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Use garland in a sentence

Definition of garland:

  • (noun) an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.
  • (noun) flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  • (verb) adorn with bands of flowers or leaves; "They garlanded the statue"

Sentence Examples:

Garlands of paper chains are stretched across; holly and evergreens are in abundance, and even the bunch of mistletoe is not missing.

Attended by her maidens, all decorated with flower garlands, she ascended the throne, full of lofty courage and soft dignity.

Tastefully intertwined Fantasias, or those graceful musical garlands, Rondos, might be supposed to indicate merely a pleasing degree of talent and skill.

And that rank, denoted by the insignia of supernatural knowledge, of sword, garland and so on, is of various kinds, but listen!

Floyd made one of the happiest couples who had ever worn the bonds of matrimony, and changed them into garlands of roses.

I was not hungry, but weary, and the coolness of the room, artistically hung with garlands of fruit, appeared to me delicious.

It is a fortunate accident that he works them out by expressing them, twisting into garlands the brambles that impede his way.

The altar was brilliantly illuminated with tapers and garlands of chandeliers; this was evidently some evening service connected with Christmas.

Or, perhaps we see them in gay cavalcades mounted upon garlanded ponies, adorned by white jasmine wreaths with roses and pinks.

The sides of these stone coffins are highly adorned with floral garlands, and the lids are lying broken across beside them.

The ceiling was hung with garlands, in which were twined roses of all kinds, which made the atmosphere redolent with perfume.

The subjects were usually genii, peacocks, the cock, fruits, garlands, the latter sometimes painted from end to end of the wall.

The snow-white turkeys and geese, garlanded with holly, made a brave show; and the butcher's shop was full of shabby customers.

Keep your garland; there is no less at the stake, in this game betwixt us and the world, than our conscience and salvation.

The laughing loves who twined their rose garlands around him and Helena's predecessors had nothing to do with this grave maiden.

One girl is preparing cosmetics, another is weaving garlands, and the very ground is adorned with sacrificial flowers of five different colors.

Upon her head was a wreath of great, bell-shaped, snowy flowers, and draped loosely about her waist was a garland similarly wrought.

They cast in ornaments of opal and dark gold and garlands of venomous forest growths, gray and blood-red, tied with withered vines.

How beautifully these garlands of hair are arranged, with the profile in a three-quarter view, standing out against the fine, tawny hair!

To the sloth and indolence which was consuming his precious hours, and wove for himself in heavenly song a garland of immortality.

The latter was once playing with the daughters of Oceanus in a flowery meadow, where they were picking flowers and making garlands.

His is intensely an introspective art, which weaves about the simplest subject and through every measure most intricate garlands of chromatic harmony.

The first was familiar to Edith, who dropped her garland to gaze on the approaching pageant; the last was strange to her.

Then they decorated the temples with garlands of green boughs, and spent the remainder of the day in festivity and rejoicing.

They have gathered round from every quarter; already their canvas woos the breezes, and the merry sailors have garlanded the sterns.

What can be more appropriate than to celebrate the birthday of our Savior with garlands and songs, and the affectionate interchange of gifts.

Their masts and prows were heavy with garlands, but no music sounded from their decks, no welcoming shout from their crews.

The description of the flowery spring meadows where Proserpine and her companions gather blossoms for garlands is a passage perpetually quoted.

"I will transfer it to the most beautiful," rejoined the philosopher; and he attempted to place the garland on the brow of Alcibiades.

And the "garlands" of nails they wear are therefore the visible badge of the place they fill, the lowest in the commonwealth.

Walls and ceilings had been hung with garlands, and these still clung to the mantelpiece and over and around the various doorways.

In the largest a magnificent diamond necklace, imitating a garland of wild roses and their leaves, glistened against its blue velvet background.

Sometimes he committed his vows to written tablets, and often hung at her door garlands which he had moistened with his tears.

From the Fountain of Abundance on the Esplanade, Flora was represented as tossing garlands of flowers to the chubby cherubs at her feet.

The chamber was lighted by two fragrant tapers; under the colonnade were small tables with wine, food, and garlands of roses.

She was always dressed in the most beautiful transparent clothes, and with garlands of flowers in her hair, which made a beautiful effect.

In the second passage reference is made to the decking of the chief dish at high feasts with garlands of flowers and evergreens.

Stands, each containing a number of jars of wine, stoppered with heads of wheat and decked with garlands, were ranged about the room.

A young and beautiful woman lay on a bier decked with garlands of flowers, and attended by torches which quite overpowered my light.

He had the poet's instinct to perceive the beautiful, and his fancy hung it with richer garlands and charmed him into a worshiper.

Villagers stroll in one by one, garlands are hung in honor of the wedding, and the scene becomes constantly brighter and more active.

At every port at which they touched the citizens laid garlands upon the urn, and sent deputies in mourning to attend the funeral.

She looked out across the waves that were beginning to be garlanded with blossoms of moonlit foam, and her eyes filled with shadows.

The triumphal arch under her, and the garlands which decorated the wooden structure, had caught her before she touched the pavement.

The lane winds up through sparse woods again, mainly of small oaks, and is bordered, in spring, by garlands of primroses and violets.

A long line of beautiful youths and maidens, crowned with garlands, and robed in scarfs of purple gauze, followed by two and two.

We met wagons decorated with garlands, full of pleasant girls, in the odd dress which they have worn for three hundred years.

Then, he beheld the old Motherland and them, twining ever closer into a mighty garland, which should sweeten the globe with fragrance.

The French ones are sometimes painted, and they have garlands round the top arranged on hoops, from which hang little golden balls.

There were the three girlish figures sporting around him, weaving garlands for his head, fastening them on with kisses, amid merry laughter.

