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Use bashfulness in a sentence

Definition of bashfulness:

  • (noun) feeling embarrassed due to modesty | shyness | timidity

Sentence Examples:

She retorted with barn-yard bashfulness.

My deplorable bashfulness was again my undoing.

Bashfulness is not infrequently dependent upon this cause.

Genuine modesty is also distinguishable from extreme bashfulness.

She asked, with singular timidity and bashfulness.

I exclaimed, not noticing his entirely unnecessary bashfulness.

Elvira could not overcome her bashfulness, and remained reticent.

I can't scrutinize: I wish I could overcome this bashfulness.

She hesitated and lisped like a child in her bashfulness.

On his face there was no longer timidity and bashfulness.

Modesty is not bashfulness, though the two are often confounded.

"Oh, it was not carelessness," I assured her; "only bashfulness."

Cried the little woman with a comic affectation of bashfulness.

The bride and bridegroom, feigning bashfulness, run away and hide.

"Bashfulness is the tough husk in which genius ripens," says Emerson.

Can it be timidity, bashfulness, and all that sort of thing?

By this modesty I do not mean timidity and awkward bashfulness.

He was obviously prattling on in order to hide his nervous bashfulness.

During his boyhood he was affected with excessive diffidence, or bashfulness.

Subdue foolish shame or bashfulness, and get a holy fortitude of mind.

Be frank, be honest, despite the bashfulness and coquetry of your sex.

The bashfulness, the modesty, the insignificance of the girl impressed him.

There really seemed to be some sort of coquettish bashfulness in her face.

Bashfulness and trepidation, especially in the presence of females, is the rule.

Neither psychologically nor medically is this type of bashfulness of much importance.

A deep blush of mingled pleasure, bashfulness, and aspiration mantled Ishmael's delicate face.

The bashfulness of the guests soon gave way before good cheer and affability.

When the heroine spoke to him, he was quite overcome with boyish bashfulness.

Manifestly of even greater importance than the cure of bashfulness is its prevention.

It may have been mere bashfulness and the embarrassment of ignorance and timidity.

That bashfulness, however, which has been my bane through life, prevented me.

In his bashfulness and timidity he would have liked to have no one there.

Yet the fellow, but for his unaccountable bashfulness, is pretty well too.

Barrington was the most diffident of men; his bashfulness amounted to actual pain.

Agreeably to his natural bashfulness, he was apt to be reserved with strangers.

He complied submissively, and then she made a pretence at bashfulness and shyness.

Timidity and bashfulness, especially among the women and children, are very common.

That little trick came to her from sheer timidity and bashfulness long ago.

Modesty, is the graceful calm virtue of maturity; bashfulness, the charm of vivacious youth.

Bashfulness and shyness are as great faults as boldness, and perhaps cause more unhappiness.

He accounts bashfulness the wickedest thing in the world, and therefore studies impudence.

He looked at her with a roguish leer, but still with some degree of bashfulness.

All the shyness of youth, all the bashfulness of man with maiden were gone.

He found himself while in her presence hampered by a self-consciousness amounting to bashfulness.

They exhibit signs of bashfulness and what is commonly termed "self-consciousness" in that sense.

The latter obeyed with alacrity; his zeal and his bashfulness precluding grace of action.

For Peak's disadvantages of person, his studious bashfulness and poverty of attire were mainly responsible.

He clung to the collie and for the first time understood what bashfulness is like.

Ludicrous stories are told of the bashfulness of many persons who come on such errands.

Yet in his smiling good humor there was not a trace of bashfulness or diffidence.

The child was evidently natural and thoroughly unaffected, without either timidity or rustic bashfulness.

Johanna had inherited her mother's bashfulness and unspeakable charm, and also her capricious temper.

We dissipated the Major's bashfulness; but I doubt we have not so good a subject now.

Said bashfulness, pinching at my cheeks until there seemed to have been a fire kindled on each.

He was dauntless on every occasion, but when it was necessary to surmount his bashfulness.

Avoid the extremes of bashfulness, and bold presumption; frankness and modesty form a happy union.

