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Use reek in a sentence

Definition of reek:

  • (noun) a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant
  • (verb) have an element suggestive (of something); "his speeches smacked of racism"
  • (verb) smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"
  • (verb) be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
  • (verb) give off smoke, fumes, warm vapour, steam, etc.

Sentence Examples:

Fancy a silver watch sat upon, squeezed, and besmeared by a reeking red herring.

With breath reeking of drink, with bloodshot eyes and reeling step, the satyr entered.

The walls reeked with moisture, a slow asphyxia fell from the moldy vaulted ceiling.

To their horror, they found the ledge a shambles reeking with blood and death.

To add to the conglomeration of absurdities the whole place reeked with burning josh sticks.

The air was heavy with scented pastilles, otherwise the human reek must have been unbearable.

As the strafe progressed, the mist was made doubly dense by the reek of battle.

Mentally holding his nostrils, he waded into the reek and halted by a magneto-roulette table.

A few hundred yards further, and a blue smoke reek above the bush betokened a dwelling.

The reek of the town nauseated her; it filled her with an intolerable sense of imprisonment.

War's pages from the first glimmerings to the last foul moment reek with this deviltry.

Coming in from the fresh outdoors, the noise and smoke and bar-room reek stifled her.

The whole shop reeked with scent, so that the atmosphere was heavy, sensuous and stupefying.

Flowers grow on a dunghill, and the very reeking rottenness may make the bloom finer.

The air was foul below, reeking of the bilges, and the main room was incredibly filthy.

The candle guttered drearily; a reek of warm cabbage climbed up the stairway to her nostrils.

It reeked both of the odor of the river and of the fumes of the smoldering grass.

The bullets flew about like hailstones, and men fell to the reeking floor each terrible moment.

The stranger swore foully, a string of oaths that reeked with the stench of corner saloons.

Reeking heaps of indescribable refuse lie moldering where there were smooth lawns and bright flower beds.

From these reeking little dens a score of foul tatterdemalions had issued, charged with malicious fury.

Great masses of thunder-cloud come looming up, rumbling, crashing and blazing upon a sodden, reeking world.

From the despoiled Abbey a thin blue reek disengaged itself lazily into the air far above him.

It reeks of absinthe, this desert tavern, in which we warm ourselves at a little smoking fire.

Without another word they passed from the reeking, stifling barroom into the fragrant summer night.

The smell of bilge water and the reek of the lamp affixed to the side nauseated Harry.

The frenzy of the lying soothsayer is a mere intoxication produced by the reeking fumes of sacrifice.

The whole place was reeking in filth, infested with vermin, and the stench was sickening.

The gutters shall reek with blood, and every plutocrat's castle shall be levelled to the soil.

Artfully and in silence did the anglers wait for their prey to claw the reeking bait.

Springing from his reeking bronco, he ran quickly to the stable and threw wide the door.

The Anglo-Saxon article reeks the stench of disinfectants; the Continental reeks the stench of degenerate perfume.

The dripping Captain and his reeking steed cut a dolorous figure, as they traversed the woods.

They then rushed in with sword and bayonet, and soon the place was a reeking shambles.

In his pocket was a quart bottle, and his clothes reeked with the scent of wild aniseed.

From the reek of murdered women, mutilated children, and ruined cities, the Inquisition, that infernal institution, arose.

The reek of the kilns drifted across the fields, too lazy to rise through the slumberous sunshine.

Or what can you expect of the Americanism of the man whose breath always reeks of garlic?

Time-worn shields, careering in mad holders' hands, clashed; and keen lances, once reeking in Pawnee blood, clanged.

The peat fire was smoldering on the floor, and the reek made its way out at the rigging.

She inquired, "But how can we appear before him, clad as we are in haircloth reeking with sulfur?"

Nothing but the reeking room and the dirty songs and the swinish waistcoat of the foreman!

The leaders of the enterprises reeked in greed, the hirelings exceeded in lust, but disease had no favorites.

Each man was smoking a reeking pipe, and a curiously fascinating, somnolent atmosphere prevailed over the camp.

His hot breath was on her face, the sickening reek of his clothes was in her nostrils.

The bunks were damp and dirty beyond belief, grimed with foulness, and reeking with ill odors.

They were confined in the "death hole," reeking with foul air, without light, and were loaded with fetters.

From the peaceful solitude of the River of May, that voyager returned to a land reeking with slaughter.

One of the females gave off a powerful tuberose reek, variable as drafts in the large room stirred it about.

He tossed it into the pipe bowl and sucked heavily at the stem, belching clouds of reeking smoke.

The reek of vodka was borne up in the heated atmosphere, mingled with the nauseating odor of filthy clothing.

