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Use debut in a sentence

Definition of debut:

  • (noun) the act of beginning something new;
  • (noun) the presentation of a debutante in society
  • (verb) present for the first time to the public; "The band debuts a new song or two each month"
  • (verb) make one's debut; "This young soprano debuts next month at the Metropolitan Opera"

Sentence Examples:

He has made a successful debut!

"That is a rather commonplace debut."

Turner had recently made their debuts.

One is always nervous at one's debut.

You are to make your debut this fall.

She has still to make her debut.

Two nights later I made my debut.

It was a debut he didn't care for.

This social and political debut means all.

I am about to make my debut in society.

No, I only want to make my debut.

Do you suppose she made her debut then?

It was my debut, and is therefore memorable.

"It is my debut in business," Clyde explained.

She and I made our debut the same season.

None of the performers were fortunate in their debut.

I went west and proceeded at once to debut.

"When did you make your debut in Washington society?"

"It was my debut in life," she sighed.

It is to make its debut some time this month.

It was in reality her debut upon the stage.

Then they return to make their debut in Paris.

Every girl wanted to make her debut at Newport.

Beatrice and Lillian had to make their debut there.

I am very anxious for her to make her debut.

Charley went, and his debut was perfectly successful.

Popular journalism represented her debut as a striking success.

The fat young man's debut had been postponed again.

Leslie Noble for her debut in London fashionable society.

Then its brief debut into the animate was over.

She was making her debut, it was easy to see.

The triumph of her debut left her strangely exhausted.

Plans for her first debut began before her birth.

"And you are nervous, you would like to postpone your debut?"

Here, one should never make one's debut with a scandal.

Their movie debut has been a lot of fun to Quins.

It was here that our Battalion Concert Party made their debut.

He'll show you where your friend made his New York debut.

"So my petty thinks her debut affair will be a success?"

It is an excellent period of the year for your debut in London.

Coralie, another actress, was to make her debut at the same time.

They made their debut last November at our home in this city.

Since her debut, she had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

"That you did, and a most successful debut you made of it."

Seven years after our debut on that stage, the dust began.

Her mind wandered over the entire winter's doings, since her debut.

Two humorous poems, signed H., were truly my debut with him.

There will be no peace between us until I have made my debut.

Never was debut so successful, as Chloe's first appearance in Camden Place.

He feels he must do himself justice when he makes his debut.

Never had a debut on the great stage of life been so successful.

Yes, I can safely say that Leah made her debut with us.

If you shy ever to make a debut, Opportunities will fight shy of you!

Hang that Anna Dickinson, a body can never depend upon her debuts!

I can remember exactly my sensations the night I made my debut.

A Mademoiselle Noel (who seems to be a favorite) made her debut in Dido.

What will become of you when it is time for you to make your debut?

The expedition, making its debut as such, set course for the eastward.

There was nothing very sinful in the debut of this little intrigue.

Her debut with the entire Festival Orchestra was only five days off.

He could never find her just well enough prepared to make her debut.

She was twenty, and on returning to Cuba, was to make her debut.

You know Melanie, whom I prevented from making her debut at the Vaudeville?

True, there was still time enough, but the debut was not encouraging.

I think that a debut there would in any case do her no harm.

You know artists are very queer about any publicity previous to their grand debut.

I knew Jones, too, and awaited his debut as a fighter with some curiosity.

"Camille" was the drama in which the "angel" decided to make her debut.

This joke now makes its debut for the first time before the world.

Garrick, without hesitation, fixed on that character as the trial of my debut.

My debut at school was like an entrance into the ancient halls of torture.

Some amateur wishes to join our company, and he is to make his debut as 'Garrick.'

If she fails to debut this time, I will never bet on her again.

Melba made her debut in grand opera when she was twenty-two years of age.

It is a remarkable thing that Balzac debuted with a tragedy, with a Cromwell!

She has been in Europe for a year and last week she made her debut.

If they expected a storm of applause as at his public debut, they were disappointed.

At last the valid motion picture was ready for its public screen debut.

The talking picture, however, did not make its real debut for three decades.

And with what do you propose to commence your debut as a man of letters?

I remember a singular incident which attended the debut of a newly arrived company.

I think that was not so very long after the Mikado made its debut.

Except at her own debut, a daughter does not assist her mother in receiving.

Pauline Lucca was singing at thirteen, and made her debut at the age of sixteen.

An order for the debut at the Opera of that dancing girl you are protecting?

Howe's debut as an advocate was in connection with a matter of much graver importance.

We were all immensely amused at Cora Pearl's appearance; it was her debut as an actress.

"Julia, you can 'debut' where you like, but I shall 'come out' here next summer!"

My sudden disappearance from it excited quite as much sensation as my debut in it.

Had become the darling of the clubs, when he made his own debut in society.

The result of my debut, in other respects, was flattering far beyond my expectations.

All the same, when the date of her debut arrived, she was extremely nervous.

Their debut is often difficult, and many of them are stopped short in their career.

His debut was even less flattering than his reception from the manager had been.

Father would certainly be well long before then, and Kathleen and I could debut together!

"Is this the reason why Jimmy is making his great debut as a man of affairs?"

He had told them of his approaching debut, and they were making an event of it.

That moment reminded me of my own team and audience upon the occasion of the Rube's debut.

I suppose the next one will be taken in evening gown after she makes her debut.

It would be my debut as a grown girl, and I must offer myself to their criticism.