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Use emanate in a sentence

Definition of emanate:

  • (verb) proceed or issue forth, as from a source;
  • (verb) give out (breath or an odor);

Sentence Examples:

Popular excitement is a flame which feeds itself by the electric current emanating from thousands of impassioned and excited minds.

They had selected an Executive of unquestioned honesty, who will execute such laws as will emanate from the representatives of the people.

The blue haze trailing behind the boat appeared to emanate from the glittering point of a short upright pole fastened in the stern.

Exclaimed a shrill female voice, which emanated from a person who had entered the cabin unperceived, just after Ellen was wounded.

She is faithful to him with all the fidelity of which she is still capable; the incorruptible emanates from the corruptible.

The creature came running swiftly, and the alien's mind caught the sharp whine of fear and hate emanating from the thing.

Since, however, we have no means of determining absolutely the amount of emanation present, all measurements of emanating power are of necessity comparative.

If any particular legislative action transgressed these restrictions, it necessarily went beyond the authority of the body from which it emanated.

Within the hall, at the window, stood the Elector, and these shouts emanating from thousands of throats darkened his countenance.

This, I have explained, was caused by the phosphorescent radiation that apparently emanated from every particle of mineral matter in this universe.

The causes emanate from the Almighty; but he leaves the effects to the arrangements of Nature, which is governed by immutable laws.

A calculation emanating from them has been shown me, according to which the strength of the Opposition is undiminished, or rather increased.

It was the birthplace of the violin and of the cello, and from thence emanated the artistic executive development of both instruments.

It was quite nude, and from all over its body, which was of an exaggerated whiteness, there emanated a strange, phosphorescent glow.

At the same time that the Signora thus spoke in a low whisper, deep and convulsive sobs emanated from behind the curtains.

This point, at which the natural emanated from the supernatural, fascinated the medieval thinker as the doctrine of evolution does the modern.

The indescribable odor that emanates from the clothes of the poor made the air heavy with the smell of the unwashed slums.

Wolcott, exhibits the Sun with a perfect bright ring round it from which the Coronal streamers emanate in the directions mentioned.

That proposition, doubtless, emanated from the youthful conqueror, but Mazarin had the merit of comprehending, sustaining, and causing it to triumph.

From one emanated the strains of an accordion and from another the babble of voices that suggested a quarrel over a card game.

Exerting the conciliatory influence of the former, they proclaimed to the deluded, these tenders of forgiveness which emanated from their power.

A warm atmosphere, the heat emanating from human bodies, greeted the fugitives, and they heard the heavy breathing of numerous sleepers.

They emanated neither from scientific investigations, nor from systems of political economy, nor from philosophic evidence, nor theories of political science.

These laws, however, often differ only in emanating from different authorities; while infractions of them are merely offenses against different powers.

It was the expression of timidity mingled with confidence in the indulgence of another, emanating from a forgetfulness of her own nature.

Yet his prosaic face, when animated, gave an impressive sense of that attribute which seemed to emanate from the whole man: power.

Wholly dissociated from the picturesque personality from which the book emanated, Leaves of Grass bears a unique story margined on its pages.

The laws relating to slavery do not emanate from the slave-holding mind; nor are they interpreted or executed by the slave-holding class.

Caldwell for the great pains he has taken to render the ten illustrations emanating from his able pencil as lifelike as possible.

It was, in fact, a burst of genius emanating from a burst of sorrow, which found an alleviating vent in a supplication to Indifference.

He asserted that these papers were not his, that the alleged disputation had, as a matter of fact, emanated from Christopher Marlowe.

I need not relate the innumerable stratagems I devised to employ the attention and heart of my wife in pleasures emanating from myself.

Shalt, Colonel Meadows and a technician watched Crawford performing in pantomime and listened to the strange vibrations emanating from the speaker.

One was used for a few unhealthy looking fowls; another, by the smell and noise that emanated therefrom, housed a number of pigs.

This was not mere conceit, I think, because it emanated rather from pride in my father than from any exalted opinion of myself.

It is the more to be feared, because its indomitable courage emanates from the consciousness of its prodigious strength, and is always akin to fury.

It is impossible to determine from what quarter they emanate, whether from above or below, so rich, varied, and confusing is the reverberation.

Thoughts emanating from the brain lack the vigor and inventiveness of those prompted by the working of the more humble organ.

Rights, in the strict sense of the word, are possible only so long as power is considered as emanating from a superhuman will.

You endeavor calmly to receive it with a cursory glance; but you deposit it in your jacket well aware that your trembling frame emanates confusion.

Petersburg, but the response is invariable: it emanates directly from the cabinet of the Emperor, and pronounces the dissolution of the council.

It is easy now to see that much emanating therefrom came from those whose vision was confined to the limits of a small island.

Aside from reports emanating from officials and Departments, the largest body of literature is that dealing with the ethnology of existing tribes.

The remarks I have made on filial love and fraternal affection are applicable to all the passions which emanate spontaneously from human nature itself.

Resolutions emanating from the meetings held in the several counties joined with the press to denounce the action taken by the aforesaid convention.

Houses have distinct personalities, either bequeathed to them by their builders or tenants, absorbed from their materials, or emanating from the general environment.

He muttered something, and then went grumbling across the yard towards a wall, from behind which emanated an odor which required no explanation.

Again, in proportion as the rays of light become distant from the body from which they emanate, they diverge one from the other.

The silence, a trifle stagnant emanating from the three of us, seemed to be compressed up under the toned-down white of the ceiling.

It would be impossible to make perceptible that atmosphere of irresistible attraction, that magnetism, we might say, which emanated from this singular creature.

