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Use bashfulness in a sentence

Definition of bashfulness:

  • (noun) feeling embarrassed due to modesty | shyness | timidity

Sentence Examples:

The consciousness of possessing great powers and deep sensibility often creates bashfulness.

No cause more frequently produces bashfulness than too high an opinion of our own importance.

I fear, however, it is now too late to endeavor to encourage you to overcome your bashfulness.

How the look of jealousy, combined with sarcasm, substituted those of love and bashfulness!

That extreme bashfulness and modesty have always been considered two of our principal failings!

The warmth of imagination, my bashfulness and solitude, caused me to turn back upon myself.

She rose, greeted Leon with a touching smile, and stepped forward with serious bashfulness.

However, Stover had still in the matter of his sentimental inclinations a certain bashfulness.

Confidence and maiden bashfulness spoke equally in the delight which glowed upon her features.

Thousands of successful appearances on the stage never cured him of his constitutional bashfulness.

Women are seldom troubled, at the age at which men suffer, with bashfulness or awkwardness.

In the bottle discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness for confidence.

Bashfulness may be discovered by moist half-closed eyes, moderate pace, slow speech, blushing countenance.

Thackeray, the shrewd judge of character, rather condemns the Irishman for his national bashfulness.

My bashfulness was entirely overcome by the admiration which their charms and conversation excited.

In the bottle, discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness tot confidence.

Shall I tell of her virgin bashfulness, her blushes, her trembling consciousness of pure affection?

It springs from Nobility, and it is possible to account their timid bashfulness to be Nobility.

She said it to herself, deliberately and calmly, without the slightest particle of hesitation or bashfulness.

John slipped back to his seat, crimson with bashfulness, while the School thundered applause.

She was covered with bashfulness, and dreaded to seem even to be interested in his affairs.

I have since faced many audiences, and long conquered the maiden bashfulness of a first appearance.

She exhibited no bashfulness, no excitement, no confusion, no fear: she was simply bent on business.

Still, he was a handsome little fellow, and seemed fairly intelligent, in spite of his bashfulness.

Mike never hesitated through bashfulness, nor wasted opportunities because of lack of faith to accept them!

If boys of this description only were liable to bashfulness, it would be a pity to remove it.

Billy was suddenly overcome with bashfulness when the child, quite composed, came forward to meet him.

They call you heartless: but your heart is true, and I love the bashfulness of your goodwill.

Charley recovered of his bashfulness so far that he could occasionally nerve himself to look at Natalie.

Whether this is always due to bashfulness or to the accident of geographical distance, I know not.

And they displayed strange bashfulness towards each other, ashamed at showing their disgust and terror.

He was overcome with bashfulness and did not arise until several urged him to say something.

"Oh, say, girls" (now Bentley's bashfulness was threatening him), "did any of you lose a bag?"

The manners of the blind usually show a great bashfulness on the surface of a prodigious vanity.

This is the more unbearable because it is a sin of commission, while bashfulness is a sin of omission.

Modest even to bashfulness, silent and reserved, he yet exercised over his companions a quite wonderful influence.

There was something in his manner to ladies devoid of all bashfulness, and yet never too bold.

All eyes were fixed on Eugene as he asked, without bashfulness, where he was to deposit his stakes.

I imagine that her first reluctance to essay an acquaintance with society arose out of embarrassment and bashfulness.

The burden of keeping this question had been overriding Hiram's bashfulness since she had spoken it.

This concession, however, the equally natural bashfulness of the Queen would not suffer her to make.

It seemed to Carrie he was as yet only overcoming the last traces of the bashfulness of youth.

There are many influences that may directly and indirectly be mentioned as being the Causes of Bashfulness.

We doubt not, but there are many fine intellects passing for naught by reason of their bashfulness.

While he was waiting for it, he was a prey to an almost childish bashfulness and embarrassment.

And, when the first maiden bashfulness had passed away, all was deep tenderness and ardent love.

Then he told them the story, forgetting his bashfulness under the spell of their attentive eyes.

She seemed to have no bashfulness, no sense of shame, and to be wholly incapable of realizing her offense.

And yet I delight too much in your bashfulness, your religion, your superstitions, not to obey your lightest whim.

She should then again manifest her own bashfulness, her fatigue, and her desire of stopping the congress.

Freed from his bashfulness, he developed unexpected ambition, and eventually became the owner of a well-paying business.

"If that bashfulness of yours is likely to be as bad as all that, perhaps I'd better come."

All eyes were turned upon Eugene, who, without boldness or bashfulness, calmly surveyed the brilliant assembly before him.