The pipe, if we would, we cannot reject, for the libation in the beginning of the entertainment requires that as well as the garland.

Cortez and his steed were almost covered with wreaths and garlands of roses, woven by the fair hands of his newly-found friends.

Our hopes are blighted so rapidly, that before the hour is out not one poor leaf is left of the garland that late bloomed so freshly.

There was nothing else save the dark, rich smoothness of the wood and this one face with a garland of flowers about its brow.

The bride, garlanded with roses, and covered with flowing veil that envelops her from head to foot, blushes at her own loveliness.

His arms, which but now were waving invisible garlands in the serene air, are ready to coil round their prey in a serpentine embrace.

She said dressing and dancing and feasting over a bridal always reminded her of the ancient sacrificial festivals and its garlanded victim.

For it the lonely willows in the flat fields shed their yellow leaves most pensively, like maidens casting their bridal garlands off.

He asked, glancing down at the delicious creamy mold she had just worked into shape and crowned with a printed garland of thistles.

The hedges were tangled and bare, and waved a multitude of blighted garlands in the wind; but there was no discouragement in this.

She wore a white dress as thin as gossamer, golden hair flowed to her waist, and on her head was a garland of wood flowers.

They were adorned with all the variety of colors that a profusion of ribbons could give them, and had a very showy garland.

The hedges were tangled and bare, and waved a multitude of blighted garlands in the wind; but there was no discouragement in this.

Withered laurel garlands lay upon the simple brown coffins, of which the whole magnificence consists in the immortal names of Goethe and Schiller.

Their sandals are soft and fine, and girded with chastity, they welcome with garlands sweet the dawn of the Feast of Palms.

She seemed to exist just to talk of him and to garland the grave in the little old churchyard at Edmonton, where he sleeps.

Carlisle looked up and looked down, and the sight of him there was an exaltation and heavenly fulfillment and a garland upon her brow.

Adorned with those arrows, the youthful king, wearing beautiful garlands, looked in that battle like a well-adorned youth in the midst of an assembly.

The pole was wound or painted with gay colors, and trimmed with garlands, bright handkerchiefs, and ribbon streamers, from top to bottom.

When the muses can no longer decorate her altars with their garlands, then they hang their harps upon the willows and weep.

Lo, he was drinking the third time, and shedding their petals from the fellow's garlands the roses all poured to the ground.

The architecture perspective is scientifically accurate, and a frieze of boys with garlands on the villa is in the best manner of Florentine sculpture.

The cove was crescent shaped, and locked in by two curving promontories dense with evergreens, drooping under ten thousand garlands of snow.

Towers of green, of every shade the most vivid fancy can depict; crumbling turrets and broken arches, hung with garlands of flowers.

Often, on the streets, he was pointed as "the banished minister;" and hearing of this, he remarked, "I am not ashamed of my garland."

Her dress was made of cloth of gold, she wore a garland of wild asparagus around her head, and jewels sparkled in her hair.

The frame is surmounted by an urn or vase with flowers and stalks of wheat, upon wires, like the slender garlands at the sides.

Temporary altars are raised to her honor, surrounded by flowers and adorned with garlands and drapery; her image usually standing before the altar.

Tie the handle of each basket with white gauze ribbon, looping the baskets together with the ribbon forming a garland for the table.

In the meanwhile the party of male and female singers had reached the summit, their hats and coats garlanded with wreaths of leaves.

The people waved garlands, and shouted, the more devout prostrating themselves before the statues as they passed along, until the hill was gained.

The red petals of his rose garland seem to him drops of blood, and yet he tries to delude himself that he is perfectly happy.

In later times the goddesses were represented by two priestesses whose hair was shaved off and who wore ram's-wool garlands upon their heads.

Then the tub can be masked by moss, branches of trees, evergreen, or any floral device, and the ice is draped with garlands.

The trailing garland of white flowers with fluttering streamers of white ribbon that hung beside the portal struck a chill to his heart.

And through the wild throng darted Lola, in leopard-skin and garlands, bearing a cup of wine, and flinging herself about in wild madness.

The ceremony, in the midst of the powerful machinery decked with flowers and garlands of verdure, was one of sovereign and touching simplicity.

His soul still marches on, and each passing year weaves new garlands for his brow and adds fresh luster to his deathless glory.

It is rainy here, and the town is so beautifully decorated; three large triumphal arches, and the houses covered with garlands and flags.

And knowing that animal to be her husband she placed upon his neck the bridal garland going through the marriage rites and prayers.

Some wear great shackles on their legs of bright copper, and they wear collars, bracelets, garlands, and girdles of certain blue stones, resembling beads.

Every shrub and bush was blooming; the trees were hung with rosy garlands, and even the earth was carpeted with tiny flowers.

She sits in front of her low cottage home singing a soft sweet song, weaving a garland of scarlet flowers to adorn her head.

I at length entered the inmost temple, the roof of which was raised upon a hundred marble pillars, decked with crowns, chains, and garlands.

In the canoe her skillful fingers were busily at work, weaving the flowers they had gathered into garlands to lay upon her mother's grave.

Relations and friends also sent fresh wreaths and garlands as a token of sympathy, and these were used for decking the bier and grave.

Its walls are hung with an exquisite shade of old rose, the broad frieze representing garlands of flowers in old rose, gold, and white.

In another, called the "garland," the dancers wind in and out under their clasped hands in imitation of the weaving of a wreath of flowers.

The carriage was painted a bright yellowish-red, the body adorned with garlands of gay-colored flowers, the wheels finished with narrow stripes of gold.

There are white garlands or sprays or other arrangement of white flowers, and in the center as chief ornament is an elaborately iced wedding cake.