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Use garland in a sentence

Definition of garland:

  • (noun) an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.
  • (noun) flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  • (verb) adorn with bands of flowers or leaves; "They garlanded the statue"

Sentence Examples:

Xenophon was crowned with a garland, in accordance with the Greek custom of wearing wreaths upon festal occasions.

Sometimes, as in the early Venetian pictures, it is hung with garlands of fruits and flowers, most fancifully disposed.

The flowers were used formerly on May-day by country people for strewing before their doors, and weaving into garlands.

The ivy leaves were dexterously polished, and a graceful garland laid above every tuck of the transparent white dress.

For a garland or any device of a definite shape, the foundation could be a stiffer wire, or laths of wood.

He wore a garland of daffodils and lilacs and moved sedately along, mindful of the importance of his position.

The natives of that wonderful island love to strew flowers over everything, and to garland everything with beautiful blossoms.

This was a species of punt, with poles garlanded, and an awning overhead, made of a faded Mexican flag.

The procession is bound together by a garland hanging in heavy festoons, and beneath is a heavy laurel roll.

The borders are especially fine, containing medallions supported by nymphs and satyrs garlanded with fruit and flowers.

Children decked with garlands and flowers chose their queen, and crowned her amid the plaudits of the people.

When we come to papers, we are lost in a maze of stripes and garlands and nosegays, either alone or in combination.

Garlands of flowers and streamers of ribbons hanging from gilt pillars mark the sacred precincts of the tribunal.

Gaudy hangings drooped from the balconies, garlands of ivy were wreathed round the statues of the marble front.

Yea, they had fair garlands on their heads, and the men had golden swords hanging from silver baldrics.

They live at ease ensconced in the branches of the trees, nestling amid green olive vines and garlands of flowers.

A large dray drawn by four horses, plumed and flower garlanded, was wending a triumphal course up Market street.

On the clock there was a bronze cupid, who smirked as he bent his arm beneath a golden garland.

In her lowly bashfulness she could hardly raise the garland to the neck of the Mate she had chosen.

Under smiling features and fair garlands, he hides at first that hideousness which in due time is revealed to his victims.

It was planted on graves, and is often connected with Persephone, who appears crowned with a garland of asphodels.

The subdued light from one of them fell upon swinging garlands of greenery festooned outside; decorations ready for Christmas.

Their designs were conventional, but the working out was like the quaintly formal primness of wild flowers in garlands.

At her behest apparitions, in the disguise of charming nymphs, shepherds and shepherdesses, bind him with garlands of flowers.

Sometimes a frolicsome girl would place a garland round one of our necks, and then trip away, laughing merrily.

The elephant then began to prance about, and grew so excited that it cast the garland on the ground.

Two thousand of these were selected as worthy of emancipation, crowned with garlands, and dignified with high religious honors.

In some parts of this county a garland, similar to the May-day one, is taken about on the 29th of May.

In the railing, are three gates, the center one of which is charged with garlands and other gilt ornaments.

On his head was a garland of the several kinds of flowers that blow in each season, with evergreens intermixed.

She herself used them to embroider this garland of silver thread; she gave it to the king on his birthday.

The women, pranked with garlands and festoons of yellow flowers, danced also by themselves along with the victim.

In the month of May there was the addition of a May-pole and garland, a milkmaid, a fiddler, and syllabubs.

A part of the top garland which was to hang in a festoon over the door in the roof was lacking.

Over their blonde tresses the maidens wore gems and precious garlands; lilies, violets and roses were their charming faces.

There were perfumes, garlands on hot foreheads, shrieking and whirring of stringed instruments, high laughter, and swinging in circles.

And so she does not put the garland of her acceptance round the lean, scraggy neck of the ascetic.

I like these old embroidered chairs, and the garlands on the wainscot, and the pictures that may be anything.

Flowers exchange their fragrance for a sickening odor, such as comes from garlands that have lain in vaults of cemeteries.

The victor himself was remunerated not with money, but with crowns and garlands, the testimonies of public applause.

On opening their door the next morning, their eyes were gladdened by a lovely garland which hung on the knob.

Serene and peaceful our lives had been, every hour garlanded with love and every year festooned by the Hand Unseen.

The jangling bell attached to the door aroused no curiosity whatever in the white-faced girls bending over these gay garlands.

On his head he wore a garland of mournful cypress, and a large truncheon in his hand, headed with an iron spike.

And shall I be metamorphosed into one of those youthful swains, that are twining their garlands with such bewitching grace?

These were followed by young men, leading the victims, with gilded horns and garlanded heads, intended for sacrifice.

It contained a Swiss watch set in the front of a small onyx box ornamented with garlands of wrought gold.

Hundreds of children lined the roadway into the town, flinging posies and garlands before the feet of the Duke's horse.

The tin ornamentation, which consisted of single long pieces, was intended to represent two garlands festooned around the spire.

Neither tree, nor garlands, nor box contained any hint of the donor, to the great disappointment of the neophytes.

Girls in white, garlanded with flaming flowers, were dancing the eternal jig of the country with their brown swains.

For some reason, if this flower was found introduced into a May-day garland, it was torn to pieces immediately on discovery.

