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Use debut in a sentence

Definition of debut:

  • (noun) the act of beginning something new;
  • (noun) the presentation of a debutante in society
  • (verb) present for the first time to the public; "The band debuts a new song or two each month"
  • (verb) make one's debut; "This young soprano debuts next month at the Metropolitan Opera"

Sentence Examples:

Notwithstanding the excitement of making her debut, she managed to keep her wits about her.

Being accompanied by one of the initiated, my debut was readily made as others made theirs.

The commencement of a parliament is always looked to with curiosity, as the debut of new members.

He, of course, encountered many a curious country chap, making his debut in the great Metropolis.

Lincoln ridiculed it so severely that its debut and withdrawal all took place the same night.

It was in this opera that Signor Mario made his English debut, in 1839, with great success.

Privately he wished that a literary man could also leap into fame and fortune with his debut.

When her mother receives visits after her debut, the daughter is included, and should be present.

The period of his debut in public life is one of peculiar significance in the party history of England.

The result was a spectacular double debut in Berlin for the young musician as conductor and pianist.

One day, in a conversation with this admirable actress, the Emperor spoke to her concerning her debut.

Franklin's arrival in Philadelphia finds its parallel in the very modest debut of Adams's friend in Boston.

It made a triumphant debut, and it continued daily to fulfill the expectations which that debut had aroused.

If you are not going to college, I see no reason why you should not make your debut next winter.

I think the summer before a girl makes her debut should be spent taking care of her complexion.

"I will give you... in a year from now a debut at the Warsaw Theater and surely engage you."

Until the younger daughter has formally, made her debut, she visits only intimate friends of the family.

She and Monsieur have enemies who will say there never was any pupil, nor any debut expected.

"When you make your next debut into society, I wouldn't be surprised if they greeted you with brass bands."

He did it with exquisite visceral pleasure and pain like a Thai elephant making his debut as an abstract artist.

On the second day after the doctor's debut as a hunter, I accompanied the hunters to the hills.

It was thirty-one years, almost to the very day, since his well-remembered debut in Carnegie Hall in 1891.

Contemporary press reports of the stage debut of the telephone showed pleased astonishment mixed with considerable dread.

However, I wish to say that the debut number of your magazine contained the best stories I ever read.

I have made my debut as a dancer, and Paul de Vaux has been here, in this house, alone with me!

I am sure that in less than a year's study, he could make his debut with the greatest success.

In addition, the two battles saw the debut of new units designed to facilitate crucial communications during combat.

He then began the world for himself, and made his debut in Vienna as a pianist with great success.

He made his debut in genre painting, and he drew his inspiration straight from the life of the people.

They waited both before and behind the curtain for the debut of the new actress, with much curiosity.

They believe in waiting until a girl makes her debut before giving her anything but the necessities of life.

When as a young man he made his debut in the Chamber of Deputies, his speech was not a success.

However, suffice it to say that fifty years ago I made my debut as an actor in my native city of Boston.

As with any innovation, the success of the tank depended largely on the element of surprise attaching to its debut.

Debuts may be an "At Home," supper, or dinner, the latter being more formal, and only intimate friends being invited.

The mother and the elder unmarried daughter, prior to the debut, calls formally upon those who are to be invited.

On the night of her debut she is, for all her strange, stray wisdom, quite like a happy little girl.

After this debut in speaking, he went to the exhibition for two days more, to the mutual satisfaction of all concerned.

He made up his mind to this as he bathed and shaved, and prepared himself for his debut in San Marco.

Then she decided it was time I made my debut, but for the last season we have been rather gay, I admit.

And the baby became the toast on all sides; as what baby does not, when making its debut among strangers?

She was nineteen years of age, and was considered one of the handsomest girls who had made their debut that season.

She made her debut on the stage of the Summer Theater in Moscow, and afterward made a tour of the country towns.

Judge Middleton was chosen to make the speech naming the guest of honor for whom the debut party was given.

I remember at my first debut being seized by just such a lapse of memory, though it fortunately had no dire results.

Murray, you speak of my debut, as if, like other girls, I had nothing else to do but fit myself for society.

Harrison made her literary debut in this very attractive volume, which is of the kind that is sure to be always popular.

It was the first they had given, and Amelie somehow felt a little nervous, for it was her debut as hostess.

It was in the elegant Lyceum Theater of New York that I made my debut, on the 20th of September, with "Medea."

As you are young, and have not perhaps made your debut, I will give you a hint or two to prepare you for good company.

The fan mail on Norbert Holt's debut left her no doubt that Surprising would profit by anything he chose to write about.

He acted, he painted, he wrote plays, he saw to the debuts of Albert and Rosalie; he tried a cure here and a cure there.

After the regular performance the humblest talent may, by previous arrangement with the management, make its debut upon the public stage.

He made his stage debut in 1911 in a fairy play, and for the next few years appeared regularly in various other productions.

Some new star probably, whose violin had been broken and who did not care to appear in public before the hour of his debut.

