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Use garland in a sentence

Definition of garland:

  • (noun) an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.
  • (noun) flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  • (verb) adorn with bands of flowers or leaves; "They garlanded the statue"

Sentence Examples:

The curtains of his bed were of the same materials, looped up by garlands of pinks and roses.

Joachim, the Pascal Lamb and the Eucharist ornamented with bunches of grapes and garlands of wheat.

They are laid separately in many places, but are especially placed in garlands on the necks of cattle.

The flower, too, has a pretty effect when made into garlands, and is extremely useful in medicinal preparations.

She found a rustic seat placed for her under a giant oak, and garlanded with fragrant flowers.

I am in doubt, whether to change is not merely to dress, or to dress with changes of garlands.

Observed Mary, looking at the garlands of leaves and flowers that covered the beams above their heads.

Two ladies, mothers of two school companions of the dead child, had brought two garlands of flowers.

At once the boy was called, and the marriage garlands were exchanged between him and the princess.

Garlands are placed round the neck, and the bell is rung, while lamps are lighted all about.

On the third day, garlands are received from the temples to which the bride and bridegroom belong.

When Pygmalion reached his home, to his amazement he saw before him his statue garlanded with flowers.

Suppose she should use the garland as a rope and venture to leap over it on this giddy height?

It is a flower that Dido might have worn in her hair, or Semiramis in garlands around her neck!

Like soft garlands the faces of the children in the first rows, nearest the place of action.

A charming bouquet and garland were then painted on her, and the Cup did not recognize herself.

The reservation is indicated by a broad white ribbon barrier across the aisle, or a garland of flowers.

"Let's make him a garland of leaves," she proposed, "just to signify that we are sorry for him."

The head of the young girl who wears the garland of blue flowers is also very sweetly conceived.

"Why, we hung up our garlands and then wished, and said the rhyme, and threw in our sticks."

These islands are often in the form of a ring, and look "like garlands thrown upon the waters."

Flowers as well as rushes were carried by the children, many of the blooms being made into garlands.

He had a garland of human skulls round his neck and there were various weapons in his hands.

There she stands looking eagerly toward me, her hair garlanded with flowers and her arms outstretched!

The houses were hung with garlands of flowers and all the women were decked out in their best.

Its long trails of soft gray leaves hang in garlands and in spring come the deep red flowers.

She has a smiling and gracious expression, and the Child holds a garland, while angels scatter flowers.

These are to be used for vines, and I shall try to keep this wide, open portal cheerfully garlanded.

In later times, poets and historians recited their compositions, and were rewarded with the garland of leaves.

The crosses and garlands looked strange, but the hills and woods of this landscape look still stranger.

Here had smoked the sacrificial garlanded bull, under the knife of mysterious priests of the sacred groves.

By night, when garlanded with lights, it is as gorgeous as some Eastern queen arrayed in all her jewels.

Whereupon she in turn cast her garland, that was of white violets, into the fountain, and withdrew.

The vegetable world was all in flower, and nature, like an April bride, was crowned with garlands.

The fairy drew herself up, and her graceful garland of simple equations trembled as Edwin breathed heavily.

Yet the orchards put on their white garlands like girls who feel the great mystery within them.

After erecting the pole they decked it with golden cloth and scents and garlands and various ornaments.

Not a bright one at the best, nor garlanded with flowers, nor was it metal, silver, or gold.

For many succeeding days his grave was garlanded with fresh flowers, placed there by loving hands.

At the conclusion of a performance the players laid upon the altar the garlands they themselves had worn.

She made garlands at the tree, with other girls, for the image of the Blessed Mary of Domremy.

She held up the hat for Tom to scent the delicious fragrance of the garland twisted around it.

A three-foot iron railing shuts in the little garden, and on its spikes hang garlands of wild flowers.

Let us weave a few brighter garlands for memory's sake in the remaining days I am to be with you.

They bind the waves with a garland of roses and lilies, whose freshness proves a spell of peace.

The garland which unites the figures is hidden behind Winter, is more slender, and composed solely of fruits.

The most successful man in Greece, every one remembers, was rewarded with a little garland of wild olive.

A little company of mountain folk were moving slowly towards the portals, bearing a lamb garlanded for sacrifice.

After my wounds were treated, I was honored and garlanded; hundreds of gold pieces showered at my feet.