Garlands of tiny rosebuds decked the skirts, and the bodices were trimmed with blue ribbons and gilt paper hearts.

Every wall was pictured, every niche held a statue, every column was wreathed with a garland of sculptured roses.

Out of a prairie of tall swamp grass, rose oaks and taller pines draped with fantastic garlands of waving Spanish moss.

No music, rich and deep, wreathed round pillar and under painted vault garlands of song and of sacred sound.

"The flowers in the bride's hand are sadly like the garland which decked the heifers of sacrifice in old times!"

They represent a marble colonnade, each column of which is wreathed with flowers and connected to its neighbor with garlands.

A wreath of fiery serpents twisted themselves in fiendish contortions, shedding lurid radiance upon the cruel marble brow they garlanded.

The rooms are furnished in neat, homelike style, and their associations readily deck them with the fragrant garlands of memory.

She wore a mantle of green silk, inlaid with eider-down, and zoned round her waist with garlands of wild flowers.

The woodbine still festooned its piazza with green garlands in summer, and scarlet and purple berries and leaves in autumn.

The women were adorned with garlands of green leaves, and had flowers entwined in their hair and around their bodies.

Tree personally invested with a purposeful effeminacy, and his tunics and garlands of flowers accentuated the poet in the man.

The ceiling should be painted in the style of Boucher, with a pale sky scattered with clouds, garlands and Cupids.

One day they shall arise from the ashes of humiliation and march forth with garlands of victory wreathing their brow.

The corbels, from which the roof springs, are decorated with shields of arms, surrounded by a garland of strawberry leaves.

At the top it was crowned with many-colored banners, streaming pennants, and enormous garlands of flowers and leaves artistically interwoven.

The statue, all pensive under its garland, was flecked with patches of sunshine which filtered through the surrounding foliage.

Tousled heads from above looked down curiously on heads elaborately frizzed, on scarlet caps, on plumes, on garlands, on jewelled necks.

They saw two great barks, bound together, picturesquely decked with garlands of flowers and various-colored festoons of fluffy drapery.

The ceiling is ornamented with an exquisite design in which musical instruments are entwined in a garland with cherubs and flowers.

His skeleton was disinterred, put into a basket, and hung to a tree with a garland of flowers round its neck.

The front of the skirt was trimmed with lace flounces, headed with garlands of lilies of the valley and orange blossoms.

The retiring Master and Wardens entered with garlands on their heads, preceded by the beadle and by minstrels playing.

The pillars were adorned with festoons of garlands, like triumphal arches, before the closed door of the temple, and above Consuelo.

The indescribable dreariness of the scene is heightened by two monumental stones garlanded with wreaths and surrounded by flowers.

He entered the grand canal beneath an arch of triumph between a double line of boats adorned with festoons and garlands.

White-robed and garlanded, they stood beside the babe, and with unwearied fingers drew out the lines of his untried life.

Can you imagine great trees entirely covered with exquisite blooms, and garlands of pink and lilac creepers interlacing the jungle?

He kept those ministrations against such time as the Cart was ready, and the Tree decked with its hempen garland.

There we cull the flowers of the field and the forest glade, weaving them into garlands, building them into nosegays.

Fresh incense was thrown on the brazier of coals glowing before the garlanded statue of Venus as flutes intoned a languorous measure.

His soft hair, which falls about his shoulders in delicate ringlets, is generally intertwined with a garland of vine leaves or ivy.

The town was garlanded, and there was not an English merchant or a Dutch burgher but wore his holiday dress.

Next were led the oxen to be sacrificed, having their horns gilt, and their heads adorned with fillets and garlands.

The great majority streamed along on foot, nearly all wearing garlands of cotton-wood foliage to screen them from the sun.

Fruits and flowers, interwoven in heavy garlands and overflowing from baskets and urns, carry out the idea of profuse abundance.

The canopy of the bed was adorned with Cupids playing with garlands and holding gilt lilies, the royal flower.

At seven, on Wednesday, his temples wreathed with some appropriate garland, you will behold the victim come smiling to the altar.

The carved pillars showed cupids pelting one another with flowers plucked from the garlands that wreathed their naked chubbiness.

The celebrants rise at daybreak, wash and bathe, anoint their bodies with oil, and hang garlands of flowers round their necks.

Plump and beardless, with vine leaves garlanding his brow, he passes by holding in his hand an overflowing cup of wine.

Myriads of garland-covered boats are borne upon the water, and happy faces peep from under the festoons of flowers and foliage.

And they carried garlands of ivy entwined among bluebells and cowslips from the moist warm copses and the meadows.

Garlands of leaves and flowers twined around the Corinthian pillars; countless lamps adorned the wide halls of the atrium and peristyle.

Its antiquity of form and texture contrasted strangely with the freshness of the garland of paper roses that wreathed it.

Then Manuel, not to be outdone, wove a garland of pink oleander, and she threw it about her throat and sang on.

Louis had for device a ring interlaced with a garland of lilies and daisies, in allusion to his name and that of his queen.

The men flourished torches, and were shouting a song with unbridled vehemence; the women, wearing garlands, kept up with them.