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Use reek in a sentence

Definition of reek:

  • (noun) a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant
  • (verb) have an element suggestive (of something); "his speeches smacked of racism"
  • (verb) smell badly and offensively; "The building reeks of smoke"
  • (verb) be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
  • (verb) give off smoke, fumes, warm vapour, steam, etc.

Sentence Examples:

Denver Dan tried him next and sat him, haughtily contemptuous, till he stopped, quivering with fatigue and reeking with sweat.

Though tainted by the foul reek from the village, it earned the admiration of its tenants by its solid and elaborate construction.

The sharp, hard, ringing voices of the fallen goddesses of the tables rise on the stifling air, reeking of smoke and wine.

The stifling air, reeking with damp, developed in the early morning a steady rain, which dripped mournfully on the grimy decks.

In that steaming, reeking river station he was more at home about his ship than tramping through an odorous village on shore business.

The gentle breeze wafted off such a delightful fragrance of pine, fir, hay, and flowers, so welcome after China's reeking smells.

Its shores, with its matted grass, decayed vegetable matter and reeking mists, seemed the very home of the ague and fever.

He indicated the overturned bottle that reeked of alcohol of the cheapest kind, lying on its side at the edge of the table.

Sir Tancred thrust it open with a vigor which sent her staggering into a chair, and stepped into the squalid, reeking room.

Wave of reeking air enveloped him as he reached the deck; the nauseous stench from the monster's tentacles was horrible beyond endurance.

There are armfuls of crushed bats in the passageway to my heart, each reeking with squeals to alarm the most frightened princess.

It reeked of an assortment of things, gunpowder and charred feathers, the choking soot of burning oil, the crisp tang of a wood fire.

The large plain room was pervaded, in the evening, by a dim religious light that proceeded from a few reeking kerosene lamps.

One youth picked up the weapon, which yet reeked with his comrade's blood, and broke it on the backbone of his destroyer.

He rubbed the reeking fog from one glass with his handkerchief forthwith, and I, peeping out, saw something of houses drawing near.

You may all see him for yourselves: an effeminate, half-witted creature, reeking of strong liquor from the early hours of the day.

Their steeds were reeking, and dropped their heads in an exhausted way as their riders drove up to the campfire and dismounted.

If the taste is at all equal to the smell, the rankest witches broth ever brewed in reeking cauldron would probably be preferable.

He felt that every line he wrote reeked of malice and affectation, but he could not stop, and went on writing and writing.

I might rehearse the names of the gracious friends who admitted me to their tables, although I came direct from the reeking slums.

There were lying on the floor hundreds of volumes, all glittering with gold, and reeking with new leather from the binders.

Best gave a cheery shout and passed her, steering straight into the broad track of crimson that already reeked on the sea ahead.

The odor of tobacco and garlic reeked in the air, and an orchestra of a half-dozen pieces was crashing out a medley of operatic selections.

Round Buckingham Palace the atmosphere reeked with a fine irritating dust, and was rendered foul and poisonous by the fumes of coal gas.

They packed the Assembly Room at the back, where the subscription dances are held, and the reek of hot joints was suffocating.

When the assailants, reeking from the slaughter and blackened with the smoke, returned home, they were everywhere received with a pious ovation.

From the back of the wagon, somewhere beneath the shade of the cover, arose a heartrending wail, reeking of sorrow and agony.

They were standing in the girl's bedroom, which still reeked with chloroform, and all the clues were piled together on the table.

He beheld Death standing behind this dazzling life; he smelt the reek of corruption concealed beneath the perfume of these brilliant flowers.

The air under the trees was thick with the reek of tropic earth; sounds made themselves distinctly heard in the great silence.

The movements of the men of the watch, the sullen, slovenly manner in which they attended to their duties, reeked with menace.

His room, still reeking of new paint and varnish, is in some disorder, and shows traces of an anxious passage along the coast.