One of the earliest of the paltry insinuations against Marie Antoinette emanated from her not counterfeiting deep affliction at the decease of the old King.

Anything in the shape of levity emanating from occupants of the rack jars upon a Chief Tormentor's sense of what is professionally proper.

He found out afterwards that it emanated from various sardine-preserving factories, and the discovery put him off canteen 'sharks' for quite a week.

It cannot hold out sufficient inducement for exertion, and hence we find that no great invention has ever emanated from a public establishment.

Madame de Condamin, distressed by the strong smell which emanated from his cassock, one day gently took him to task about his appearance.

The profound yearning that we all harbor for friendship, for a sympathetic soul, emanates from the imperative need for pouring our hearts out.

He rejoiced at having been able to proclaim once more the principle of his doctrine, emanating naturally from the soul of the art he glorified.

Her happiness was treasured in their hearts, and did not emanate from the furniture of a room, nor the comfort of an equipage.

No appreciable lowering of the vacuum is observed when an emanating compound is placed in a vacuum tube and no new spectrum lines are observed.

There is an influence that emanates from lifeless things, strong, subtle, and penetrating; an influence in form, in color, in scent, even in juxtaposition.

I was examining our new trenches in the twilight and my nose had been assailed by that peculiar odor which emanates from the dead.

Frank paused in his enthusiastic questions, and gazed at his chums through a mist of moisture that seemed to emanate from his damp person.

The influence thence emanating reaches the remotest portions of the globe, and tends mightily to the civilization and happiness of the race.

An entire remodeling of the mansion would have been necessary to disperse the atmosphere of depression that, tangible as dampness, emanated from its walls.

And it is in the grasp of the relentless sun that growing things yield up their innermost vitality and emanate their fragrant essence.

The smoke of the flame that scorched her seemed to emanate from her wrinkles as from the crevasses rent by a volcanic eruption.

These resolutions probably emanated from the influence of Henry Clay, from the first a zealous and steadfast friend of the South American patriots.

His harangue, though given as a sermon, was strictly and simply a moral essay, such as might have emanated from any professor's chair.

Once or twice, Ellis was irritated by shrieks of laughter that emanated from the office across the alley, usually in Bill's shrill treble.

Two streams of lurid light seemed to emanate from those dilated gray eyes; two spots of crimson blazed in the widow's hollow cheeks.

Let the magnanimity of your holy, God-like natures, be reflected from your statute books, in the women protective laws which emanate from them.

At the beginning of the aria alone, are the words vigorous and spirited, and from them emanated the whole of your lovely piece of music.

An unsolved situation, a psychic fixation, had thus been created and now everything else emanated from the continued conflict between prohibition and impulse.

As he rehearsed his titles he drew himself up to his full height; and pride of race seemed actually to shine or emanate from him.

Nothing ever emanated from his pencil offensive to religion, morals, or refinement; all that bears his name would honor the most fastidious reputation.

The prejudices of men emanate from the mind, and may be overcome; the prejudices of women emanate from the heart, and are impregnable.

Wilson looked profoundly grieved, the spiritual melancholy emanating from her willowy figure and mobile countenance was charged with resolution as well as pity.

Like all that emanates from your pen, it is profound and able, and I concur with you that its publication would now be timely.

Thus far, then, though we arrive at nothing positive, we yet find our suspicions of a poisonous influence emanating from the putrid reptiles remaining.

This was a good honest snore, such as could only emanate from healthy lungs; and besides, as she reflected, it kept her wide awake.

In view of such considerations I cannot deem these suggestions touching "microbes" and "diseases" as worthy of the distinguished biologist from whom they emanate.

The fiercest adversaries of Charles X. never denied the attraction emanating from his whole personality, the chief secret of which was kindliness.

The university was the privileged guild, the sole competent body from which every authority and license to teach science and literature emanated.

Then there follows, in the same rhythmical form, an enumeration of the sexual stimuli emanating from woman through eye, ear, smell, taste, and touch.

Tony masterfully stripped him of his overcoat and cap and placed them in the kitchen from which emanated odors of strange things cooking.

The light faded swiftly to a mysterious violet glimmer in the sky, on the ground, a cold phosphorescence that seemed to emanate from the ice.

The notations of musical scales of uncivilized nations emanating from European travelers who have heard the people sing, are certainly to be received with caution.

Now of course I had known all along that the humor of the story emanated from its very exaggeration, its absurdly illogical smoothness.

Still, from the displeasure which the gift caused it, the Bourbon family ought to have felt that it did not emanate from it.

The fish then dived under, George plunged after it into the pool, and followed the shimmering light that emanated from his scaly guide.

It is convenient to use the term emanating power to express the amount of emanation given off per second by one gram of the compound.

Her talents had now reached their full development, and this book is one of the most masterly that has emanated from her pen.

And she recalled and reconstituted Arthur's physical presence, and the emanating charm of his disposition, and dwelt on them long and long.

The Anti-Jacobin lasted barely eight months, but was probably the most potent satirical production that has ever emanated from the English press.

And that something emanating from him enveloped her, delicately and yet forcefully, constraining and urging and compelling her to meet his gaze.

This is an invariable rule; and, when we perceive an odor, we may be sure that parts of the material, from which it emanates, are escaping.

She exhaled an atmosphere of respectability, and the faint odor of almonds which emanates from those women who eschew scent in favor of soap.

From such a fusion might have emanated odd tastes, such as preferring truffles to potatoes, but putting the knife into requisition whilst eating green peas.

The person from whom it emanates is happy and at peace with the world, thinking dreamily of some friend whose very presence is a pleasure.

However, the financial misinformation imparted by one's own flesh and blood is more easily forgiven than that which emanates from one's regular broker.