A great many people are very desirous of listening to your husband's eloquence; and that is considered the best method of making my debut.

His debut had been brilliant, and the blow which at five-and-twenty took from him his hopes for the future was profoundly painful.

In fact the very first debut of philosophy on a great scale in Rome was a formal declaration of war against faith and morals.

The performance of Doctor Robin was postponed from day to day, for the amateur who was to make his debut in it became ill.

He made his debut with success in 1828, and at the close of his engagement returned to Italy, where he appeared again on the stage.

In the paper of that date he makes his debut in an editorial which indicates his strong personality and his fine command of good English.

The mother and elder unmarried sisters prior to the debut should call formally upon those whom they wish to invite to the ceremony.

One of the first things that we discovered outside the main cavern where we had made our debut was the burial ground of the community.

The assistant found the work heavy, so he was very glad to come across young students who wished to make their debuts as preachers.

Gustave Flaubert took him under his protection and acted as a kind of literary guardian to him, guiding his debut in journalism and literature.

These, who had their debut as writers about the turn of the century, are the authors of the next two stories in our collection.

She realized that her debut had not been brilliant, but she clung to the opportunity, in the hope that something would come of it.

In fact, nearly stage-born, as my mother played her part almost up to the night I made my debut in the great game of Life.

You are young, you are making your debut in the world, and you are regarded as a man who has never yet had any love affairs.

The twins had made their debut jointly on their eighteenth birthday, and while both were popular, Barbara had received the greater amount of attention.

He made his literary debut in 1842 with prose tales, and only in 1855 did he publish his lyric and epic verses in various newspapers.

If you are fortunate enough to make your debut abroad you will have practically no trouble in securing a position with any manager on this side of the ocean.

Your debut into society is a little more spectacular than I should have wished, but we must rise to the occasion and make the most of it.

When you have reached this stage of development you should be just as proud and happy about it as when you made your debut thirty years ago.

Having no rehearsals I used my first free time since I had left the city soon after my debut to see the places I liked best.

Turning to Isabel he said "you have a very fine voice Miss Leicester, if you were to make your debut at one of our best operas, you would make your fortune."

I had my company, I did my tour of America and Canada with great success, and finally I came to Europe and made my debut at Brussels.

On the dresser at the foot of her bed there was a large photograph of Thea in the character in which she was to make her debut.

She undoubtedly improved after her debut, which was a very unfavorable one, and exhibited talents superior to those which were displayed on her first appearance.

Emperor William and the crown prince attended the circus the night I made my debut, and complimented me formally and personally from their box.

March 26 is an interesting date in the history of the Tank Corps, for, on the afternoon of this day, the Whippet Tanks made their debut.

I know of no sensation so truly delightful and exciting as that experienced by a traveler, when he makes his debut in a strange and interesting city.

The debut is almost always that of a gentleman or lady of fine understanding: but sometimes also, in the long run, you discover nothing but the debut.

He made his debut in Massachusetts, and received his professional training in Canada; he is a citizen of the United States, and is always honored where genius is recognized.

On his return, he said he had been unable to find the paper, but he related the story of my debut, as he had read it, to the nurse.

It was my fortune, acting rather in compliance with the custom than my own preference, to select one of these victims and occasions for my debut.

Around her gathered a circle of former friends, those who had been spectators of the brilliant debuts of the great man, of his struggles, and his success.

If you already know anything positive as to your debuts in Leipzig, write it to me, with a continuation of the commentaries which amused me so much in your former letter.

Algernon was now sent forth to make his debut in society, and we shall see how strictly his progress coincides with the previous training of his mind.

A man should make a formal call on mother and daughter a day or two after her debut, and, if unable to do so, he should send a card.

It is a really remarkable stream in making its debut without the slightest fuss, for it is large enough at its very birth to be called a small river.

The fair original, whose portrait is before us, was Rose d'Amour, a beautiful actress of one of the metropolitan theaters, who had just made her debut with distinguished success.

He did make his confession, and related his debut in life, not even concealing the financial crisis through which he was passing in the midst of his triumph.

Having made his debut in the profession of arms as a senior officer, he proved himself both courageous and competent, and was rapidly promoted to general and army commander.

He would sit near them on the occasion of their Congressional debut, closely eyeing and attentively listening if the speech pleased him, but quickly departing if it did not.

She chose Juliet for her debut, got a costume hurriedly together and after one rehearsal and three days' preparation, appeared before a large audience, and made a decided hit.

My debut at San Carlo aroused great enthusiasm, and Santa, whom I saw next day in her snug heavily curtained room, seemed radiant with happiness at my success.

Jim Herne used it as the vehicle for the debut of a talented San Francisco' lady, who created a little ripple of excitement by her advent on the stage.

I can tell you exactly, for I have known her since she was a child and I saw her make her debut into society when she was quite a girl.

Thus, she who was to become the "Queen City" of the West, made her debut into the Union, where, possibly, she may yet, "The fairest of her daughters," rule supreme.