with gentlemen, is a decent modesty: but he must avoid all bashfulness or timidity.

I felt a certain bashfulness of soul which hindered the full expression of my feelings, so I strove to shroud them under the garbs of thoughts.

He expressed his hope, with a boy's timidity and bashfulness, to his father, who was too wise to fan the fire by a show of opposition.'

A mild surprise was on her countenance, which quickened into delightful wonder, and bashfulness struggling with the sense of new enjoyment and new powers.

He had not noticed the sudden coquettish pose and half-affected bashfulness of the girl; he was thinking only of the possibility of detection by strangers.

The last-named of these handicaps he outgrew but late in life, still later did he get over his bashfulness, and his eccentricity never left him.

Lucy, despite her bashfulness, shook hands with her handsome guest; and the latter, accompanied by the gypsy chief, strolled down to the encampments.

If any of them were stalled through ignorance or bashfulness, I forbore to press them, but made them hearers, and turned all into instruction and exhortation.

It so happened that Beth's funny loan was just the thing, for in laughing over the kits, Laurie forgot his bashfulness, and grew sociable at once.

Brill, already mentioned as a specialist in nervous disorders, he confessed that the malady for which he sought relief was nothing more or less than bashfulness.

With mixed emotions in his soul, Dud went; his countenance enlivened at one and the same time with a blush of boyish bashfulness and a malicious grin.

The erroneous idea that it does, accounts in a great measure for the terror, the bashfulness and the love of solitude exhibited by this class of sufferers.

Through the gathering darkness I saw a deep blush mantle her pale cheeks as with girlish bashfulness she raised one of her sleeves to hide her face.

The bashfulness of timidity is constitutional, the bashfulness of credulity is pitiable, the bashfulness of ignorance is disreputable, but the bashfulness allied to modesty is a charm.

Mark looked on, but did not participate, partly from bashfulness, and partly because he did not very well understand the use of the different appliances.

The Masculine Protest(craving for virility) of those patients, insecure to the core, forces them into this arrangement whose boundaries encroach upon those of bashfulness and awkwardness.

Though he walked with pain, he made an obvious effort to lighten his weight on her shoulder; and this returning bashfulness was a good sign, she thought.

He laughed at them, said to them disgraceful and offensive words, but he could never, even when half-drunk, rid himself of a certain bashfulness in their presence.

And the boy gazing at her face, forgot his bashfulness far enough to admire the frock and the slippers as much as she thought they deserved.

Under the influence of the liquor, men and women rapidly lose that bashfulness and modesty which in ordinary life are such characteristic traits of their deportment.

By the second Sunday they had mastered their bashfulness and both came shuffling their hats in awkward hands and sitting side by side on a log.

By some authors it is stated that this bird is not only a vain creature, but of a spiteful disposition, just as they attribute bashfulness to the goose.

She had early pierced the veil of bashfulness with which Miss Beaufort overshadowed, when in his presence, that countenance so usually the tablet of her soul.

The tenor of some of his verses induce us to believe that he never told his love; but, as we have already surmised, was prevented by his bashfulness.

The gallant widower fell in love with Priscilla, but for some reason which does not clearly appear, but probably bashfulness, he sent another to do his courting.

Great bashfulness, united to great boldness, timidity, and distrust, were there side by side with a rash, impetuous nature that would hesitate at nothing in pursuit of an object.

Sometimes a temporary impotence occurs from bashfulness, or the interference of some voluntary exertion in the production of an effect, which should be performed alone by pleasurable sensation.

There is in it every variety of coy bashfulness, and wayward fun, and half-suggested tenderness which an author could conceive or the most accomplished actress desire to represent.

Answered the girl, losing her own bashfulness in the natural and generous wish to relieve his embarrassment, though both reddened in a way to betray strong feeling.

When they begin to call up mourners she commences to clap 'er hands an' shout, then the rest get over their bashfulness an' the fun begins.

She was scarcely fourteen, and yet there was in her a wisdom far beyond her years, a matronly gravity united with girlish sweetness and virgin bashfulness.

That is, the bashfulness is the shyness felt in new surroundings, and is just what happens when the soul goes to a new place or into new surroundings.

Men have a way of studying each other and judging from their own standpoint, and if they perceive any timidity or bashfulness, they judge against you as incompetent.

With many amiable and alluring qualities, among which is, or used to be, a personal modesty amounting to bashfulness, the man has not a friend in the world.

I spent about an hour with a family, and admitted no others to be present, lest bashfulness should make it burdensome, or any should talk of the weakness of others.

While the hunters crowded round Dick to congratulate him and examine the piece, he stood with a mingled feeling of bashfulness and delight at his unexpected good fortune.

My listener was seated upon the low ottoman directly before me; but from motives of bashfulness I had kept my eyes averted during the time I was speaking.