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Use bashfulness in a sentence

Definition of bashfulness:

  • (noun) feeling embarrassed due to modesty | shyness | timidity

Sentence Examples:

He was full of bashfulness.

Others displayed an equal bashfulness.

He had no bashfulness here.

An odd bashfulness overtook him.

Bashfulness had made him dumb.

Take no heed of a maiden's bashfulness.'

There are different sorts of bashfulness.

I am not troubled with bashfulness.

Unlike girls their bashfulness is internal.

Another serious cause of worry is bashfulness.

No emotion is more painful than bashfulness.

At table bashfulness is out of place.

Her evident distress overcame his bashfulness.

All the provincial bashfulness is gone.

This had been mainly from bashfulness.

Long converse lends Boldness to bashfulness.

Bashfulness is of no use to the needy.

Arrived at the house, Jack's bashfulness returned.

Awkwardness is scarcely more tolerable than bashfulness.

Be modest and reserved, but avoid bashfulness.

There are two distinct sorts of bashfulness.

Bashfulness in itself can not be admired.

She helped out the white man's bashfulness.

"What bashfulness has taken you to-day, sir?"

Boldness conquered where bashfulness would have failed.

Perhaps their bashfulness was the main obstacle.

I was covered with bashfulness and shame.

What she took for bashfulness was reluctance.

His bashfulness was not seated nor chronic.

A certain bashfulness prevails among the giants.

Bashfulness on account of his being too clever.

A little bashfulness has to be got over.

It was more than likely due to pure bashfulness.

They now expressed only good-will and bashfulness.

The seclusion had increased the troublesome bashfulness.

Let the veil of virgin bashfulness be laid aside.

He felt an absurd bashfulness tying his tongue.

There was a strange, rough bashfulness about him.

I have known young men injured by bashfulness.

Answered Jo, laughing in spite of his bashfulness.

Repeated the girl in an utter panic of bashfulness.

It is common to be hindered by sinful bashfulness.

She never hesitated in her demands through bashfulness.

And this concealment means something more than bashfulness.

"And her chief charm was bashfulness of face."

We never detected bashfulness in the street or parlor.

Bashfulness on account of his being an illustrious man.

It was breathed from every manifestation of your bashfulness.

I easily could see the truth beneath his bashfulness!

If Clive suffered from bashfulness, at least he didn't.

Toots in any respect, not even that of bashfulness.

Both of these tend to increase the child's bashfulness.

Our bashfulness is only the reflection of the men's.

Asked Conrad, who was not troubled by bashfulness.

All the woman's bashfulness disappeared with this announcement.

Theodora never pretended to bashfulness where Ludovic was concerned.

You can safely smile at him with less bashfulness!

She dropped a lowly courtesy of bashfulness and fear.

She queried, her bashfulness suddenly returning to her face.

Why, there was nothing about him to suggest bashfulness.

Bashfulness is a bit in the way in my trade.

A sudden constraint, an anxious bashfulness seized the young girl.

Said the youth, with an air of almost timid bashfulness.

Bashfulness is a product of education, a mask made by art.

Trimble assured them they would soon conquer their bashfulness!

Polly turned her back to him with assumed bashfulness.

The morning came, and with it came a nervous bashfulness.

As I grew toward manhood, my bashfulness got no better.

What is called bashfulness is frequently nothing more than pride.

Then she was often seized by an attack of bashfulness.

Our bashfulness does not arise from modesty, but from vanity.

I can quite understand that you should feel a certain bashfulness.

A sudden constraint, an anxious bashfulness came upon the young girl.

I was becoming a ladies' man after a lifetime of bashfulness!

He passed me by silently, and with an air of bashfulness.

You are liable to lose this self-command either through bashfulness or excitement.

And in her growing bashfulness she glanced at him angrily.

This is seen in ordinary life in the bashfulness of a boy.

Partly recovering from his bashfulness, he coughed, preparatory to speaking.

It is a breach of etiquette to display any bashfulness in company.

If this bashfulness holds good socially, it emphatically does not commercially.

He represented him as being of immense size but extreme bashfulness.

He showed her some curiosities and she soon forgot her bashfulness.

None of this family, apparently, is troubled with too much bashfulness.

Bashfulness is an ornament to youth, but a reproach to old age.

And they were never rude; their very bashfulness prevented that.

Nigel, not being troubled by bashfulness, quickly followed his guide.

I told you all about my absurd bashfulness before we became engaged.

Bashfulness is but the passage from one season of life to another.

It was quite a relief, after we got rid of our bashfulness.

You're never bothered by bashfulness with him, if I remember right.

He got caught in the trap of his own horrid bashfulness.

Overcoming his bashfulness, he pushed open the store door and entered.

Travel three years, and bring home such a baby as bashfulness!

Turner again fell in love, but his bashfulness ruined his chances.

"I attribute my bashfulness to no physical cause," is a characteristic response.

This without any bashfulness or reserve at her brother being present.

Murmured Helen, yet amused, too, by the bashfulness of the assistant.

A deadly bashfulness forbade him to be natural either in attitude or speech.

She was conscious of her bashfulness and her lack of beauty.