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Use debut in a sentence

Definition of debut:

  • (noun) the act of beginning something new;
  • (noun) the presentation of a debutante in society
  • (verb) present for the first time to the public; "The band debuts a new song or two each month"
  • (verb) make one's debut; "This young soprano debuts next month at the Metropolitan Opera"

Sentence Examples:

I hope you are not dissatisfied with your debut.

She was a Hungarian lady, and this was her English debut.

He then fully realized that he had made his debut as a somnambulist.

Soon after her debut in society, she married an officer in the Russian army.

At the age of sixteen, she made her debut with brilliant success at several Italian theaters.

It should occur on the eve of his screen debut, and would fittingly testify his gratitude.

The press began to notice this infant prodigy, who wished to remain quite unheralded until her debut.

She blushed, but she blushed happily, and really made a most creditable debut as a young lady.

If well acquainted with a debutante's family, a man may send her flowers at the time of her debut.

A deep silence ensues, and the poor child, whose debut in the elocutionary art it is, suddenly loses countenance.

Guests should offer congratulations to a debutante at her debut in a few well-chosen words, and also to the parents.

It is by a lady of the aristocratic circles of the Prussian capital, who now makes her debut in literature.

If well acquainted with the family, a man may send flowers to a debutante at the time of her first debut.

Morton had seen two notices of Alma's debut; both were so favorable that she imagined them the augury of a brilliant career.

This was Joe's debut in Irish character work, and he had come to Salt Lake City again to "try it on the dog."

He was very shabbily dressed, and had purposely added to his generally slouching appearance by deliberately "making up" for his debut.

A debutante should make her debut between the ages of seventeen and twenty, and should not appear at any public function before her debut.

Her mother should select in advance the man who is to have the pleasure of the first dance with the debutante at her debut.

A brother, when his sister's debut takes the form of a supper or dinner, should take his sister (the debutante) into dinner or supper.

For an "At Home" debut, the least formal of all these entertainments, the name of the debutante is engraved below that of her mother.

His debut was made as an instrumental composer in his twentieth year, but before he had reached his thirtieth he was engrossed with operatic composition.

If a man is unable to make a formal call upon a debutante and her mother at her debut, he should send his card by mail or messenger.

I can tell you I was elated; and no debutante ever looked forward more eagerly to the day of her debut than I to the twelfth of May.

She was created duchess at her debut; and the lozenge of her escutcheon was of a sudden adorned with a ducal coronet, and a peer's mantle.

Behold me, therefore transformed of a sudden from a gentleman student to a dancing buffoon; for such, in fact, was the character in which I made my debut.

The young girl, who all her life has dreamed of her professional debut, is demoralized as she realizes that theatrical rivalry can stifle the joy of creativity.

"Is it not impolitic, or rather are you not afraid to bring forward so beautiful a girl as this Miss Martin on the very night of your own daughter's debut?"

You may have made your millions in pig, or your thousands in whiskey, but, in the eyes of the complaisant present, the curse dies with the debut of a beautiful daughter.

Master Kook made his debut, and played the piano forte with a skill that would have done credit to one of the old masters, calling down thunders of applause.

At last my education was completed, and 'I came out' under auspices as flattering as those under which any young girl ever made her debut upon the stage of life.

Grace was much elated over her successful debut and gave a little exultant shout as the massive head and shoulders of the blue stallion were momentarily framed in the opening.

Acknowledgment is mot necessary for an "At Home" debut occurring in the afternoon, but would be for a formal one in the evening, for which special engraved invitations had been sent.

Even when the education is finished, and the prima donna has made her successful debut, continued daily repetition of primary exercises is necessary to maintain excellence and insure the progress that every performer desires.

Surely it must have been a keen satisfaction to those anatomists of the mind, to be able, at their debut, to make experiments on a large scale; to have a dead society to dissect, for their first "subject."

And no young lady, suddenly summoned back in the first flush of her debut, by an unseasonable fit of gout or economy in papa, ever felt more irreparably aggrieved than now did the dejected Corporal.

I thought with the captain, and was pleased that my own legislative debut was not to be characterized by the promulgation of any doctrine so much at variance with my preconceived ways of thinking.

However, Denise bore her triumph in a peaceable, charming manner, happy at these marks of consideration, even affecting to see in them a sympathy for the miseries of her debut and the final success of her patient courage.

These were replaced by green graduating gowns of stylish texture and fit, and, as my bird book stated that young hummers left the nest when a week old, I was watching eagerly for their debut.

He hung back, forbore all words on the subject of my debut, and of the promising auspices under which my career was begun, and actually placed certain matters of legal business into the hands of another lawyer.