Her horses were constantly brought back to the stable with their coats turned, their flanks heaving, their skins reeking with foam.

Boyhood was the sound of ocean, medicinal reek of kelp washed in on the night tide to wait for bare feet and a poking stick.

Only see to it that the fairy tales employed for this purpose do not reek of brutality and gore, of treachery and cunning.

Pol, immediately after the execution of an incendiary named Louis Camus, a group of Masqueraders came and danced round the still reeking scaffold!

An odor, the mingled reek of smoke, burnt gunpowder, trampled dust and sweating men, reached them and was offensive to their nostrils.

A thicker shroud of the reek revolved about him, halting him there to gasp for breath, which he stooped in the hope of finding.

A glare of Oriental sunlight from a gigantic canvas, the vibration and glow of a group of joyous figures, reeking with life and sweat!

The earth seems clothed in a garment of clouds, and the air is positively reeking with damp warmth, like the air of a hothouse.

Brunhilde lay in her tent, in a reek of smoke, while Wotan, in no humor for song, heaped vegetable tinder upon the defending fires.

Thus thinking, he clenched his teeth and lashed the reeking flanks of the horses, which plunged along now at a mad gallop.

I saw, from those reeking and pernicious stews, the avenging consequences of such sin issuing forth, and penetrating to the highest places.

Hundreds more lay in the debatable ground for which the Spaniards and French were contending, and the whole town reeked with contagion.

There they stood, their long, reeking pipes in their hands, shuffling and downcast, like two great rough mastiffs before an angry mistress.

In the country there is little of large wealth, luxury, and ease; little also of extreme poverty, reeking crime, unutterable filth, moral sewage.

Their great heads swooped about, as high as the yards that held the sails, and the reek from them gave one physical sickness.

In the past there have been presidents who used that high office for low purposes; whose very memory reeks of malfeasance and corruption.

Like a clove of garlic applied to a salad bowl, a touch of science is sufficient to flavor art; more than that makes it reek.

Its slums and depths reek with the misery that knows no response to the physical beauty of nature, the wonder of its forms.

Others said that unwholesome and unearthly smells, as of pitch and brimstone, had reeked forth from the abominable thing, through door and window.

Saturday morning came after a night of torrential rain, which had left the mountains steaming under a reek of fog and pitching clouds.

He obeyed blindly, stumbling down a reeking corridor, and in a minute more, to his unutterable relief, was in the open air of the bazaar.

Such air as there was, was foul and reeked of the fumes of alcohol and charcoal, of the smoking lamp and of rancid grease.

He was reputed to be extremely wealthy, though he never said anything about it, and neither his clothing nor his cigars reeked of affluence.

Pressing the blood from the reeking heart, Prince Richard dipped it in the salt, and offered the dainty morsel to the company.

The mingled reek of dust and sweat, of smoke and burned gunpowder, stung their nostrils and filled their eyes, half blinding them.

The sun had set when she returned, in the company of this servant, through meadows reeking with exhalations after a fervent day.

While the air of the hut reeked with the acrid smoke, the echo of the volley sounded through the silent forest-world miles away.

The shaggy hair hung from the white goat, limp and reeking, numerous thin streams of water making a little ripple as they fell.

The room across the hall was stripped of its furnishings and scrubbed with some evil-smelling stuff until the whole house reeked with it.

An oil lamp reeked upon the earthen floor and threw its bilious rays little further than the blankets spread out upon either side of it.

The iron-bound gates of imagination swung wide to a pageantry of dreams, and as he crouched in the reeking underbrush, he half forgot his discontent.

The soldier addressed dismounted, handed his still reeking lance to a comrade, and bent over the corpse of the man he had slain.

He would always remember it, moonlit like that; and the faint sweet reek of the river and the shivering of the willow leaves.

From the eyes of the steeds the lightnings flashed; and from their reeking sides the foam fell in showers upon the earth below.

