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Use garland in a sentence

Definition of garland:

  • (noun) an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc.
  • (noun) flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
  • (verb) adorn with bands of flowers or leaves; "They garlanded the statue"

Sentence Examples:

"Theology and philosophy encircled his brow with a double garland."

Envy darkens when she sees the garland given to another.

Round her neck was a garland of lustrous yellow pearls.

The garlands looked very handsome and the wreaths very beautiful.

Very soon the garlands withered, and the lamp went out.

She looks beautiful with her wreaths and garlands of flowers.

They sit clothed in white, and garlanded, singing of destiny.

She who with the wearer of the garland lies in dalliance.

Top of pedestal, ornamental garland, with figure of Sphinx at corners.

Huge bunches and garlands of roses are twined over the cars.

She is very large, finely gowned and garlanded with laurel.

Then the pigs stagger by: their garlands are excessively unbecoming.

Flags, streamers, and garlands of flowers, however, hid the mechanism.

It was considered a bad omen if the garland came to pieces.

Triumphal arches, garlands, wreaths of flowers, evergreens, marked their pathway.

Do I not see your head encircled with the garland of praise?

The little hillock garlanded with vines had no other structures.

Countless wreaths, banners, and garlands of flowers decorated the streets.

She collects huge bouquets, armfuls of beautiful flowers, garlands and wreaths.

Adam stands amazed and sorrowful, dropping a garland from his hand.

Across his chest, diagonally, was a garland of the same flowers.

What are garlands and crowns to the brow that is wrinkled?

There were attractive French prints in garland frames on the walls.

He was offered garlands of cabbage stalks for crowns of laurel.

They consisted of a tapestry with garlands of flowers, and medallions.

They were clothed in bright garments, with garlands on their heads.

Spooner is also there, weaving boughs into rude garlands of gigantic size.

They wore garlands of flowers and wreaths of oak on their heads.

The people decked it with garlands and anointed it with precious salves.

"And golden chariots, with milk white steeds, garlanded with flowers."

When they failed of the garland Robin smote them full sore.

All the journey was like a triumphal way, garlanded with flowers.

The whole room was most elaborately decorated with garlands of pine.

Garlands of flowers, animals, and mythical creatures sometimes decorated the piece.

Chariots full of garlands and branches of myrtle approached the shrine.

A tiny garland of heath and myrtle was hung round it.

She lay upon a bed which was enclosed in garlands of flowers.

A club within an oaken garland: Legend in the field, ????????? ??????.

A flotilla of barges, decorated with garlands and pennants, here awaited her.

They were delighted, and immediately busied themselves in adorning it with garlands.

There were stalls, tastefully laid out and decorated with garlands of flowers.

And among them fair and virtuous ladies, fragrant garland of beauteous flowers.

Antonio, in a shrine, was decorated with flowers and garlands of leaves.

She is clad in armor, and wears a garland in her hair.

White pillars supporting the domed white ceiling were wound with garlands.

We saw rosy lights kindled, and the pillars garlanded with flowers.

The whole was decorated, or rather disguised, by wreaths and garlands.

He is here acclaimed as emperor and crowned with a garland of straw.

Garnish with a garland of parsley laid about the base of the mound.

I am making festal garlands in readiness for my father's grave, perhaps.

"Long garlands instead of ribbons to close the ends of the pews."

Long garlands of faded flowers deck the mummy from head to foot.

They were transformed to flowery garlands, of daily renewing fragrance and bloom.

For the unlearned, let him send a garland or grains of frankincense.

Decorating our windows and walls with some sprigs of garlands and green?

Fastens the half-finished garland round a cup and presents it to him.

Arches, with garlands of leaves and wreaths of roses, spanned the streets.

Its circumference is completely encircled with a garland of small earthen pots.

These were clad in their festal garments of white, garlanded with flowers.

Blue-eyed girls have bound his dear head with garlands of the amorous rosemary.

In seasons of festivity garlands of fresh flowers were worn upon the head.

When he left, the Fairy Queen presented him with a garland of daisies.

And they also decked the hearse itself with garlands and rich hangings.

The entrance was hung with garlands, votive offerings from the poorer pilgrims.

Last night I dreamed of a garland of lilies, sure presage of a victory.

On the present occasion there were various additional embellishments of flowers and votive garlands.

Nymphs raved, Satyrs danced, and garlanded leopards jigged to one wild inspiration.

See that the chariots Glow with new garlands for this double bridal.

"For the rosy garland of pleasure, and the coveted crown of gold."

For marriages, we must receive from that temple garlands, sandal, and palanquins.

Observe the depressed arches, the noble cornice, the rich decoration of garlands.

Above the arbor are scrolls, garlands, birds, musical instruments, and other decorations.

Another consisted of snares in the shape of garlands, the manufacture of parasites.

Above these are sunk panels, with swags or garlands of fruit and flowers.

Then a great heap of something surmounted by a garland held by Cupids.

You think nothing of being garlanded in this country with wreaths of flowers.

Not for her were to be the lengthening shadows or the fading garland.

A sumptuous banquet took place, followed by a distribution of doles and garlands.

Let us offer our slender garland to the presiding deity of the place.

Barnabas it seems to have been usual to decorate some churches with garlands of flowers.

The ladies rested themselves luxuriously on a mossy bank garlanded with rare ferns.

Seven and sixpence does not make a show, even if the garland be home-made.

Within, the halls were blazing with light, and garlanded by tropic flowers.

Poets sing their exploits, and ladies twine wreaths and garlands for them.

Every arch of triumph, every colonnade, every temple was decked with garlands.

It was illuminated by wall lamps, and profusely garlanded with Christmas greenery.

These old walls ought to be hung with garlands of holly and mistletoe.

Although it is styled 'a garland of stories,' it is really a collection of homilies.

In the center was a dais hung with crimson velvet, garlanded with flowers.

They brought a pot of fine honey, and fresh garlands of daisies and violets.

On the plinth are heads of leopards connected by garlands of flowers and foliage.

She looked out between the rosaries that hung in garlands over the window panes.

They presented a dazzling sight of cherubs' heads and wings and flowery garlands.

At the same time, the ancient Cross was decorated with boughs and garlands.

In a passion of loss she kissed each leaf and rose of its needlework garland.

Gay young men and women decorated themselves with garlands of flowers or shells.

On another lay garlands of French flowers bought for pretty Clara's own adornment.

Flaming lamps hung like garlands, and paper lanterns shone transparent, like great tulips.

Life dropped its dun-colored cloak and stood suddenly garlanded in pink, wire-stemmed roses.

The walls, altar, painting, and even the candles were decorated with green garlands.