"Yes, sir," was the reply, in a tone slightly tremulous, which he ascribed to maiden bashfulness.

In the second place he was a millionaire, and had no bashfulness about advertising the fact.

As though suddenly consumed with bashfulness, he began to shuffle his bare toes in the sand.

With boyish bashfulness he hung his head and asked her if she was all right.

Thus did he make judgement and not bashfulness the arbiter of his gifts and favors.

Not even though she was delirious did the sentiment of bashfulness desert this young creature.

There is a sort of bashfulness which is the best engine to carry on a shameless purpose.

A sort of bashfulness decked her as with a veil that gives added beauty to its wearer.

Bashfulness and apathy are a tough husk in which a delicate organization is protected from premature ripening.

Trusting in the order of nature, he knew no bashfulness; trusting in himself, he had no misgivings.

It stimulates a certain bashfulness, hangs its head, and passed as modest among our simple grandparents.

This unsophisticated youth had always been remarkable for bashfulness in the presence of the opposite sex.

"Thank you," he said, somewhat timidly, for her bashfulness made him a trifle bashful in return.

Daniel found it impossible to overcome his bashfulness; was spontaneous only in sonnets, brilliant only in bouquets.

Frank did so rather reluctantly, and seated himself with unwonted bashfulness on the edge of a chair.

There are some philanthropists who are overcome with such bashfulness in the face of their own good deeds.

"I never saw such wonderfully beautiful gold hair," exclaimed Grace, admiringly, gradually getting over her bashfulness.

Alva saw that she was painfully in earnest, but she thought it was only girlish bashfulness.

Is it your bashfulness, said he, or your obstinacy, that makes you not choose I should read it before you?

It was only the ridiculous blunders into which my bashfulness continually drove me that alienated her regard.

I exclaimed upon the coincidence, while the Princess flushed with a sort of mingled pleasure and bashfulness.

Cried Janet, forgetting her bashfulness, and turning upon him a face full of eager vehemence and indignation.

Diffidence makes us humble, but bashfulness sometimes makes us mean; at least, there is danger of it.

This bashfulness of mine is an inborn weakness, and it's not easy to get the better of it.

Many of us, when we laugh at a boy's bashfulness, are brutal, when we mean to be merely jocular.

The contrast is excellently expressed between the bashfulness of Elvira and the terror of her cowardly interlocutor.

The little Jessy, who had at first shrunk away with the bashfulness of childhood, here timidly advanced.

Let not the reader confound modesty and bashfulness; for they are by no means the same thing.

The diffident passion in his voice for once destroys that vile constraint, dissipates that idiotic sense of bashfulness.

"Well, I don't care," cried Blue, falling from bashfulness into a pout, and from a pout into tears.

He was admitted to an audience and walked upstairs to the tall white drawing-room without trepidation or bashfulness.

He hated girls, and when in their society was a very bull-calf for bashfulness and awkward self-consciousness.

He fidgets, blushes, stammers, trembles; in a word, displays all the symptoms indicated by the term bashfulness.

A feeling of inexplicable bashfulness tied my tongue, and I only replied with an enigmatic and haughty smile.

The awkward bashfulness of a young man is a sin which, I know, admits of no expiation, in good company.

He answered with extreme brevity and an evidence of something between bashfulness and a deference tinged with suspicion.

Her brother broke up the romance by taunting Mark who, with boyish bashfulness, avoided her after that.

To himself muttered, "They may say what they like; but, after all, bashfulness is the best policy."

She replied not without timidity, but without that hasty bashfulness which is so often taken for modesty.

I spent the long, lazy summer days in dreaming of her, and wishing that bashfulness were a curable disease.

He almost seemed contrite, and she wondered if his bashfulness was less contrived than what she might suppose.

The priest passed over her silence, naturally ascribing it to bashfulness, and honestly taking her consent for granted.

They showed a certain bashfulness about the business, but they did not gainsay me, because they dared not.

The deferential bashfulness that could not hint at the mention of money, now talks boldly of his debt.