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Use emanate in a sentence

Definition of emanate:

  • (verb) proceed or issue forth, as from a source;
  • (verb) give out (breath or an odor);

Sentence Examples:

Emanating as it does from a man of Gordon's ability and position, we have been much more than disappointed.

In the first place, we learn to watch, with holy jealousy, every thing that emanates from nature.

Bourges must pass as a superb experiment rather than the restrained achievement from which emanates a school.

No sound emanated from the young birds during the first two or three days of their existence.

It was difficult to imagine that such sweet and honeyed words could emanate from such ugly beings.

The orders, under which that officer acted, we are told, emanated from General Gage and Admiral Graves.

Something magnetic, feminine, he was too confused to know what, emanated from her and held him bound.

To think of what emanated from that countenance when she saw it last, and to behold it now!

No sun, no stars or planets could spontaneously emanate from an inert vapor any more than from nothing.

Scientists have also stated that anger produces a poison in the perspiration that emanates from the human body.

The works which emanated from there attracted such wide attention that he gradually rose to fame and fortune.

It is as if the immaterial manifestations of life that formerly emanated from her body were dying one by one.

Madame was frightened, and the smell of brandy, which emanated from the good man, made her feel faint.

The legend or antique rhyme emanating from its door expresses a characteristic he would not willingly see perish.

There are, however, tangible differences in at least a portion of the glass emanating from the various localities.

We emanate in the first instance from the former or spiritual nature, to enter later into the second.

Every thing was prescribed by law, and all law emanated from a tribunal five thousand miles distant.

I tracked the scent through several rooms, and finally discovered a large bowl from which it emanated.

These are noble propositions; they are worthy the eminent and patriotic committee from which they have emanated.

The Active Intellect causes its light to emanate upon the rational soul, thus bringing its powers out into actuality.

Barrie's novels emanates from the author's habit of emphasizing the personal relation between himself and his characters.

Fabian, in the meantime, had seated himself beside Julia, and is listening to some silly remarks emanated by her.

The profound combinations, the poetry and humor of the new school of music principally emanate from Bach.

It read like a decree emanating from the Provisional Government which was to be set up three days later.

An equally striking argument emanating from the same high authority is furnished by the well-known egg-spinning demonstration.

Not the crowd, not even the atmosphere, but a mysterious influence which emanates from those wonderful columns.

The tail (in two parts) is really as amusing as any 'tale' that ever emanated from a female hand.

Content emanated from his personality as perfume of a flower gives a soothing quality to the air about it.

Instead of the protests coming from Virginia and Kentucky they now emanated from the New England States.

The power conferred emanates from and is a portion of the power of the government that confers it.

If the questions emanated from the pupils, the situation would be improved, but such is rarely the case.

Most of the criticisms of missionaries which find their way into the daily papers emanate from such men.

Then England pinned her faith and plans to a military colonization that should emanate from a distant throne.

The view was not imposing, but it was beautiful with the brooding, solemn beauty that emanates from Ireland.

Thus, a sound two cells away might be interpreted as emanating from the remotest cell in the place.

While thus engaged a low scream, emanating from the room he had just quitted, fell on his ear.

Serious, indeed, they are, despite assurances of protection by the police force emanating from the highest official authority!

This fragment is just under two and a half inches in height, and emanated from the same place.

No document that ever emanated from the bureau of a statesman has been overwhelmed with so much ridicule as this.

The shrieks which emanated from the young woman could have defied the best efforts of a steam siren.

Had the power of love, or the magic spell which emanates from genuine royalty, forced her to silence?

It was a home from which emanated an atmosphere of peace and repose which one seemed to feel even as one approached.

Man is an energy phenomenon, both conscious and unconscious, with the energy emanating from the endocrine-vegetative mechanisms.

From whom, then, could it emanate, this weird eagerness, this fluttering, pulsing fear, and hope, and intention?

We are here to administer a constitution emanating immediately from the people, and trusted by them to our administration.

Her eyes sparkled with a light cold and malicious as the gleam which emanates from a blade of steel.

He knew how to distinguish between dreams sent by heaven, and those emanating from the infernal regions.

The girl flushed, turned abruptly and went slowly into the kitchen, from where considerable noise now emanated.

The glimmer he had seen could not therefore emanate from the cell of some unfortunate, here awaiting his sentence.

Others ventured the opinion that the sweet strains emanated from a house in the immediate neighborhood of the prison.

