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Use debut in a sentence

Definition of debut:

  • (noun) the act of beginning something new;
  • (noun) the presentation of a debutante in society
  • (verb) present for the first time to the public; "The band debuts a new song or two each month"
  • (verb) make one's debut; "This young soprano debuts next month at the Metropolitan Opera"

Sentence Examples:

As Fred would make his debut in fashionable society at Rose Wainwright's party, he was naturally solicitous to make a favorable impression.

Don Carlos Eva?a had received the congratulations of Don Roderigo Ponce de Leon upon his debut as a politician with great coldness.

It will be his first appearance on the gallows, and quite a number of our leading American criminals are going over to see his debut.

Soon after that he made his formal American concert debut as pianist with a program on which he included some of his own compositions.

The knowledge that the debut party was given to little Judith Buck in no way served to throw a damper on the festivities.

Words fail to describe the impression made by the barn as it was introduced to the company, Nancy's debut sinking into positive insignificance beside it.

Besides this my debut in a hammock for a bed was a pronounced failure, until a merciful sleep temporarily took me from the sad realities.

If you want to make your debut before the English reading world you must do so with 'Ode to my father's tombstone,' or something of that sort!

Without this envy, which has accelerated your flight to higher and higher spheres, you would still be twittering imperfect couplets, as on your first debut.

This is the reason one sees so many artists who have made a brilliant debut disappear from sight very soon or wind up later on a mediocre career.

As I had learned the past winter of her successful debut in society, and her numberless triumphs, I felt that my hopes were forever fallen.

Phil Forrest had made his debut as a car manager in a most auspicious manner, at the same time winning the loyalty of every man on the car.

If the plan meets with your approbation, I shall place myself under the tuition of some competent teacher; and my debut shall be made as soon as advisable.

In 1822, Liszt made a sensational debut in that city, and in 1824, after a period of additional study in Paris, an equally momentous appearance in the French capital.

She was applauded all the more; and her debut with Faust seemed about to bring her a new success, when suddenly ... a terrible thing happened.

Nevertheless, at the age of seventeen, this young girl made her debut as a violin soloist at a concert of the New York Philharmonic Society, conducted by Theodore Thomas.

After her debut the younger of the two daughters has no card of her own, as her full baptismal name appears on her mother's card beneath her name.

Like the young of all the other animals they see, the pups have no way of realizing that their debut coincides with the season most favorable to their survival.

She had been forced to see so much of him since the night of her debut party that the very sound of his mocking, drawling voice was obnoxious to her.

She was very musical, and had a lovely voice; my brother had patronized her and helped her to a debut at his theater, which test she stood brilliantly.

He made his last American appearance in 1950 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his debut as violinist; once again he appeared in the triple role of violinist, conductor and composer.

"Had you made your debut, as I made mine, with Frederic Lemaitre in 'Thirty Years in the Life of an Actor'" "It certainly would not rejuvenate her," said Henri, finishing the sentence.

It is the first time she has ever been to any large entertainment, and she cannot help looking forward to her own debut with a longing mingled largely with dread.

There were plenty of anecdotes of a certain trip performed by the three, in company with a French trader and his two sisters, then making their debut as Western travelers.

Ever since his debut, he had entered with much constancy into the more leading debates, and his speeches were invariably of the same commanding order which had characterized his first.

The Baron's debut in their parlor had been narrated to her over and over by each of the three who had witnessed it, and each gave the narrative her own coloring.

Their prodigy, the coming bass, had once more failed to secure a debut, and at last there was nothing for it but to admit that the thought of a musical career must be abandoned.

Robertson says that on this occasion he yielded to the entreaties of a young man who was his pupil, and had begged to be allowed to make his debut before such a great multitude.

The unconventional artist life, her romantic early history, her foreign birth, her carefully veiled coming debut, all this conspired to cover the singular reticence of the diva as to her home life.

Ever since the wedding, she had dilated proudly to her mother and Legrand on her approaching debut, and it angered her that she could never say when the debut was to be.

However, the interest was general, and this Saturday's debut in the forum, whatever it may have been to Bathsheba as the buying and selling farmer, was unquestionably a triumph to her as the maiden.

It was a most propitious and opportune occasion for me to make my debut in society, and, all things considered, I had had quite enough instruction now to fit me for an honorable position in the world.

That evening, when the theater was full, he experienced for the first time the paroxysm of nervous terror caused by a debut; terror aggravated in his case by all the strength of his love.

He was just making his debut into the literary world, and it was with modesty and timidity that he declared to us his intentions of speedily making his bow, and paying court to the public.

He remembered with great distinctness his interview with her on the morning after her debut in New York, and the uneasiness with which what his sober self thought was mere chaff had inspired him.

After her debut she has no card, and her full baptismal name appears on her mother's card, beneath her name, and not until a year or two after her first appearance does she have a card of her own.

Agnes was as little in their way as it was possible she could be ... the weather was remarkably fine ... and, on the whole, it may be doubted if any lady of thirty-seven ever made her first debut in the metropolis of the united kingdoms with more perfect satisfaction to herself.