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Use emanate in a sentence

Definition of emanate:

  • (verb) proceed or issue forth, as from a source;
  • (verb) give out (breath or an odor);

Sentence Examples:

Therefore, the phenomena of levitation cannot be considered to be produced by energy emanating from the medium.'

There also emanates from this department a monthly trade journal, conducted under the auspices of the firm.

The temptation, if any there be, emanates from yourself and your own unbridled desires; I do nothing.

Long streamers of blue flames emanated from sharp objects, while ball-shaped objects glowed with a white aureole.

Whenever a sneering, vitriolic sound is heard, you may be sure that it emanates from the copperhead element.

It is perhaps most probable, that the meteoric showers of August and December emanate from the same body.

I should have to be prevented by an arrant impossibility if I refused any request emanating from him.

From the hemispherical roof of this turret emanated a wide, unwavering cone of light, blinding in its brilliance.

Emanating, I suspect, from sources interested in shaking out the less sophisticated small shareholders before the merger.

These rumors emanated from a German source, and were evidently circulated with the intention of creating friction.

Whatever ideas emanated from our research organizations, there was no quick means of converting them into German casualties.

A mysterious power seemed to emanate from them; a power that hypnotized the mind and deadened the senses.

A mysterious influence emanates from the scarf, and yielding himself to it, the faun sinks into voluptuous dreams.

When mesmeric passes are made over a patient, a fluid appears to emanate from the hands of the operator.

The atmosphere, during this time, was strongly impregnated with the peculiar odor which emanates from the species.

Kindliness and the gladness of life emanated from him, as perfume does from a jar of attar of roses.

Instead of being artificial, factitious, complex, the latter emanate directly from the activity of man, and freedom.

These laws have emanated from the brains of men, paid by the Trust magnates to undermine the republic.

No, the rays of the sun, which are its bounty, emanate from it and illumine the dark bodies.

Suddenly the darkness was pierced by a faint ray of light emanating from a mere pinprick of luminosity.

The power of Spanish arms was sufficient to induce wide reading of military writings emanating from the peninsula.

All such absurd stories probably emanated from a German source and represent some obscure form of German humor.

From a Japanese collection he chose a design representing a cluster of flowers emanating spindle-like, from a slender stalk.

Half-blown and waiting, a little voluptuous because voluptuousness already emanated from her, she was like a rose inhaling sunlight.

His speeches and debates were among the ablest, emanating from that group of forensic and intellectual giants.

Calorific rays, the invisible, heating rays which emanate from the sun, and from burning and heated bodies.

Gentility is merely hereditary rank, emanating, with all other rank, from the Crown, the sole fountain of honor.

They will not look at anything emanating from foreign sources in which this greatest desideratum has been neglected.

The favorite slogan that the agitation against war emanated wholly from German sources was not verified by facts.

We cannot lay claim to the italics; they emanate from the funny man, and partake of his inveteracy.

Fidgeting bees and flies were excavating the decayed spots in this wasting fruit, from which emanated a vinous odor.

Men and women professing to accept his teachings as having emanated from the Prophet, gave themselves up to profligacy.

Could I, under these circumstances, trust any uncorroborated statement emanating from headquarters, or made by the General's order?

The black-bearded man was extremely sensitive about that odor, for it emanated from his own person and habiliments.

And it is from this character that the melancholy and misanthropy of the new literature may be said to emanate.

The cottage was beclouded with a warm, sweetish steam emanating from the pot where the potatoes were boiling.

From the Intelligence of the lunar sphere emanated the Active Intellect and the sublunar spheres of the four elements.

He never said anything deliberately funny except on the stage, but laughter emanated from him infectiously, as yawning might.

Power was seated on her brow, passion emanated from her breast as from a shrine; she was tragedy personified.

The breath and strength of immeasurable antiquity emanated from those massive ruins, which time could deface but never conquer.

The worthy Germans, who think everything excellent that does not emanate from themselves, copy this custom most conscientiously.

The blowholes are widely separated, and the blow emanating from them projects upward as two separate, distinct spouts.

Art marked by individual spontaneity, emanating from the ego of the artificer, refuses to be levelled down into a class.

He, that one, is surely the focus of the great light which, emanating from you, illumines the whole world.

At the best such a debauch of subtlety would be only tolerable, even had it emanated from a writer of genius.

From it has emanated a series of marvelous inventions which have carried the name of Edison throughout the whole civilized world.

Masculine and feminine are here characterized by the presence of semen or ovum and through the functions emanating from them.

Man's soul, being part of the great soul which animates the universe, both emanates from it, and is again reabsorbed.

The normal ascendancy of the affective sex would be no longer contestable with respect to children emanated from it exclusively.

This focalizing, or controlling media, of the physical, has its seat in the cerebral convolutions; from which sympathetic radiation emanates.

From the Sunburst Girl, as ever, a radiance seemed to emanate that was more than the effulgence of her white-and-golden dress.

His waking hours are unclouded by forebodings of aspersions on his veracity, emanating from officials chafing under inconvenient interpellations.

