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Use reek in a sentence

Definition of reek:

  • (noun) a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant
  • (verb) have an element suggestive (of something); "his speeches smacked of racism"
  • (verb) smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"
  • (verb) be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
  • (verb) give off smoke, fumes, warm vapour, steam, etc.

Sentence Examples:

Immediately in the foreground lie the stagnant waters of the canal and piles of reeking filth.

Then they persisted that our road lay through valleys reeking with malaria until November at least.

As if in verification of her words there came a puff of flame and a strong reek of gasoline.

Fairly reeking with sentiment himself, at heart, he disliked all manifestation of it in himself or others.

In the peculiarly calm air of the cockpit the reek of gasoline was strong, but cleared away.

Ebenezer, with the reeking knife in his grasp, stood trembling from rage, not from remorse.

No priest appears to give the oracles from their doors; no sacrifices reek upon their naked altars.

Flowed round her lovely feet a stream of blood, New reeking monsters reeled in at the door.

Wet through, the engineer lay reeking in heat and steam, wrapped in his suit of heavy furs.

Loneliness was better than the loss of self in the reek and pressure of an unfamiliar throng.

In days gone by, clouds floating before the wind, like a reek or vapor, were termed racking clouds.

On the contrary, modern popular thought positively reeks with the ideas and tendencies of the Sophists.

The young man gave her one long sad look fairly reeking with desperate kisses and embraces.

I never saw such objects, they were fairly reeking with perspiration and covered in white dust.

It seems to me as if those curtains exhale Burgundy and champagne, and still reek of strong waters.

Cards were invented by the priests, and they are reeking with sacred, occult and religious emblems.

A crude lamp in a bracket furnished all its illumination, filling it with a reek of hot oil.

She smelled the secret; it reeked through the house, and she was devoured by eagerness to know.

She drew it forth reeking with blood, and the lovely youth appeared in the agonies of death.

He goes on to the "Gargantua" and "Pantagruel," which reek of wine as Dickens does of brandy and water.

It was far past midnight already, as we sat uncomfortably in the reeking atmosphere of the garage.

The whole country with its humid surface and its reeking, damp-hot climate is a natural rice-bed.

The big, stupid ape had been in a vicious mood, reeking of whiskey and roaring insults at everyone.

He checked a half-formed impulse to bolt by stepping forward into the enclosure, into the reek of death.

Dinner spoke for itself, for the house reeked with the smell of fried onions and roast pork.

The air system gradually cleared away the smoke, but the Med Ship still reeked of wood-smoke smells.

This footing was infinitely worse than the reeking ice, but it saved time, so they took it.

There was a reek of chemicals in the air, and she guessed it was a laboratory of some sort.

Great sparks like flashes of flame flew high and far, and the dense reek made breathing painful.

Crime is increasing with such rapidity that the cities of the world are fairly reeking with corruption.

He was bathed all over in sweat, that reeked out a smoke which covered his head like a mist.

Jim took charge of him, receiving in return a glance from the pony that positively reeked of malice.

He knew that a hundred pairs of eyes were watching him from the reeking recesses of the huts.

Stuck in some wretched country town or in some big station where the dust reeks of the army.

She stared with horror-struck eyes at the paper as though it reeked with the threat of instant death.

A year spent on board a very ill-ventilated vessel reeking with fever had been too much for him.

From a comfortable warmth it increased to an uncomfortable warmth; then to a positively intolerable, reeking wet heat.

Gallons of blood have made the floor slippery and reeking, so that it is difficult to retain one's footing.

"Well, Tom, it's a good thing you moved last night," said Bob, as he reined in his reeking horse.

The whole country was alternately overflowed and drained; and the swamps were reeking with the poisoned air.

There were some signs of clearing in the sky, although the whole place seemed still to reek of moisture.

It is the odor of monarchy, slowly fading from the face of a world that reeks of cheap democracy.

Now he was opening a door, leading them up into a vast place that reeked of soap and water.

It was a still day, and the reeking, chemical-tainted fog of the high explosives would not clear.

Each was covered with a dirty mat woven from grass and reeking with the odor of opium smoke.

We've got to ride pretty fast, and it wouldn't do for you to arrive in a state of reeking heat.

And gradually a pleasant odor, not of tobacco but some strange perfume, disguised the reek of the atmosphere.

He sells the scrapings of his pans, the burnt fat, reeking of candle grease, at a low price.

Within the tavern, however, all was orderly and quiet, with a strong reek of medicines in every corner.

