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Use reek in a sentence

Definition of reek:

  • (noun) a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant
  • (verb) have an element suggestive (of something); "his speeches smacked of racism"
  • (verb) smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"
  • (verb) be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
  • (verb) give off smoke, fumes, warm vapour, steam, etc.

Sentence Examples:

The hot air reeked with odors.

His baby breath reeked of gin.

The land still reeked of battle.

Our horses were reeking with perspiration.

The whole room reeks of it.

Powder reek filled the still air.

The coffee rooms reeked with tobacco.

The air reeked with powder smoke.

The carriage reeks of your beef sandwiches.

This place is reeking with damp.

The grass is reeking, shining wet.

It was fairly reeking with romance.

See, my dagger reeks with blood!'

"The whole place reeks of drink."

Smoking cattle reek under the sheds.

It fairly reeks with self-evident fallacies.

Everything on board was reeking wet.

The industrial classes reeked with it.

Damp night reeking of hungry dough.

The whole thing reeked with filth!

The streets reek with tobacco smoke.

The place reeks of petrol, man.

The mine positively reeks with gold.

The letters reek with such incidents.

Blood-dripping murder reeks from yonder house.

His face was reeking with sweat.

The whole place reeked of your aversion.

He fairly reeked of whiskey and horses.

It has the reek of stable straw.

To-morrow it would reek of human blood.

He fairly reeked the beast of prey.

You can smell the reek even here.

Again he rode out into the reeking heat.

This whole place reeks with infection.

The floor was reeking with damp.

The city was reeking with filth.

The atmosphere was reeking with smoke.

He came in to lunch reeking of petrol.

The kitchen was reeking with steam.

As Jeff gazed, the reek melted away.

The place reeks of rum,' said Wallis.

Everything about him was reeking of tobacco.

The air reeked with petroleum and smoke.

The hot, heavy air reeked with blood.

"Methinks this workshop of virtue positively reeks."

The beach simply reeked of human occupancy.

The room reeked with rum and tobacco.

What reeks she of our helpless wills?

It reeked with the smoke of wood fire.

The place reeked with heat like a furnace.

I stumbled over the reeking heap of slain.

He wore overalls and reeked of the stable.

To-day you give me a performance that reeks.

In the valley the air reeked of carcasses.

There I found the "reeking little tunnel."

The battle front was a reeking pond.

The bar and the tap room reeked.

The spot reeks with a dungeon-like atmosphere.

It was hot and reeking with sweat.

The Room was filled with reeking smoke.

They then disappeared into the reeking gulf.

The place reeks of the stinking 'blues.'

Clouds hung low over the reeking earth.

The picture reeked and groaned with passion.

Away they went along the reeking decks.

The papers fairly, reeked of it a year ago.

The front page reeked of smoke and fire.

It still reeked of stale drink and tobacco.

He caught the salt reek of sweaty harness.

I won't stop here, it reeks of ink.

The air reeks with the smell of oil.

The whiskey reek was as strong as ever.

Blue reeks of smoke rose from the huts.

From several doorways came the reek of fish-frying.

A reek of steam floated from its opening.

The atmosphere reeked of numerous and distinct odors.

The country smelt of blood; reeked of it.

The air of the car reeked with smoke.

Suddenly I was aware of my own reek.

The room reeked of human waste and death.

Yet do you reek if my reign be done?

Their only bed was the reeking puddles.

He became conscious of the returning reek of gases.

New York reeks with very important people.

A ghastly reek came through a doorway at me.

It reeks of everything unclean, morally and physically.

He was reeking with the smell of liquor.

And now you are fairly reeking with it.

We gazed with dismay at the reeking scene.

And be sure it's reeking raw, and bloody.

What neighborhood does not reek with filthy practices'?

His hands still reeked of the smoked fish.

The cheeses were reeking around the three women.

The whole place again reeked with fat health.

How reeking with the life of the world!

They fairly reek with the joy of life.

The reek of them is still in the room.

The very air reeked of intrigue and hidden deeds.

The very air reeked of calcium and grease paint.

There's no doubt that I reek of the animal.