An emaciated music emanates from the eyes of that sad, restless Venus, to whom love has become a scourge of the senses.

And the force of personality that could emanate from Homer Crawford, possibly unbeknownst to himself, flooded over the huge Californian.

I saw the freckles on her white skin, and there emanated from her the amazing innocence of an accused child.

Behind him the keening of the Call still emanated from the lips of the gory idol enthroned in the Temple.

Another source of information is obtained from the continual bickering, backbiting and petty annoyance emanating chiefly from the City authorities.

These conditions of luminosity have no thermal forces associated with them; although, paradoxically, all thermal conditions emanate from that source.

When it emanates from an object capable of enthralling the affections, this feeling soon kindles admiration, and admiration ripens into love.

The sapper was right, and it is pleasant to read letters like the above when emanating from an entirely independent source.

Who could resist the joy and gladness, the freshness, the youth, the girlishness which emanated from Ursula's entire personality?

Again he felt that subtle warmth and fragrance emanating from her person, and was thrilled and magnetized by it.

It emanated from a point behind the house and whitened a space to the left of the gloomy gray stone dwelling.

The forms of religion evolving, emanating and radiating from that common center are, let us say, fetishism, polytheism, and monotheism.

Wherever the ray that illumined her figure emanated from, it did not perceptibly dispel the Stygian gloom all about her.

From the hot, spicy odor that emanated from this relic of Dutch festivity the girls knew it held something good.

Wasteful as this practice was, much greater prodigality emanated from the camps of certain foreign and American sportsmen and celebrities.

The Sinclair philosophy is the philosophy of lust and animalism, and it could only emanate from a diseased and perverted mind.

We have reason for supposing that gravitation is a purely local affair, and heat and light do not emanate from the sun.

I must watch first, and discover if or there be any foundation for the accusation, if it emanates from spite and vindictiveness.

From the limitless depths of each of these emanates an emotion which is able to obsess and preoccupy the whole field of consciousness.

The Irish might justly lay at his door all the woes which ensued to them from the principles emanating from him.

Sternly he fought down these strange promptings, which he knew to emanate hypnotically from the brain of the creature bending over him.

Sad and characteristic symbol this; the declaration of the Commune did not emanate from the Council, its twelve publicists notwithstanding.

As she ate, the girl looked on, with a cheerful look emanating from the uncomprehending reddish brown eyes on her clear face.

We can also compare it with the effluvium which emanates from electrified bodies. I also compared it some pages back to calorific waves.

Aladdin with the wonderful lamp and all the stories of the Arabian Nights seem to have emanated from such a place as Cairo.

It is probable, though not quite certain, that the first suggestions as to this marriage alliance emanated secretly from the Austrian chancellor, Metternich.

Without the soothing, ennobling and virtue-inspiring influences which emanate from the domestic hearth, this world, I fear, would become a pandemonium.

An order emanating from him, quickly extends, by means of these subordinates, into any direction he chooses, through all its ramifications.

As they bore down upon it with unmoderated speed, he could see that it emanated from a rough-hewn doorway, opening off the passage.

The presence of gas, which is odorless, is betrayed by the discoloration of the water from which it emanates and by bubbles.

He counted each step, until he was enfolded in the inmost circle of that deadly frost emanating from the blackness before him.

As a neighbor, benignity and kindness emanated from his heart, dwelt upon his countenance, and were expressed in his words and actions.

The radiance which emanates from this luminary, displays before us a world strewed with blessings and embellished with the most beautiful attire.

I think of the deformed and purulent, of the perspiration emanating from the sick, and of everything that is ugly in man.

They plodded along steadily with the silence only broken by a muttered remark emanating from Bill Bender from time to time.

Electric ~, a supposed electric fluid, emanating from an electrified body, and forming a mass surrounding it, called the electric atmosphere.

It was more fair, more broad in its scope, more statesmanlike than anything that had previously emanated from the camp of free traders.

All seditious shouts, all reading in public, all posting of political documents not emanating from a regularly constituted authority, are equally prohibited.

It seemed as if a hot wave emanating from her enfolded me, and that she too must feel the same storm in her breast.

Beneath the chromosphere is the layer of the sun from which emanates the light by which we see it, called the photosphere.

They were destined, however, to receive a great impetus from the discoveries which emanated not long after from the father of microscopy, Leeuwenhoek.

I can only bless you for those two notes, which have emanated from you like so much ambrosial scent from roses and lavender.

The rays emanating from the ascending Deity, and beaming through the interstices of the surrounding clouds, are tenderly and brilliantly touched.

Lisa, quite astounded as she was, noticed that the reports were in duplicate, so that they must have emanated from two different sources.

It united the most diverse currents and tendencies, emanating from romanticism, classicism, reform, orthodoxy, love of trade, and efforts for spiritual regeneration.

Across the track was a crater twenty feet in diameter, from which acrid fumes were still slowly emanating from the pulverized earth.

Many of these observations and remarks emanate from others than professed psychologists, some of the most interesting coming from litterateurs and philosophers.

At most the difference between them is that of degree, for the effulgence is one effulgence, the one light emanating from the Sun.