For a week thereafter the neighborhood echoed with hammer blows and reeked with the smell of new paint.

We have seen that they reek with fraud, and there is no serious claim that any of them are genuine.

The whole place reeks of latent power and high science, but they use an absolute minimum of it.

He threw the reeking end of his cigar into the yard and toiled up the stairs breathing heavily.

A spring is there which, by the malignant reek of its water, destroys the original nature of anything whatsoever.

As she spoke the door opened, and, with a strong reek of tobacco, in came the two other gentlemen.

He saw that Pedro was reeking wet, with mouth open, and constantly stumbling, though he galloped on.

Reeking with inherited consumption, they live the one life which is certain to kill them before they are forty.

The reek of whiskey on the night air was palpable as I drank it, and Draper made sarcastic comments.

The room, as a consequence, reeked of stale tobacco, a tumbler stood on the table convenient to the armchair.

The reeking smoke lifted and rolled away slowly, and the afternoon sun shone clear on the scene.

There had been a camp of Territorials some few miles away and the High Street had reeked of war.

Dick never had much recollection of the combat, save a reek of fire and smoke in which men fought.

His nod to the others, who reeked of white whiskey, was in part a question, in no wise a welcome.

Down and down the projection plunged, through mile after mile of reeking, steaming fog, impenetrable to earthly eyes.

The boys had seen many native places where filth had accumulated, but the atmosphere seemed to fairly reek.

Smell the smoke of burning powder, the reek of charging horses, the breath of fresh, red, human blood.

He stared, he bowed, and approached her, reeking of tobacco, his big, smiling, open mouth disclosing unclean teeth.

At one time the heavy adhesive reek sways and lifts, and one sees again the swarming mob of the attackers.

The cellar was flooded with a yellow light, and the air reeked with the stench of petroleum torches.

How she longed to drive away out of the reeking, low-lying town, and wander in the cool Red Wood!

Cried the Hun leader to his companions, as he dried on the garments of the corpse his reeking sword.

Through the railings of the underground windows there rose up a mighty steam and reek of roast and stewed.

About him, like an odor, hung the reek of the imposing and cruel and terrible things he had done.

As usual, they were smoking, and as the chief entered the dense smell of reeking tobacco filled the air.

The hallway reeked with that smell of onions and fried fish which had arrived with the first tenants.

The place reeks with the horrible stench of countless decaying bodies, and every minute adds to their number.

On one side lay the reeking swamp they made of life, on the other the firm white road and you.

It was a damp and gloomy place enough, reeking with mold, and smelling very strong of strange animals.

A small, round table was placed in the midst, on which reeked one dish, a stew of game and cabbage.

Its shining surface was the only thing in all that broad city that did not reek of destruction.

The next day the sun rose with great power, and the vegetation reeked and steamed with the heat.

He did not answer for a few moments, but occupied himself by lighting it with a reeking sulfur match.

There was rum enough, the place reeked with it, but to thirsty throats it was so much liquid fire.

Unconsciously they become slaves to sin, and the result is, our country is reeking with this class of people.

Then drawing a scrap of reeking linen from his belt he waved it aloft, proclaiming, "This is her blood!"

Like a furnace door, the white-hot sun blazed upon us, and the far-stretched barren fields reeked a thin mist.

He reeked, as did the other fishermen, of smoked fish, and like the others he was ragged and dirty.

The red-faced man took off a wide straw hat and uncovered a head slightly bald and reeking with perspiration.

If "conscience makes cowards of us all," how much more so him, reeking as he was with blood and crime!

From the dust and reek of that burning day of June, Scotland emerged a people, firm in a glorious memory.

Then, quite without warning, Lance wheeled the horse short around and touched the reeking flanks with his heels.

An empty bottle, reeking as did his breath with the odor of cheap alcohol, gave the clue to his condition.

The following day I was hurriedly sent for to find the whole world reeking with gas, mustard gas.

"Poker" John was already at the saloon when the three reached the door of "old man" Smith's reeking den.

The hut reeked of brandy, and Ellison was not surprised when he found an empty bottle underneath the bed.

The room was crowded with truly all sorts and conditions of men, and the air reeked with tobacco smoke.

There are no types to speak of, and the place reeks with the essence of small and insignificant bargaining.

It was Macdonald who had returned, and his reeking horse showed that he had an important communication to make.

The serpent leaps up, the forked tongue darts upon him, and the reek of the breath wraps him round.

The smoke found its way where the reeking vapor which was natural to the cell could not penetrate.