Her position in society was of course assured beyond a doubt, but that did not mean a successful debut for one of her daughters, certainly not for one who was to be persuaded if not forced to be a debutante.

The attendance at the concert was very light insofar as the paid admissions were concerned, but all connected with the circus were there to witness the debut of the new boy who had joined to strengthen the concert.

There were no heavy hearts carried away, though many perhaps were lost to merciful finders, and Minnie laid her young head on her pillow with a feeling of consciousness that her debut had been one of unusual and brilliant success.

He is influenced by that modern French and English poetry of which he has given us so many admirable translations, and makes his debut as a descriptive poet of the Victor Hugo school, but soon develops a distinct literary individuality.

As he was about to make his debut as a young physician in a strange city, his mother was anxious that his dress should be faultless; and, therefore, put the most delicate needlework upon all the little articles of his outfit.

I twisted and squirmed and wriggled about in my fantastic debut into the brotherhood of hammock sleepers before I discovered that the trick was simple enough, once you got on to it, that of sleeping diagonally across it from head to foot.

She squeezed my hand in the quadrille, and when she came up to speak to me after the darling old men let the cat out of the bag about its being my debut party she was very near to kissing me.

With the improvement of the methods of drilling, and the debut of the rotary system, it has been possible not only to drill to much greater depths, but to considerably reduce the time requisite for drilling a well to the oil sands.

This carelessness on my part arose from my first debut having been extremely lucky; most shots had told well, and the animal had been killed with such apparent ease that I had learned to place an implicit reliance in the rifle.

It was about a week previous to the day appointed for my debut in my new character as an attorney's clerk; and when I arose, I was depressed in mind, and a racking pain to which I had lately been subject, was maddening me.

The bass's debut had been fixed, during their absence, for the coming season, and he repeated the newest compliments paid to him by his master with the languid assurance of an artist whose supremacy was already acknowledged by the world.

When ultimately she made her first earthly appearance, and it was apparent that she was destined to embellish the planet in the guise of a girl, the process of grooming her for her second debut, some eighteen years in the future, began.

It is to the effect that a certain young and lovely duchess, who made her debut in English society as a bride only twelve months since, has left her home under the protection of a certain Polish count, attached to the Russian Embassy.

We have only singled out a few salient features in a work that is remarkable from many points of view, not the least of which is its sincerity of purpose, and we cordially congratulate the composer upon having made so successful a debut amongst us.

That the Senator had been previously married, that he had a daughter of eighteen years, set all society agog, and expectant to see the girl, whose debut was to be made at a large coming out party given by her mother in her honor.

If the debut takes the form of a supper or dinner, the brother takes in the debutante, and the father the most distinguished woman; or, if there is no brother, he takes in the debutante himself, and she is seated at his left hand.

It was a step that father was to regret vainly for many years, but on the night of her debut he was blissfully unconscious of the possibility of any bitter repining in the future and enjoyed the proceedings almost as much as Lolita did.

He had a sharp struggle with his pride as be donned this absurd dress, and made himself ready for his debut as an actor, but resolutely repressed all rising regrets, and determined faithfully to do his best in the new role he had undertaken.

They asked her hand for a young Republican deputy, who had just made a most brilliant debut in the Chamber, and for whom the future reserved the most splendid destiny, for the Republic was now established in France on the most indestructible basis.

No prodigal was ever given a warmer welcome than I was when I left the area of the Great Western Railway; but the problem of how to finish my education remained, and I was determined that I would not make my debut till I was eighteen.

I resolved, when I had finished my education, and before I made my debut in fashionable life, to become decided, and settle everything connected with religion, as I knew that when I had done, so I should be more at liberty to give attention to other claims, and to derive gratification from other pursuits.

"Well, gentlemen, you will agree with me," the colonel said, "that our young ensign has made an admirable debut, and I am sure that we are all proud of the manner in which he has behaved; and our anticipations, that he would prove a credit to the regiment, have been verified sooner than it seemed possible."

Gertrude had made her debut into fashionable society in the fall, and spent a very gay winter, and the occasional letters she wrote to the younger Elsie, were filled with descriptions of the balls, parties, operas and theatricals she attended, the splendors of her own attire, and the elegant dresses worn by others.

Still I felt uneasy at the idea of his being left entirely to his own discretion on his first debut in good earnest, and therefore I made a point of attending on this important day; and in the few instances where the new recruit missed the accurate maneuver, a glance or a nod from me easily made him comprehend his failure.

Another woman, also from the West, was with her at the time of her infant's birth, but scarcely had the "latest-found" given the first characteristic shriek of its debut upon the stage of life, when this person herself was taken seriously ill, and was obliged to return to her own cabin, leaving the poor exhausted mother entirely alone!