The breeze reeked with the well-remembered, sickening smell of the old tarpaulins that covered bales and barrels.

Swinging open the door, without warning, they entered a chill interior that was reeking with new odors.

The place was foul with smoke and reeked with the fumes of expensive but indifferently distilled liquor.

In the next stall two drunken men were fighting, and the place reeked with oaths and foulness.

English, German, Danish and Scotch by descent, your veins reek with the wholesome blood of the Viking.

The miserable revelations that come from our courts are veritable cesspools reeking with stench and bestial filth.

Said Steve remorsefully, as he observed that his dog was reeking with dust, froth, wounds, and blood.

The whole place was reeking with the smell of powder, and the air full of sand-bag fluff.

The atmosphere fairly reeked with the smell of sweating animals, perspiring humanity, rotting garbage, and vile sewage.

He held an unlighted pipe in his limp and nerveless hand, and the cabin reeked with unsavory odors.

A freshening breeze plunged into the reek, and sent it scurrying in broken cloud ranks and shredded tatters.

You wake with a parched mouth, and a torturing thirst; the sun is shining broadly into your reeking chamber.

The atmosphere, charged with odors of musk and patchouli and reeking of strong cigars, was overpoweringly oppressive.

The factory was rather a daunting spot; reeking with foul smells and haunted by a sense of gloom.

In broad daylight the quaintness of its suburbs towards the river reeks of the salt flavor of W.W.

A bench was upset, while broken bottles and crockery lay strewn about over a floor reeking with filth.

It was a vile, stuffy hole, reeking, like the forecastle, with a stale fishy odor, uncleanly and shabby.

Chained to him by a bond he could not break was the putrescent body of his reeking past.

Let us get away from the reeking atmosphere, from the smell of stale beer and sickly, perspiring women.

The air reeked with the acrid fumes of smokeless powder, mingled with the pungent smell of burning wood.

One could fancy one saw the forms of demons flitting to and fro in all that reek and glare.

Over this reeking wilderness Roger drove his vessel, untouched by its disgusting, its appalling ferocity and horror.

The room reeked of fever, medicated drinks, ether, tar, the nameless and oppressive odor of a consumptive's sick room.

With it came the night smells of flowers drenched in dew and the moldy reek of the tropic woods.

The din of a bibulous song rang in his ears, the reek of alcohol turned him giddy and sick.

This city was a moral bog, a sink of pollution, filled with all corruption, and reeking with vileness.

The dreadful, reeking creatures blinked and gaped as if stupefied by the rosy light of the dying day.

The Spanish race is in the saddle, and rides the Creole, its derivative, with hands reeking with plunder.

The very linen of the waiters drooped disconsolately, and the whole place reeked of cabbage and wet umbrellas.

Suddenly she descried a lioness, her jaws reeking with recent slaughter, approaching the fountain to slake her thirst.

It is thoroughly Irish; and reeks of the native soil and its people, wherein is its value to the traveler.

He and his wives and children dwell on the ground in lands literally reeking with fangs and claws.

A bag, reeking of some hashish-like perfume, was clapped over my head and pressed firmly against mouth and nostrils.

The numerous additions, for which the distinguished coadjutors are responsible, reek with mawkish sentimentality, inane vapidity, or vulgar buffoonery.

The terrific heat, the reek of perspiring humanity added to the rank odor of the swamp was almost overpowering.

The reek of sulfur in the air, too, caused his throat to contract and his nose and eyes to tingle unmercifully.

The mountains of gray limestone looked very uninviting as they lay reeking under the terrible heat of the sun.

Through the resinous odor of incense came the dull reek of stale food, clothes and people; also a sour animal smell.

The smell was terrible, a roiling chemical reek that burned the skin and the lungs and the eyes.

A huge white cloud belched out through the open door, and the sharp reek of burnt powder filled the air.

The moon had not risen; the stars were flecks of hot amber in a breathless sky that reeked of death.

A Mexican rider came tearing up the village, and reined his reeking horse on to his haunches at Stephens's door.

The place reeked with stale tobacco smoke and the smell of cheap perfume, but the grenadine tasted good.

All that bare plateau was whelmed in a drifting reek, but the highest point was like a volcano in eruption.

The tales I have heard them relate before and during their sojourn on the Spanish main reeked with a villainous odor.

No vulgar washerwomen are these with corrugated hands at reeking tubs, but such as painters and poets might celebrate.

The air is already reeking with infectious filth, and the alarm is widespread among the desolated and overwrought population.

"We're safe now; the angry white men are behind," and the reeking, dusty, begrimed horses fell into a walk.

Were they not infinitely more vile, since their hands reeked with the blood of their own kith and kin?