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Use emanate in a sentence

Definition of emanate:

  • (verb) proceed or issue forth, as from a source;
  • (verb) give out (breath or an odor);

Sentence Examples:

Sounds began to emanate from his heaving chest.

"That parody emanated from a bazaar," I said contemptuously.

An air of festivity seemed to emanate from them both.

Some essence emanated from them that besieged the heart.

That it emanates from the atmosphere is wholly inadmissible.

It seemed to emanate from the soaring walls of rock.

A penetrating and continuous fascination emanated from that imperious image.

From this ugly woman emanated a piquant, mysterious charm.

A dim, bluish light emanated from the curving ceiling.

Light emanates or radiates from luminous bodies in a straight line.

Waves of frantic force emanated from its throbbing bulk.

From the end of the tube emanated a purplish light.

A perfume of exalted virtue emanated from all her being.

An odor of eau de cologne and mint emanated from her.

The sweetness that emanated from her almost overpowered him.

I am sure these scandalous pleasantries never emanated in your brain.

It was from this gash that the glow emanated.

Master, emanating the very essence of youth, chuckled merrily.

A rancid smell of fried butter emanated from the kitchen.

Something inimical and powerful emanated from her body to mine.

Again the revelation must have emanated from the Chinese official circle.

The warmth emanating from him became in her a devout fervor.

By some this is described as emanating especially from the armpits.

A slight cackle emanated from the ledger, but immediately died away.

Hear the mumbled accusations emanating from a few of the unpleasant!

Poetry descriptive of public life will emanate from the philosophic class.

At three o'clock a gentle snore emanated from the sick room.

The mildness I have mentioned seemed to emanate from her whole being.

A strong, ponderous cast of thought seemed to emanate from his features.

Some popular Almanacs of a remarkable character also emanated from McKenzie's press.

I spoke once of that paragraph purporting to emanate from Prince Ernest.

An air of gloom and pessimism emanates from all the Indian art.

Representatives should emanate from these bodies; for there were certainly electors.

He noticed how, without words, she seemed to emanate responsiveness and understanding.

Ah, youth, purity, and strength emanate from you to revive and cheer!

An intense heat emanated from the human bodies and the burning tapers.

Physics stands on an electric globe, from which emanate rays of light.

A faint jingling sound was at once audible, emanating from the basement.

From her personality there seemed to emanate an enticing aura of sex mystery.

The first manifestations of pseudo-automatic writing claimed to emanate from a deceased relation.

The moral law can have no authority unless emanating from a lawgiver.

Seems to emanate from the most wistful and poignant of his pages.

We shall not say that the intimation has emanated from the Duke.

It was from this spot that the noxious vapor must have emanated.

Captain Walters had looked at the monastery from which the liqueur emanated.

From them in all probability emanated the opals known to the Romans.

I understand that the religion we profess to follow emanates from the supernatural.

One smelled odors which seemed to emanate from the entrails of the earth.

The cruel weapon glittered in the light emanating from the paraffin lamps.

Such a charge could only emanate from a man hackneyed in indirect measures.

How does a bird produce the melodious notes that emanate from his throat?

Were some of the remarks they overheard, emanating from the English people present.

Save the chirping of the birds, no other sound emanated from the forest.

From that room emanates a malign influence from which I would have protected you.

"That pure, pacific, and benevolent system, which having emanated from the Deity."

Blinded at first, their vision became accustomed to the radiance that emanated from within.

Moore to Howard, alleging the order to have emanated from Sickles; but, as Capt.

They emanated from a credulous and superstitious people in an unscientific age and country.

These all emanate from the assertion that a neurosis is an absolute morbid formation.

An intense, peculiar exhalation of light and color emanates from these fantasies of mine.

A work emanating from so high a source hardly requires commendation to give it currency.

The statement was on a par with many that emanated from the strikers.

Births, christenings, burials, all emanated from, or were accomplished in, this family chamber.

I certainly marvel that any composition worthy of perusal can emanate from me.

There is much and exaggerated abuse of this courtesy, emanating from this country.

One never knew what fresh idea would not emanate from his indefatigable mind.

It is unspeakably charming and delightful, like everything that emanates from my good angel.

In the naval service, everything in the way of routine emanates from the flagship.

For she seemed to emanate from the tiger-skin, as a butterfly from the chrysalis.

Great sobs emanated from his white lips, as his shoulders heaved in a paroxysm.

The adventurous pantomime opens in a gloomy forest emanating an air of midnight mysteries.

This diatribe emanated from a pile thicker than the rest, in the chimney corner.

The Go player remained immersed in study, an air of relief emanating from his face.

Sudden proposals, too, emanating from others, always nettled her; it narrowed her prerogative.

For from here must emanate the light that will lighten all this archipelago.

It appeared to emanate from an electric searchlight held in the hands of the stranger.

That command emanates and reaches each class from the same authoritative and omnipotent source.

I do hope this one does not emanate from your grandfather, desiring you to refund everything.

It seemed to me that his misery emanated from him like a soundless wail of anguish.

Like the color and perfume of a rose, they emanated from her inmost being.

The wailing accompaniment in high falsetto emanates from the immortal soul of the baby.

Savage or primitive man observes that all brightness emanates from the firmament above him.

It immediately occurred to me from whom this good feeling and liberality had emanated.

Probably not, if his acceptance had been detected as emanating from an uninvited stranger.

It seemed to emanate from her, a fitting attribute of her young, wholly unsophisticated girlhood.

His fingers were stained a brilliant yellow and a peculiar odor emanated from his clothes.

It emanated a youthful vigor and an exuberance not found in any other contemporary periodical.

The voice emanated from a man wearing a silver helmet and sporting a short goatee.

It was always pervaded by the dim green light emanating from the walls.

That unearthly whoop had surely not emanated from her listless, sober little son.

It turned out to be a spiral nebula encircling and apparently emanating from the star.

What an unearthly light such confessions throw upon the mentalities from which they emanate!

Proposals that did not emanate from himself got scant justice in council or caucus.

The monster emanated power, sinister, malevolent power, power intelligent, alien and hostile to man.

It evidently emanated from the gang who had planned to rob and assassinate me.

Ignorance, cynicism and brutality, that is all that emanates from this false social revolution.

Healing strength emanated from the yogi; I was instantly refreshed in the scorching field.

A dim pleased significant hush seemed to emanate from the lady, and pervade the house.

Thus, all the impediments of the mouth of the Nile evidently emanate from the sea.

Emanated from some corners of the Hall; then an adjournment until the morrow took place.