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Use debut in a sentence

Definition of debut:

  • (noun) the act of beginning something new;
  • (noun) the presentation of a debutante in society
  • (verb) present for the first time to the public; "The band debuts a new song or two each month"
  • (verb) make one's debut; "This young soprano debuts next month at the Metropolitan Opera"

Sentence Examples:

His senatorial debut pictures itself in his mind.

Gothic art made its debut in a unique setting.

Ancestors' brocades; the literary debut of Emily Dickinson.

Can one find elsewhere a more dazzling musical debut?

At last, after years of unremitting application, I made my debut.

The debut of that new and fashionable machine, the guillotine.

Undignified as was his debut, his reign was one continued triumph.

Emma made her toilet with the fastidious care of an actress on her debut.

The combat debut of the Marine medium tanks, however, was inauspicious on D-Day.

Mariana herself had notable singing talent and made an operatic debut at sixteen.

"Who wants to 'debut' together or any other way," sniffed Nancy scornfully.

His debut in parliament was the signal for a succession of disgraceful scenes.

His debut, he was forced to admit, had been neither fortunate nor adroit.

Handel was spurred by his fortunate operatic debut to embark on a second work.

The debut of the projection apparatus had been heralded long before it actually arrived.

It will be to you a souvenir of your successful debut as an actress on this day.

She exclaimed, the girl in her quickly responding to the preparations for her debut.

She would be a great heiress, no doubt, and her debut was most anxiously looked for.

From the debut of the new cabinet, the Opposition, to use a recent expression, showed itself irreconcilable.

Your debut was a revelation, a new word, a rejuvenating breeze in the tepid atmosphere of our periodical press.

He made his American debut in New York in 1891, and his last American tour took place in 1939.

Catherine herself was not displeased that the debut of her little stranger should be so much a triumph.

In that startling way the boy with the big bill made his debut into the society of the line.

The old machine in which Barney Oldfield had made his debut as an automobile driver was brought out and overhauled.

The light of the debut still lingered on the horizon, but the cloud had thickened; and suddenly it broke.

When the debut is a formal one, he stands beside his wife and daughter, and receives the congratulations of the guests.

He continued to worry, however, until the nearness of his screen debut drove Sarah to the back of his mind.

The violence of his debut caused him to sprawl forward on his hands and knees and his hat fell off.

I supposed I was to make my debut next winter and I did not consider a diploma necessary to an eligible marriage.

I think it gives a girl a certain poise to be introduced to society in an informal way before she makes her debut.

The other day he and a friend were discussing the concerto played by a certain pianist on his American debut in 1911.

I shall not vouch for them too strongly, and after their debut they must stand or fall on their own merits.

"You know he is to be married to Lily Rose, the girl we saw at the organ recital where Bud made his debut."

A well-known prima donna inquired loftily as she entered the theater where she was to make her debut in "the two a day."

This day, because it was the first day of her French frock, she regarded as her debut in the dizzy life of capitals.

She could never get him to sit down and talk sensibly of the birthday and debut party that was now so near.

His relatives, his old friends, he himself, here and there in his works, have furnished us in their letters enough valuable revelations and touching remembrances of the years preceding his literary debut.

Maryland, in which the famous "original package" formula made its debut, the most important utterance of the Court touching interpretation of the commerce clause as a restriction on State legislative power is that for which Cooley v.

When she joined the other prisoners on the morning after her arrest, the scene surprised her by its resemblance to that ill-fated reception which had witnessed at once her debut and her farewell to society.

Then public attention was absorbed by later and equally interesting events: an acrobat broke his leg at the circus; an actress made her debut at a small theater: and the item of the 28th was soon forgotten.

I wish to have a well brought up girl, who will be good while she is young, speak properly, not make herself in any way remarkable, learn her lessons, and make a successful debut in Society, all in due course.

She had made her debut into Washington society upon her eighteenth birthday and, in spite of the many predictions of her approaching engagement to this man and that, one season had followed another, and she still remained unmarried.

For a man of sixty-five who had sinned all the sins, so they said, and laid waste the most magnificent political debut of any man of his generation, he seemed to me to be looking remarkably fit and fresh.

After your adoption and your graduation from the finishing school, you will, of course, take your place in our home as our daughter, will make your debut in society that fall, and, I hope, be very happy with us and in your new life.

Susan looked on Tempest as a wicked man; yet she could not but be touched by his almost hysterical excitement over her debut, when the near approach of the hour made it impossible for his emotional temperament longer to hide its agitation.

Perhaps I wrote you last year of the many marks of kindness I have received from the Emperor of Brazil, and you remember that at the time of my debut as an author, my attention was turned to the natural history of that country.

Either teaching or a subtle instinct had caused her to discard the gorgeous plumes and brilliant colors which had marked her debut on the street less than a year before, and in consequence she might have passed for anything but what she was.

I have never again gone so far as to faint in the presence of an audience; but I have invariably walked out on the platform feeling the sinking sensation at the pit of the stomach, the weakness of the knees, that I felt in the hour of my debut.