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Use emanate in a sentence

Definition of emanate:

  • (verb) proceed or issue forth, as from a source;
  • (verb) give out (breath or an odor);

Sentence Examples:

Fair-haired, white-faced, violet-eyed, she emanated tragedy.

Music emanated from several hidden speakers.

Whence exactly did that smile emanate?

Possibly, but he isn't emanating anything.

The wish emanates from unconscious levels.

This entire agitation emanated from corrupt politics.

An obscure menace emanated from these things.

Vague noises emanated from the control room.

Much of it emanated from Cedar Rapids.

E'er beings gently emanated I was Love.

An unpleasant odor emanates from the nest.

Nothing could more subtly have emanated femininity.

It emanated from a vessel in dire distress.

A subtle charm emanated from these surroundings.

They did not emanate, they were evolved.

A faint warm fragrance emanated from her.

A white melancholy emanated from his soul.

What rays of light emanate from it!

Perhaps their love emanated from this contrast.

It had emanated directly from her being.

Every thing emanates from this absolute subject.

This deep declaration emanated from old Jimmy.

A bad smell emanates from the ears.

Free trade has emanated from this order.

Certainly, his personality emanated a faint hostility.

A national character may emanate from a kitchen.

It does not emanate from the dead man.

A cloud seemed to emanate from his captive.

They could emanate only from the people.

The man and the car emanated prosperity.

All laws emanated directly from the monarch.

From this hole emanated a radiant green light.

Did it emanate from the wisdom of man?

A sense of expectation emanated from the group.

We give some statements emanating from this authority.

Magical power abides in and emanates from him.

A terrible impression of weakness emanated from him.

Surely this must have emanated from a wit!

From her alone emanated light, a myriad sparkles.

A sort of sigh emanated from his wife.

It seems to emanate from the whole tree.

Let it emanate solely from your practiced judgment.

A hideous red head emanates slowly from a bush.

It seemed to emanate from her body upon mine.

Her temperament was still emanating the same aura.

More disgusting trash never emanated from the press.

Branches emanate from the top of the articulations.

Even the odor emanating from her person changed.

The shots did not emanate from our troops.

And from all this emanates your blond-beast philosophy.

Her firm girl's body emanated a supreme vitality.

Some electrical influence seems to emanate from your form.

A traditional charm seemed to emanate from the portraits.

A distinct sigh of relief emanated from the chair.

The light seemed to emanate from roof and walls.

What revival was ever seen to emanate from Rome?

A cry of suffering which emanated from a bank.

This act, he maintains, emanates from the creative imagination.

A direct potent force seemed to emanate from him.

A disgusting odor of sickness emanated from the interior.

Upon the instant a feminine challenge emanated from her.

This saying has evidently emanated from the stable.

The proposal originally emanated entirely from General Pomeroy.

An atmosphere of quiet confidence seemed to emanate from him.

"Would not the suggestion better emanate from you?"

The direct influence mainly emanated from John Colvin.

Emanated from that journal not many years since.

Ripples which emanated from movement beneath the surface.

The dismal noises continued to emanate from his mouth.

No lofty virtues can emanate from such a condition.

The greater part of his activities emanate from there.

The inspiration of heaven cannot emanate but from heaven.

A considerable number of emblem books emanated from him.

A silent heat emanated from the dimmed, smoke-smeared hearth.

Some kind of power and intensity emanated from him.

Emanating from the First Cause is the active intellect.

Cosgrove was a pioneer from whom such principles emanate?

It emanates from the crude, powerful sensation of sex.

Satan becomes visible by light emanating from himself.

From the same source there emanates another idea in competitions.

The whole room emanated a fragrance of peace and calmness.

"No letter of the kind has emanated from us."

All their political injunctions emanate from this central idea.

From me the circulation of warm, musical blood emanates.

It was from him that their real charm emanated.

It emanated from their silence and their ancient tombs.

It emanates from the man, not from his circumstances.

Presently a most horrific groaning emanated from the lion.

A mysterious influence which emanates from those wonderful columns.

Character and beauty emanated from her every spontaneous action.

The noises seemed to emanate from a cellar in the house.

To her sanctity did not emanate from the pulpit.

Stale odors emanate from many hallways and open windows.

I desire liberty and progress to emanate from the king.

A soft light emanated from the movement of the ocean.

It had emanated as a new blessing from the Cross.

I am quite sure that it emanated from a lady of education.

This double civility emanated from a gentleman and a peddler.

From her whole person a pleasing light seemed to emanate.

It emanated from some person not many feet from them.