And on being deprived for their lords, they beat their breasts, their garlands and ornaments fallen off.

The person who carries these things wears something on his head, which is said to be an olive garland.

She had placed it before me on the table, and Annette had wound a garland of flowers around it.

Yea, though no leaf of the wild garlands which they wore while they danced be left in their hair!

The effect of those persistent three-quaver groups in their garlanded similar motion is like nothing else in this world.

If that be so, songs of praise should be sung, and the Anarchists ought to be garlanded with flowers.

Dear Robert Burns, to place one flower upon your grave, or add one garland to your fame is a privilege indeed.

The last picture represents the return home, a tripping company of youths and maidens crowned with garlands.

When the fire came roaring on all sides of me, I thought of throwing this garland into the fire.

Around the baskets are garlands of paper roses to hide from view the ugly rough edges of the straw.

By way of decoration there were enormous fish bones arranged in garlands caught up by the heads of fish.

On the anniversary of the death of those buried beneath, friends and relatives carry thither flowers and garlands.

Between the two is a circle with a device of three heads in one surrounded by a garland of flowers.

Garlands of roses and foliage hung from lamp to lamp, constituting a fragrant border for the banquet hall.

The public square was swept and made clean, and the walls of all the houses hung with garlands.

Thus does she make her gentle progress, the victim beside her crowned with garlands, but yet a victim.

She has a garland of flowers on her head, and flowers spring up wherever she sets her foot.

The last is clearly indicated by the garland of palm leaves which represented the rays of the sun.

The red flowers formed a circle in the center, surrounded by a broad light garland of white ones.

The side borders are of flower-draped columns, top and bottom borders of fruit and flower garlands, with ornaments.

The garland, if possible, was hung in the center of the street on a rope stretched from house to house.

They pointed to the holy image surrounded, as though with a garland, by dishes full of food and drink.

Most willingly he obeyed the insistent summons of the garland and permitted himself to be drawn to the barge.

In anatomy, it is applied to arteries which encompass the heart, in the manner, as it is fancied, of a garland.

They were simply garlanded with flowers, and the flowers were so thick that there were no leaves nor stems.

Lovely great arches were thrown across it, and every building was gay with garlands, flowers, and flags.

It shone on the cool carpet of leaves and wild flowers, and played with the garlands of bright-colored vines.

Not rose nor picture, not poem nor sweet garland, can tell me as can they that you love me.

Sometimes a pair of white gloves, or paper cut to the shape of gloves, was hung beneath the garland.

To some he returned again and again, and docked them with the freshest and sweetest garlands of his verse.

And she stood up, and took the garland she had made, and laid it carefully aside, in a corner.

As we strolled on, small cylindrical altars in marble, carved with garlands, appeared here and there in the shade.

It was a white marble group about two feet high of three garlanded women, two standing and one sitting.

The pole itself was covered with floral garlands, and streamed with flags and handkerchiefs from its summit.

When death the altar and the victim youth, Flutes fill the air, and garlands deck the porch.

Many persons, ornamented with garlands, followed the corpse, while others were employed in singing and dancing before it.

The right hand grasps a garland of white flowers, while the left helps to support the boy Cupid.

Though scarcely so pretty as the garland dance, it was considered very clever, and met with much applause.

The two coffins were garlanded with flowers, and an immense procession followed them to their final resting place.

Her hair was loose upon her shoulders, crowned with a fragile garland and covered with a veil of fine lace.

Others were arranging a garland of orange blossoms upon the top of her head; this proceeding caused a great commotion.

Pennons, flags and garlands waved above the brilliant picture; music and loud songs could be heard from below.

The only way by which we can keep the garland fresh is by continually dipping it in the fountain.

All wove garlands, then made for the shade of the trees and shared a low basket of golden apples.

Monsieur Mouton replied that "he intended to grace the brows of the angels by putting a garland round each."

And he would have given the three worlds to have had the precious garland put round his own neck.

The little electric globes, placed apart like a garland, suffice now for our eyes which have forgotten the sun.

"I love you," she said softly, her young eyes shining like Titania's when she was garlanding her ass-headed lover.

Then the group of assembled pupils began to sing, as they waved their flags and garlands in the air.

As it was his feast day we went very early to hang garlands about the gateway and the windows.

The target was a garland of leaves and flowers that was hung six score paces distant upon a stake.