They dumped their packs on to the ground, and hung about near them, three perfect images of bashfulness.

Forensic discussion, in addition to wearing away bashfulness, gives the participant the habit of concentrated and continuous thought.

Gasped Bessie in great fear, as she saw Laura step forward with a look of beautiful bashfulness and joy.

Before he knew how it came about his bashfulness had vanished, and he was a part of that circle.

Indeed, he had bidden him plead his own cause, but the lover's bashfulness could not be overcome.

To act secretly, with a bashfulness which wounds the sense of honor and thus injures the character?

She entered with bashfulness, as I thought; in a pretty confusion, for having carried her apprehensions too far.

This bashfulness will give him a rich inner experience of doubts and fears, and of hopes and triumphs.

As a rule, the witnesses do not find that bashfulness is the most prominent characteristic of his cross-examination.

He was not attractive as a preacher, his voice trembled with emotion and bashfulness, and he read with difficulty.

Take away Hawthorne's bashfulness, and let him talk easily and fast, and you would have a pretty good Tennyson.

He announced, with a certain ample bashfulness in keeping with his general amplitude and a musical Southern accent.

He felt a severe temptation to enter, but a certain bashfulness added itself to his desire to act in secret.

We tempted them to the lawn one night, and overcame their bashfulness by money for nuts and apples.

The Hero, overcome by bashfulness at being discovered in conversation with a female, conceals himself behind his accent.

If I do not open them it is due to a certain bashfulness, a subtle dislike of seeing myself as I was.

He was also at the age when bashfulness held him in reserve, even though he were in love and intensely emotional.

For a second nobody stirred; a bashfulness as sudden as it was unusual seemed to have seized old and young alike.

He smiled, with the bashfulness that was always noticeable when he spoke intimately of himself or his own ideas.

I might have looked for bashfulness in the latter, but was certainly surprised to meet with it in the former.

Her bashfulness is less a quality than an instinct; it is like the self-folding of a flower, spontaneous and unconscious.

They followed their friends, Ellis coming first; Griffin, with not unnatural bashfulness, preferring to keep in the background.

Why, had I not been used to distinguished company I might have turned white of trembling and bashfulness before them.

Pilling, whose bashfulness was manifest only in the presence of women, had the utmost calmness before his pupils.

This gained for the young man Meg's hearty approval almost as much as his bashfulness and native good looks.

Neither modesty nor bashfulness was to be reckoned among Liza's faults, and in this position she felt quite at ease.

Verily, I like them not, the merciful ones, whose bliss is in their pity: too destitute are they of bashfulness.

John could not understand her altered manner and the timid bashfulness, greater than even at their first meeting.

Bryan, inwardly highly amused at the girl's bashfulness in venturing in when she saw a stranger seated at the board.

Sometimes he was touched to a modest degree of bashfulness in her presence by her assertive way of praising him.

Put on a cap and apron and take a broom in your hand, and my bashfulness will vanish at once.

She was by no means pretty, but evidently thought considerable of herself, and was not troubled with bashfulness.

Then, observing that I was overcome with bashfulness, at being looked at by so many strangers, he kindly dismissed me.

"I am sorry that I asked you to meet me, and didn't call," began Jude with the bashfulness of a lover.

His extreme bashfulness in the presence of strangers in general, and of ladies in particular, caused him to appear very awkward.

There was not one but dared to ask, even though she would not speak her lover's name for bashfulness.

As she led me to the curtain, I suddenly realized her intention, and a very agony of bashfulness seized upon me.

If you ask me the reason, they say it was my bashfulness, as I did not refuse or make pressing demands.

In this way it was definitely ascertained that the bashfulness of which he complained dated from his twelfth year.

It is certain the speaking picture, with all that pretended innocence and bashfulness, would have run away with him.

I remained silent, for I was overwhelmed by his proposal and the stress of bashfulness it brought to my face.

His manner was gentle, retired, and timid to a degree verging on bashfulness, until roused by the influence of passion.

Contraction of the bladder is well known to occur in many emotional states, such as fear, expectation, tension, and bashfulness.

There may be many difficulties in your way, such as bashfulness, want of fluent speech, awkwardness of manner, and ignorance.

Moreover, the use and practice of restraining one's bashfulness in small and unimportant matters is advantageous also in regard to praise.

Yet now, when the hour had come for our mutual introduction, I felt a strange kind of bashfulness creep over me.

As Rufus ascended the steps, he saw that it was of fine appearance, and a new fit of bashfulness seized him.