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Use reek in a sentence

Definition of reek:

  • (noun) a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant
  • (verb) have an element suggestive (of something); "his speeches smacked of racism"
  • (verb) smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"
  • (verb) be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
  • (verb) give off smoke, fumes, warm vapour, steam, etc.

Sentence Examples:

In purple gores, I'll make the ghosts to reek!

This laborious letter reeks too much of the counter.

With her from the interior came a reek of chloroform.

The warlike Ash, that reeks with human blood.

It fairly reeked with all manner of various noxious smells.

It reeks of unsavory history as well as of spices.

The western world reeks with this new sentimentality.

An oil torch flares and reeks before a calico curtain.

The atmosphere always reeked with the fumes of tobacco.

The foul sludge Reeks rank as the swamp's exhalations.

Why you are positively reeking with the dissolute fumes!

They entered a large room reeking with chemical fumes.

He held the reeking morsel in his outstretched hands.

To say truth, the whole place reeked with vulgarity.

Little I reek what hap to him on this account.

The room was close and reeked of vile tobacco fumes.

Its grimy decks and its reek of oil offend you.

The little dressing room was cramped; it reeked of anesthetic.

It reeked of the weed he had found at the dugout.

I declare I can smell the peat reek in the air!

Both combatants were breathing heavily and reeking with sweat.

The air choked him; it reeked with pestilence and death.

The reek of feverishly growing green things saturated the air.

Reeking, dripping, putrid, like everything else on this forlorn coast!

The room reeked with the pungent smell of the drug.

The air reeks with the stench of scorched tobacco juice.

Blackness, absolute, blotted the reeking chamber from his sight.

He asked, stretching out that livid face which reeked of money.

The air was a reek of smoke and fumes of liquor.

The reek of smoking pine logs is in my nostrils yet.

The reek of petrol and of dung rose to her nostrils.

The melodious strain reeked through the doorways, filling the passage.

Now, perhaps it was the reek that drew the purr.

Almost every sensational tale reeks with vulgar portrayals of it.

The whole country reeked with disloyalty to the Federal government.

It was a ramshackle affair, reeking of old age and horses.

Her eyes were bleary and red-rimmed, her breath reeked of porter.

The town reeked with love as a brewery reeks with beer.

One man smelled his clothes, which reeked of something like paraffin.

A reek of camphor assailed his nostrils from the folded furs.

The glade was full of the reek of his vile tobacco.

Every wreath of the reek is a blast of shame upon us!

A loathsome ulcer, reeking with the stench from the pit!

The ground was sodden and wet, and reeking of decay.

The brute was reeking with sweat, but he struggled gallantly.

The atmosphere was unpleasant with cigar reek and whiskey fumes.

Another step and his foot sank again in the reeking muck.

The reeking smells of the Chinese quarter were spicy to him.

Provisions were brought in; every chimney sent up a savory reek.

What though the outer city reeked of the garish nineteenth century!

Clouds of steam arose from the reeking nostrils of the horse.

The atmosphere of the apartment reeked with the fumes of liquor.

It stood there clad in loose cloth coverings, reeking with halogen.

In later years our lips grow tainted and reek of our passions.

Stir on all hands, the reek of sudden felicity in the air.

That is the mere reek of the bottomless pit, palpable to all.

The huts reeked with filth; vermin crawled over the dirt floors.

The whole bank reeked with the discarded meals of their progeny.

The place reeks with the ooze and drip of crushed apples.

The choking reek of the gas drifted down and enveloped them.

Their cabins reeked with dirt and were always cluttered with children.

The dampness reeked with the stale, sad breath of ancient storms.

Everything was reeking, and he felt oppressed in the narrow streets.

The clamor increased, and the reek of blood and sweat thickened.

Shafts wailed and whistled, bombards roared, the walls reeked and cracked.

Afar, in a reek of lust and squalor, hands are laid on whiteness.

The room was hung with reeking clothes from wall to wall.

Barney was all reeking excitement, too, in the close, musty quarters.

Who cleanse pollution, where the ancient bane Rises and reeks again?

You were simply reeking with conceit when I met you this morning.

More cloths, and already the air in the place reeked with chloroform.

It was moist; it was dank with the reek of decaying matter.

Into the raw reek and familiar dissonance of Broadway she had vanished.

It was the smell of a reeking wick that suggested a possibility.

There are entire chapters that reek with obscenity from beginning to end.

The entire locality reeked with the fatness of a hundred thousand furrows.

He pulled the cork and a pungent reeking odor filled the air.

The flies hovered about in the sharp, reeking air of the shop.

In the tents the little stoves failed to dry the reeking air.

Then an oblong hole in the reeking blue clay, silence and worms.

It was hot and stuffy, and the air reeked with grease paint.

Doug brought the knotted reins smartly across the animal's reeking flanks.

The reeking, unwholesome bottom showed extensive traces of digging and washing.

The atmosphere reeks with the smell of herrings and fried sausages.

The stones were littered with crackling woodwork, glowing timber, reeking tiles.

The windows reeked with moisture; the floor was gritty with sand.

Was his cry, amidst the reeking ruins of the devastated city.

The wall was all chinks, and the bitter reek came in unchecked.

An atmosphere of struggle, of relentless competition pervaded the ill-smelling, reeking environment.

A pungent reek of some kind of rancid fat or oil assailed his nostrils.

Would the ghoul, reeking of hell, come and suck up his blood?

Then there were no slums reeking with vice and squalor and ugliness.

The reek of blood in her nostrils stifles her, and she recoils.

From him came the pungent reek of bad whiskey and stale tobacco.

And they staggered to their feet in the reeking den of a cabin.

And its immediate neighborhood reeked with the native odors of the Indian encampment.

Laughed the young man, reeking with perspiration, and greasy and grimed.

The room reeked of human flesh, and was repugnant to an empty stomach.

Like all police stations, the building reeked of unwashed bodies and harsh disinfectants.

The before decent, drowsy place, now fairly reeked with all things unseemly.