Several works have emanated from the profession here which have attracted much attention, and have been quite extensively read.

He also bore a mirror of gold to show his connection with the sun, from which all heat emanates.

This fever had gradually increased since the morning, like the intoxication emanating from all the tumbled stuffs.

He then conveyed to me the most extraordinary apology that could emanate from a mob for an attempted outrage.

He sat down, breathing uncomfortably a heavy human and canine odor which seemed to emanate from within the cabin.

It is hardly possible to think of them as having emanated from the cooler and less enthusiastic Anglo-Saxon temperament.

He is possessed of a wonderful ray of thought that emanates from his eyes, which is worth twenty millions.

Our being is composed of millions of cells, charged with an electric current which emanates from purely material sources.

He seized a blazing brand out of the fire and hastened to the place from which the sounds emanated.

Yet every military conception that emanated from their cabinet was branded by their characteristic want of grandeur.

The characteristic of other civilizations has been unity; they seem to have emanated from a single fact, a single idea.

It was purely negative and destructive, and emanated from the Government, not from the mass of the people.

Though it did not emanate from the people, its whole consequence depended on the support of the people.

The descriptive incidents in this book could only emanate from the brilliant and fertile brain of Florence Huntley.

It's adjusted to full strength, and I believe it will pick up enough energy to emanate what he's thinking about.

The most important was the subscription or subscriptions of the person or persons from whom the deed emanated.

In hearing this latter opera I once again experienced the charm which emanates from the intimate aroma of Gounod's music.

I have never seen a more radiant expression of the highest and most generous emotions than emanated from his countenance.

I have no doubt but that a large percentage of our worst criminals emanate from this class of poor children.

In his prose writings may be found two distinct lines of political thought emanating from these opposite views.

It would scarcely be possible that these two clouds should emanate from the same person in the same incarnation.

It consists of spiral coils emanating from a center with a nucleus and surrounded by a narrow luminous ring.

Every thought emanated from impulses evolved in his life in the woods, and each was executed with mighty tenderness.

The heat emanating from the interior of the globe would, also, exercise a great influence upon the final result.

From the General emanated the suggestion that Beethoven celebrate the greatest hero of his age in a musical composition.

Nevertheless, there is no withstanding overwhelming masses of evidence, let them emanate from sources never so obscure or prejudiced.

Men of gifted minds have labored in vain to make some ray of light emanate from a point condemned to obscurity.

There are some men whose opposition can be reckoned upon against every thing that has not emanated from themselves.

If only he could find out where those messages emanated from, or the system in force for receiving them!

At the same time from the various forms of government of which I have spoken, something excellent is wont to emanate.

The ear disease in this case may have emanated from the diseased tooth, but no evidence is produced to that effect.

The song grew louder and as they listened they discovered that it emanated from the summit of a mountain.

Opposition to mission work must emanate from that center and difficulties could best be overcome right at their beginning.

From which of the knot of good fellows the bright idea of the unique journal first emanated does not appear.

Such is the fog that emanates from the institution that should help the advance and diffusion of knowledge.

A strong smell of primitive toil emanated from their bodies; primitive ideas and primitive interests looked out of their eyes.

Draw a diagram of many fine rays emanating from a central point, and you will have the idea at once.

For the laws which emanate from the sovereign, from the aristocracy, and from the people all are different.

What shook Haller more than anything else was the queer aura of light that appeared to emanate from their bodies!

French Catholics immediately charged that this proposal emanated from Berlin and did everything possible to oppose its acceptance.

I felt a little shy, so many eyes were upon us, and all the conversation had to emanate from us.

He makes it a rule never to support anything that emanates either from the House of Lords or from the Government.

They are described as learned, yet do the pamphlets emanating from the Fraternity betray any proof of superior knowledge?

His whole flesh seemed to tremble in unison with the waves which emanated from the machines which Lambert manipulated.

Then, beyond the trees, in a glow of blue light emanating from the thing itself, he saw the rocket.

Stoop that brow, from which have emanated so many infernal schemes, that I may press it with my lips.

Asking with tones of tender humility in his voice, while his eyes she knew could emanate subduing magnetic beams.

There are many passages in the play before us which seem to emanate from a mind of more comprehension than Fletcher's.

Sybil had no doubt written one of the letters I had discovered, but did this condemnation emanate from her?

The image of this essence, seen here below in a being of another nature, is the virtue which emanates from it.