A fringe of low scorched land, reeking with malaria, extends in unbroken monotony all along the coast, threatening death to the adventurous explorer.

Nothing had been touched since the previous evening, and the room reeked with the acrid smoke of the lamp, which was still burning.

When at last he reined his reeking horse he found himself near the entrance of the lane over which willows met in a Gothic arch.

With hands reeking with the blood of his murdered parents, Tim would mix a screeching tumbler, and give Maria a glass from it.

They would not have dreamed of questioning his acts in meeting or after, as they stood about the dingy, reeking hall over Barry's saloon.

Yet the horror and reek of those two days in the miasmas still clung in his memory, even in his nostrils, he sometimes imagined.

If the horde conquered, the seats of the mighty would reek amid flame; there would be death, and a great silence over proud cities.

A Boer shrinks from touching the hands of the dirty, oily, reeking native; how much more would he shrink from embracing a native woman!

On the ridge above the camp he'd get up beside his crippled spaceship lay a strip of clay-cemented conglomerate that fairly reeked with diamonds.

Nothing can be more comfortless than some of these shanties, reeking with smoke and dirt, the common receptacle for children, pigs, and fowls.

In this reeking pit at my elbow, gold, the subtle, the potent, the arbiter of all destinies, stood ready to fight for me.

Nay, here; with the sky opening above our heads, and the broad earth reeking and weltering under the wide grasp of the tempest.

All confused with the desire to do something, he stooped to take her hand; and the dusty reek of the table-cloth clung to his nostrils.

At the first crash of contact the enemy were crushed back, the stone-headed clubs and flint-tipped spears working havoc in the reeking masses.

Her eyes continually sought the dark, gaunt mass of rock that was then, little by little, breaking through the reek on Thunder Mountain.

Of the three things that startle us in the feasts of nobles, there is not one here; no swords, no duels, no tables reeking blood.

Forthwith he swarmed over the parapet, full of life again, nosed about till he found the reeking thing, and gazed on it with undisguised interest.

Tear forth with reeking hands the heart while it is yet warm, futurity is before you in the quivering entrails, look on them and read!

The place reeked of the smell of cooking and tobacco smoke, and looked very comfortless with its uncovered walls and roughly boarded floor.

It is a city full of reek and accumulated filth, and is apparently without sewers, or with sewers badly laid and long ago choked up.

Another one nodded and winked to him from out of a reeking, steaming cook-shop where he was munching a light meal of the simplest character.

For an hour, without intermission, this terrible scourging continued, when, reeking with perspiration, Joe threw down the rod, and took up the shovel.

The rain had ceased now almost as suddenly as it had commenced, and the smell of the damp earth and vegetation reeked in the nostrils.

One passed through a side alley which reeked of wine, and in which there was the red sign of a cabaret, with a large cork.

The night was calm, and the air was a delicious substitute for the hot and reeking atmosphere of this populous quarter in the day.

There was a large fire burning on the hearth, and one could smell from far the fragrant reek of burning cedar and sandal wood.

Its orange flame shot out through the smoke in ragged spears, mingling the fume of imperfect powder with all that reek from the jungle.

He, too, must mingle in the reek of cities, share Lazarus' crust and drink from the same cup with the children of the slums.

Even the pungent reek of tobacco and lamp smoke smote upon his nostrils, and then there was comparative silence, save for a dull murmur.

These passages, which reek of revolution, are altogether inspired by the glowing idea of his heavenly mission apart from which they are scarcely comprehensible.

The knife he plucked from the breast of the Indian he had struck down so cleverly, and placed the reeking blade in his belt.

How perfectly heavenly it would be to transform some musty old historical hole, reeking with tragedy, into a nest for two happy little birds.

They thrust a reeking tar paddle into his face and attempted to force it down his throat, but he kept his teeth tightly clenched.

The space stank of horse; the river had lost the clean smell of the sea, and breathed a reek of humanity and inland mire.