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Use garland in a sentence

Definition of garland:

  • (noun) an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.
  • (noun) flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  • (verb) adorn with bands of flowers or leaves; "They garlanded the statue"

Sentence Examples:

Some wore crowns, others garlands of flowers.

Take also this garland of many colors.

Some wear garlands similar to birds' feathers.

Beside a stream girls were tying garlands.

He had a large stock of garlands.

Children's garland from the best poets.

Let her place my garland there.

What might the "new garlands" represent?

Flowers are utterly unknown, and garlands tabooed.

He was surrounded by garlands of flowers.

From what tree is this garland woven?

At any rate, garlands will be charming.

Their only ornaments were garlands of flowers.

Triumphant garlands are given to the English.

I have another's garland round my neck.

On his head was a garland of roses.

Bring soon our favorite drink and various garlands.

The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid.

Venus's garlanded hours are followed by misery.

The girls had thrown in their garlands.

Such delicious fruits and sweet-perfumed flower garlands!

Torn lies my garland; scattered the flowers.

Garlanded with lotus blooms, rosy as Horus!

I have to weave so many garlands a day.

They wear garlands of flowers on their heads.

All the soldiers wore garlands of oak leaves.

One should not wear garlands of red flowers.

Then came four open carriages garlanded with flowers.

The garland it wore is found and identified.

The house is full of incense and garlands.

Look here, how gaily my head is garlanded!

The garland is thus some six feet high.

Is a woman weaving a garland for herself?

Boulton should be covered with garlands of oak!

The hero's garland his, the martyr's crown!

"There with fantastic garlands she did come."

We have plenty of flowers; we want more garlands.

She has garlanded the world with gold.

The young women had made bouquets and garlands.

Then she turned to his garland of victory.

A garland is meant to be seen upon a head.

Several birthday garlands were hung upon the walls.

A sparkling ribbon of moonlight garlanded the gulf.

Well, flowers of spring your wedding garland dress!

Have they bound those brows with no garland?

I am the dumb youth who wove you garlands.

Bound with "Northern Garlands" and one other work.

Seven maidens putting fresh garlands about the hall.

This garland quite hid his mother's frightful teeth.

All these had snow-white garlands on their heads.

Athletic youths are bringing flowers and winding garlands.

The motive of the garlanded skull is a favorite one.

The village is brave with banners and garlands.

With what two garlands is that city crowned!

Wear in your summer garland this little leaf of rue.

First put on this garland, and then speak.

"Susan must help to weave the garlands," said another.

The yellow blossoms made a garland about her hat.

Duties give way to cups and perfumes and garlands.

To gather a garland to deck my brown hair.

He gave him the garland of his own neck.

How those garlands of fire burst on the sight!

And a new garland hung in P?re la Chaise!

They hate wine, and will never wear a garland.

Enter a band of students drawing a garlanded float.

Garlands of fresh pink roses, tied with blue ribbons.

It is used in making garlands and other female ornaments.

Their language may be compared to a garland of flowers.

For them flags and garlands and paper flowers.

Garlands of flowers were hung from one house to another.

Now to the song and doe this garland grace.

Sing all a green willow must be my garland.

And not a single branch, but garlands of it!

Are such garlands worth the sacrifice of artistic honor?

Were they walking apart, or wound together by garlands?

Anne, standing straight again, surveyed the garland in silence.

The garland hangs on both sides of the neck.

Love garlands every day; Peace keeps harsh words away.

"I will even weave him a garland if you desire it."

Said she, placing the garland upon her friend's head.

Love's garland shall not fade on gallant Carnot's grave!

A long garland of flowers trails from her hands.

The garland hangs on both sides of the neck.

Can your shrine any longer with garlands be dress'd?

There was to be no easy or garland-strewn road to success.

Other elaborate decorations garlanded the rest of the room.

Garlands of flowers occupied a good deal of space in it.

There were various flowers, spreading fragrance and making garlands.

Were there vine-leaves around, I would garland my brow.

Seldom had a more gracious June decked England with garlands.

It is garlanded with flowers which grew in our hearts.

Once more I spilled their wine, and tore their garlands.

Nor should one wear such garlands over one's outer garments.

To all are dear the deeds of the garlanded Cyprian.

We prefer a fading garland to the crown of life.

They outlined each crack in the ice with close garlands.

And there were garlands of wild flowers to be strung.

A band of wild riders dashed up the garlanded avenue.

Pine garlands at the foot, rose garlands at the head.

She is veiled and crowned with a garland of flowers.